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NG’s NXT UK April 29, 2021 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking

First NXT UK Debut Match Teoman v.s Debuting Rohan Raja

Teoman slaps Raja.  Teoman strikes and kicks Raja.  Raja strikes Teoman.  Raja neckbreaker on Teoman.  Raja slaps Teoman.  Teoman slaps then strikes Raja.  Teoman elbows Raja.  Teoman kicks Raja.  Teoman strikes Raja.  Teoman strong forearm in the corner on Raja.  Raja crossbody on Teoman.  Teoman blow to Raja. Teoman big forearm to Raja.  Teoman strikes and forearms to Raja. Raja clotheslines and elbows to Teoman.  Raja dropkicks Teoman.

Raja with a Sky-High Sitout Spinebuster on Teoman. This Move reminiscent of D’Lo Brown and Kevin Owens.  Teoman kicks Raja.  Damn Teoman middle rope tornado ddt on Raja.  Teoman with a Crossface on Raja. Holy Shit the stoppage was because Teoman made Rajas shoulder pop-out the referee threw up the x so it might be a legit serious injury I heard an actual snap or pop.

Teoman with a brutal win against Raja.

Hell of an NXT UK Match. 

Post-match Teoman cuts a promo saying to Raja I don’t know if you’re just stupid or brave perhaps you will see the eye is watching.  

Video of Dani Luna Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews seems like a Welsh Stable a Mod Subculture Punk Rock Subculture Skating Subculture. Looks like they’ll be called Subculture.  

Video of Ilja Dragunov backstage asked about his change.  Dave Mastiff proposes a match between himself and Dragunov to beat the temper out of each other.  Dragunov accepts.  

Sid Scala’s in-ring says introducing the Current and Longest Reigning NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray.  Ray comes out and says that’s good but not good enough I’m not only the longest-reigning NXT UK Women’s Champion but I’m also the longest-reigning Women’s Champion in all of  WWE right now no one compares to Kay Lee Ray Toni Storm Piper Niven Jinny and Meiko Satomura none of them could do what you wanted to do.

Let’s just cut to the chase here you’re not here to congratulate me Sid what do you actually want today. 

Sid Scala says the NXT UK Women’s division is stronger than ever and myself and Johnny Saint have decided to give an opportunity to Five Women in a special Gauntlet Match the sole survivor of that match will be the new number, one contender, to the NXT UK Women’s Championship those Five Competitors are Jinny Isla Dawn Xia Brookside Dani Luna Emilia McKenzie.  

Ray says I hope you all get your hopes up but none of you are good enough to beat the Forever Champion.  

Video of NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley.  Yes Boy! 

Video of A-Kid talks about himself and Tyler Bate in a match for the Third time for The Heritage Cup Championship.  

A-Kid v.s Tyler Bate Heritage Cup Championship match in Three weeks. 

Second NXT UK Match Levi Muir v.s The East End Butcher Sha Samuels 

Sha Samuels strikes and a stiff knee to Muir.  Muir crossbody on Sha Samuels.  Muir Scoop Slam on Sha Samuels.  Sha Samuels running clothesline in the corner on Muir.  Sha Samuels clothesline on Muir.  Muir strikes Sha Samuels.  Sha Samuels attempts The Butchers Hook on Muir but he escapes.  Muir Side Russian Leg Sweep on Sha Samuels.  

Muir Argentine Backbreaker on Sha Samuels.  Sha Samuels a Fish Hook on Muir.  Sha Samuels strikes Muir.  Sha Samuels pulls Muir off the top rope.  Sha Samuels Spinebuster on Muir.  Sha Samuels pins Muir.  

Sha Samuels defeats Muir.

Awesome NXT UK Match. 

Backstage Trent Seven talks about him inspiring people.  Sam Gradwell interrupts saying Founding Father you and I signed the exact same contract the same day so am I and I came back from a career-ending injury in the best shape of my life and no one bats an eyelid you win a dodgy pal match and you’re a role model these fans may hold you on a pedestal but you’re not on mine.  

Third NXT UK Women’s Match The Final Boss The Best In The World Meiko Satomura v.s Aoife Valkyrie 

Satomura kicks and forearms Valkyrie.  Satomura Beautiful Fucking Courting Hold transitioned into a Wrist Lock on Valkyrie.  Satomura kicks Valkyrie.  Satomura nice Shoulder Block on Valkyrie.  Satomura kicks Valkyrie.  Satomura running forearm in the corner on Valkyrie. Valkyrie step-up enziguri on Satomura.  Valkyrie dropkick to Satomura on the outside.  Satomura strikes then kicks Valkyrie.  Satomura spinning toe hold on Valkyrie.  Valkyrie and Satomura kicks back and forth.  Satomura kicks Valkyrie.  

