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NG’s NXT UK April 22, 2021 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking

First NXT UK Match Gallus Leader The Iron King Joe Coffey v.s The Hunt Leader The Swansea Savant Eddie Dennis 

Joe Coffey strikes then a big shoulder block to Dennis.  Joe Coffey Strikes Dennis on the outside.  Joe Coffey strikes and knees to Dennis.  Dennis judo throws Joe Coffey.  Dennis beautiful Fucking Cravate aka Three Quarter Nelson on Joe Coffey.    Dennis knee drop to Joe Coffey.  Joe Coffey body slam throws Dennis.  Dennis holy Fuck a Cravate suplex on Joe Coffey reminiscent of Kassius Ohnos.  Dennis and Joe Coffey trade strikes. Dennis body slam on Joe Coffey. Joe Coffey and Dennis trade strong strikes.  

Joe Coffey headbutts Dennis.  Joe Coffey release belly to belly suplex on Dennis.  Joe Coffey shoulder block on Dennis.  Joe Coffey plants Dennis.  Joe Coffey elbow drops Dennis.  Dennis Top Rope Seven Bridge Crucifix Powerbomb on Joe Coffey.  Joe Coffey drives Dennis in the corner then plants him.  Joe Coffey Boston Crab on Dennis.  Tyson T-Bone and Primate come out.  Joe Coffey takes out Primate.  Joe Coffey release German suplex on Dennis.  Mark Coffey and Wolfgang both brawl with T-Bone and Primate.  Joe Coffey top role springboard crossbody on Dennis.  

Joe Coffey Glasgow Send Off Spear on Dennis.  Joe Coffey All The Best For The Bells on Dennis.  Joe Coffey pins Dennis.  

Joe Coffey beats Dennis.  

Hell of a NXT UK Match.

Post-match Primate and T-Bone best down Joe Coffey.  Wolfgang and Mark Coffey brawl with Primate and T-Bone.  

Video of Ilja Dragunov watching his journey back to the top.  

Backstage Joe Coffey says to Rampage Brown that he saw his match with Walter and he’d still like that rematch that he promised him.  

Second NXT UK Match Bomber Dave Mastiff v.s The Thunderstorm Sam Gradwell

Gradwell elbows Mastiff.  Mastiff forearms to Gradwell.  Mastiff knee to Gradwell. Mastiff rolling senton on Gradwell.  Mastiff forearm to Gradwell.  Mastiff rolling fireman’s carry on Gradwell.  Mastiff tried for the senton but Gradwell got the knees up. 

Gradwell strikes to Mastiff.  Gradwell nice rear chin lock on Mastiff. Mastiff headbutts Gradwell.  Mastiff crossbody on Gradwell.  Mastiff strikes and clotheslines Gradwell.  Holy Shit Gradwell Fireman’s Carry Michinoku Driver on Mastiff.  Gradwell pins Mastiff.

Gradwell wins against Mastiff impressive.  

Awesome NXT UK Match.  

Video of Aoife Valkyrie saying time to rise to the challenge showing what she’s capable of this is her moment she gets her wish against Meiko Satomura next week.  

Video of Emilia McKenzie saying she loves being apart of British Wrestling and being the youngest and wanting to prove herself.

Third NXT UK Match Dani Luna v.s The Fashionista The Queen Of NXT UK Jinny with Joseph Conners 

Jinny elbows Luna.  Jinny slaps then forearms Luna. Jinny strikes knees kicks Luna.  Jinny nice Iron Octopus on Luna. Jinny knees and Forearms on Luna.  Jinny Elbows on Luna.  Jinny seated Iron Octopus on Luna.  Jinny kicks Luna.  Jinny tried the rolling kick but Luna reversed it into gut wrench suplexes releasing the second one on Jinny.  Luna suplexes Jinny.  Jinny elbows and forearms to Luna.  Luna strikes Jinny.  Jinny forearms and slaps Luna.  Luna slaps Jimny hard.  Luna clotheslines Jinny.  Joseph Conners distracts Luna.  Jinny Rolling Liger Kick on Luna.  Jinny pins Luna.  

