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NG’s NXT UK April 15, 2021 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking

First NXT UK Match Saxon Huxley v.s Nathan Frazer

Huxley just throws Frazer.  Frazer chops to Huxley in the corner.  Huxley slams down Frazer.  Huxley drives Frazer into the corner.  Huxley running clothesline in the corner on Frazer.  Huxley stomp to Frazer in the corner.  Huxley Irish whips Frazer in the corner.  Huxley tossing Frazer across the ring.  Huxley tossing Frazer again.  Huxley big boot to Frazer.  

Huxley Damn ramming the head of Frazer.  Huxley elbow drops Frazer.  Huxley blow to Frazer.  Frazer crossbody off the top rope to Huxley.  Frazer tries to knock down Huxley. Frazer knocks Huxley to the outside of the ring.  Frazer Tope Suiceda aka Suicide Dive to the outside of the ring on Huxley.  Frazer springboard off the middle rope drives down Huxley.  Frazer top rope dropkick on Huxley.  Frazer Top Rope Frog Splash on Huxley.  Frazer pins Huxley.  

Frazer defeats Huxley both impressive.  

Awesome NXT UK Match.  

Noam Dar asked about his number one contender’s loss.  Sha Samuels replies saying Dar works hard and Tyler Bate and Trent Seven get handed every opportunity Dar says they play checkers we play chess Dar says next week they’ll face Mustache Mountain in a tag team match. 

Fuck Yes! What a transition. Supernova 11 Sessions Host Noam Dar Special Guests Gallus Joe Coffey Mark Coffey and Wolfgang.  

Dar begins with saying Himself and Sha Samuels will beat Mustache Mountain next week in their tag team match.  

Dar says finally some Scottish Boys.  Gallus take a seat on Dars Couch.  Dar sits in the chairs set up for Gallus.  Dar asks Gallus where they went on holiday.  Mark Coffey responds they took their time to train and refocus.  Trained in the morning had a couple of drinks in the afternoon didn’t break any rules Gallus is held to a higher standard than any team we pick ourselves back up and go again.  

Dar asks Wolfgang how he is feeling.  Wolfgang says he’s been away focusing on himself trying to control his temper don’t let anyone get under my skin and focus on the Gallus goals.  Dar asks Joe Coffey if he’s okay.  Joe Coffey says I’ve had time to reflect he wants to go on a Rampage.  

Eddie Dennis shows up.  Dennis says the only reason you lost the Tag Titles to Pretty Deadly is because you got involved in our business you said you wanted to go on Rampage how about you go after the guy you’ve been avoiding since NXT UK started.

Joe Coffey says to Dennis if you want to go we can next week.  Dennis says he’s not dressed to fight but those lads are.  

Holy Shit first-ever chaos brawl scrap on here.  Primate and Tyson T-Bone jump Gallus Wolfgang Mark Coffey.  Eddie Dennis fights with Joe Coffey.  Referees break up the scuffle.  

Damn what a chaotic way to end that. Loved it.  

Sam Gradwell says to Dave Mastiff can you open the door any slower I’m the Thunder Storm.  

Mustache Mountain Trent Seven and Tyler Bate they’re back next week against Sha Samuels and Noam Dar.  

Second NXT UK Women’s Match Isla Dawn v.s Emelia McKenzie 

McKenzie Lucha Arm Drag on Dawn.  McKenzie swinging neck breaker to Dawn.  Dawn dropkicks McKenzie.  Dawn kicks McKenzie in the corner.  Dawn high angle backdrop driver aka saito side suplex on McKenzie.  Dawn knee to McKenzie.  Dawn Nice Butterfly Submission on McKenzie.  Dawn and McKenzie trade forearms.  McKenzie running Uppercut to Dawn. McKenzie spears Dawn. Dawn running high knee in the corner to McKenzie.  

Dawn Bridging Fisherman Suplex on McKenzie.  McKenzie belly-to-back suplex on Dawn. McKenzie dropkicks Dawn.  McKenzie driving Dawn in the corner.  McKenzie strikes Dawn in the corner.  Dawn kicks McKenzie.  Dawn Bridging Half Nelson Suplex on McKenzie.  Dawn pins McKenzie.  

Dawn defeats McKenzie.  

Hell of an NXT UK Women’s Match.  

Jinny says Dani Luna is one of the strongest in the NXT UK Women’s Division.  Jinny says Luna doesn’t belong here she’s going to be a fashion victim next week.  

Next week Eddie Dennis v.s Joe Coffey.  

Last Week Meiko Satomura holds the feather to Aoife Valkyrie saying she knows what this means I accept.  

Third NXT UK Match Ashton Smith v.s Jack Starz with Piper Niven.  

Smith tosses Starz.  Smith shoulder block on Starz.  Starz dropkicks to Smith.  Smith knee to Starz.  Smith Irish whips Starz in the corner.  Smith hard clothesline to Starz.  Damn Smith stiff shots to Starz. Smith belly to back suplex on Starz.  Smith forearm on Starz.  Smith slams down Starz.  Starz forearms on Smith.  Stars elbows Smith.  Smith catapults Starz to the outside.  Smith forearms Starz.  Starz shoulder tackle on Smith.  Starz pins Smith.

Starz gets his first singles win upset on Smith. 

Awesome NXT UK Match.  

Video of the friendship of Amir Jordan and Kenny Williams.  Williams says the wins were because of him.  Two Years of friendship destroyed.  

Fourth NXT UK Main Event Match The Lucky Yin Kenny Williams v.s The Bhangra Bad Boy Amir Jordan

Jordan clotheslines to Williams.  Jordan forearms to Williams.  Jordan running crossbody and strikes to Williams.  Williams running knee to Jordan sending him to the outside.  Jordan kicks Williams on the outside. Williams runs into the steel steps on the outside.  Jordan clotheslines Williams.  Jordan splash in the corner on Williams.  

Jordan running clothesline to Williams.  Jordan baseball slide to Williams on the outside.  Williams vicious kicks to Jordan.  Williams dropkicks Jordan to the outside.  Williams lariat to Jordan.  Williams northern lights suplex to Jordan. Williams nice Straightjacket on Jordan. Williams forearm in the corner on Jordan.   Williams palm strikes Jordan on the top rope. 

Jordan front face lock suplex to Williams on the Top rope.  Jordan middle rope dropkick to Williams.  Jordan strikes in the corner on Williams.  Jordan running neckbreaker on Williams.  Jordan sitout rear mat slam aka Edge O’Matic on Williams.  Jordan Top Rope Senton on Williams.  Jordan step-up enziguri to Williams.  Williams rebounding Let’s Kill It lariat to Jordan.  Jordan forearms to Williams.  Williams strikes to Jordan.  Williams Sitout Facebuster on Jordan.  Jordan superkicks Williams.  Williams removes the middle turnbuckle pad and drives Jordan into it.  Williams with a Headlock Driver aka the original Dirty Deeds on Jordan.  Williams pins Jordan.

Williams beats Jordan. 

Hell of an NXT UK Main Event Match

Awesome episode of NXT UK.

Fantasy booking I’m still going to say there’s so many contenders for Walter you’ve got Teoman on the rise Ilja Dragunov with his comeback A-Kid dominating Rampage can still try again.

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