Jinny beats Luna. 

Awesome NXT UK Women’s Match. 

Post-match Jinny attacks Luna.  Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews come out and save her.  

Sid Scala asked backstage about the Main Event match last week between Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan.  Jordan says he wants a rematch.  Kenny Williams agreed to give Jordan a rematch a No Disqualification Match Stipulation The Loser Leaves NXT UK Jordan signs the contract and says no one is taking this away from me.

Video of New Debuting Superstar Rohan Raja Sikh sworn British Born Australian raised Canadian trained he makes his debut against Teoman next week.  Ran a says he won’t quit or tap out. 

Video of Teoman says he’ll be back next week against the Debuting Rohan Raja Teoman says he will due for his family he will protect them with honor respect with fear he’s the man with the bizarre the Boba Teoman. 

Next week Aoife Valkyrie v.s Meiko Satomura. 

Next week Six-Man Tag Team Match The Hunt Eddie Dennis Primate and Tyson T-Bone v.s Gallus Joe Coffey Mark Coffey and Wolfgang. 

Fourth NXT UK Main Event Tag Team Match The East End Butcher Sha Samuels and The Scottish Supernova 11 Noam Dar v.s Mustache Mountain Trent Seven and Tyler Bate 

Bate shoulder block then arm drags on Dar.  Dar strikes Bate. Dar tags in Sha Samuels.  Sha Samuels shoulder block on Seven.  Seven cross body on Sha Samuels.  Seven scoop slams then leg drops Sha Samuels. Seven tags in Bate.  Bate assisted from Seven rolling Senton on Sha Samuels.  Sha Samuels strikes and elbows Bate.  Sha Samuels tags in Dar.  

Dar kicks and forearms Bate.  Dar forearms Bate in the corner.  Sha Samuels tagged in. Sha Samuels strikes Bate.  Bate knee lift on Sha Samuels.  Bate middle rope spinning uppercut on Sha Samuels.  Seven tagged in.  Seven chops Sha Samuels.  Oh Sha Samuels Holy Shit a brutal backbreaker on Seven.  Sha Samuels strikes Seven.  Dar tags in.  Dar fishhooks Seven.  Dar stomps at the ankles of Seven.  Sha Samuels tagged in.  Sha Samuels elbows and kicks Seven.  Dar tagged in. Dar kicks Seven.  Sha Samuels tagged in.  Sha Samuels strikes Seven in the corner.  Sha Samuels strikes Seven.  Sha Samuels tags in Dar.  

Seven palm strikes Dar. Dar strikes Seven.  Seven palm strikes Dar. Dar kicks Seven.  Dar tags in Sha Samuels.  Dar tags in.  Dar elbows Seven in the corner.  Dar kicks and elbows Seven.  Seven palm strikes then a DDT to Dar.  Seven elbows then a release dragon suplex on Dar.  Seven with the hot tag to Bate.  Dar tags in Sha Samuels.  Bate strikes Sha Samuels.  Bate forearms Sha Samuels.  Bate running uppercut in the corner on Sha Samuels.  Bate Overhead release Exploder Suplex on Sha Samuels. Bate standing shooting star press on Sha Samuels.  

Bate Powerbomb on Sha Samuels assisted by Seven. Bate tags in Seven.  Sha Samuels Spinbuster to Bate.  Dar running pump kick in the corner on Seven.  Sha Samuels slams Seven.  Seven palm strikes Sha Samuels and then takes out Dar.  Bate tags in.  Seven tope suiceda aka suicide dive  on Dar and Sha Samuels on the outside.  Bate crossbody on the outside to Dar and Sha Samuels.  Seven assisted Burning Hammer on Sha Samuels Bate Top Rope Flying Knee on Sha Samuels.  Bate pins Sha Samuels.  

Bate and Seven Mustache Mountain beat Dar and Sha Samuels.  

Hell of an NXT UK Tag Team Main Event Match.   

Awesome NXT UK Episode. 

Fantasy Booking Mustache Mountain could be back in the NXT UK Tag Title picture.

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