Valkyrie pele kick on Satomura.  Valkyrie powerbombs Satomura from the middle rope.  Satomura Saito Side Suplex aka High Angle Back Drop Driver on Valkyrie.  Satomura kicks Valkyrie.  Valkyrie forearms Satomura.  Valkyrie spinning heel kick on Satomura.  Valkyrie Moonsault off the middle rope on Satomura.  Satomura ddt on Valkyrie.  Satomura knees to Valkyrie.  Satomura kicks Valkyrie.  Satomura Scorpio Rising aka High Angle Axe Kick  on Valkyrie.  Satomura pins Valkyrie.

Satomura ends the undefeated win streak of Valkyrie.  

Hell of an NXT UK Women’s Match brutal.  

I think it was really dumb to end Valkyries winning streak here because it kills all the momentum she had and would’ve made sense to have her streak end against Kay Lee Ray like how they did with Rampage Browns winning streak loss to Walter. 

Video of The Hunt Eddie Dennis Primate and Tyson T-Bone.  Primate says he was built on a battlefield the mask hides the scars of war.  Tyson T-Bone says I was an unstoppable force and somehow I lost my way.  Eddie Dennis says every soldier needs a leader and some men just need a familiar face to remind them who they’re.  Eddie Dennis says my mind made me a machine but these bodies made me symbiotic in nature symbioses.   

Video of Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan.  

Ilja Dragunov v.s Dave Mastiff next week.  

Sprnva Sessions Next Week Host Noam Dar Special Guest Nathan Frazer.  

Fourth NXT UK Six-Man Tag Team Main Event Match The Hunt are now rebranded as Symbiosis Eddie Dennis Primate and Tyson T-Bone v.s Gallus The Iron King Gallus Leader Joe Coffey Mark Coffey and Wolfgang 

Eddie Dennis tags in Primate.  Primate Forearms Joe Coffey.  Primate tags in T-Bone.  T-Bone forearms to Joe Coffey.  T-Bone strikes Joe Coffey in the corner.  T-Bone strikes and kicks Joe Coffey.  T-Bone tags in Dennis.  Joe Coffey forearms Dennis. Mark Coffey tags in.  Mark Coffey and Joe Coffey chop Dennis.  Wolfgang tags in.  Wolfgang elbows Dennis. Joe Coffey tags in.  Joe Coffey strikes Dennis. T-Bone blind tags in.  T-Bone strikes Joe Coffey.  T-Bone drives Joe Coffey in the corner.  T-Bone release belly to belly suplex on Joe Coffey.  T-Bone explorer suplex on Joe Coffey.  T-Bone tags in Primate.  

Primate headbutts Joe Coffey.  Dennis tagged in. Dennis and Joe Coffey trade strikes. Joe Coffey headbutts Dennis.  Dennis kicks Joe Coffey.  Eddie Dennis Bodyslams Joe Coffey.  T-Bone tags in.  T-Bone strikes Joe Coffey.  Primate tagged in.  Joe Coffey strikes Primate.  T-Bone tagged in. Joe Coffey strikes T-Bone.  T-Bone takes out Mark Coffey.  Dennis Tagged in.  Joe Coffey top rope crossbody on Dennis.  Wolfgang tagged in. T-Bone tagged in.  

Wolfgang strikes T-Bone.  Wolfgang splash in the corner on T-Bone. Wolfgang strikes Primate on the ring apron.  Wolfgang top rope double axe handle on T-Bone.  Wolfgang strikes Dennis.  T-Bone strikes Wolfgang.  T-Bone fallaway slam on Wolfgang.  Primate tagged in.  Mark Coffey tagged in. Mark Coffey clothesline on Primate.  Mark Coffey Half Nelson slam on Primate.  Mark Coffey kicks T-Bone.  Mark Coffey running uppercut in the corner on Primate.  Mark Coffey clothesline in the corner on Primate.  Mark Coffey middle rope bulldog on Primate.  Primate northern lariat on Mark Coffey.  Dennis tagged in.  Dennis plants Mark Coffey.  Dennis kicks Wolfgang.  T-Bone tagged in.  T-Bone Powerslam on Mark Coffey.  Primate Top Rope Diving Headbutt on Mark Coffey. T-Bone kicks Joe Coffey.  Mark Coffey step-up enziguri on Primate.  Mark Coffey plants Primate.  Wolfgang tagged in then Joe Coffey tagged in.  Wolfgang Running Driveby Back  Senton on Primate. Wolfgang running spear through the ropes to the outside on T-Bone.  Joe Coffey Glasgow Sendoff Spear on Primate.  Joe Coffey All The Best For The Bells on Primate.  Joe Coffey pins Primate.  

Joe Coffey Mark Coffey Wolfgang Gallus beat Symbiosis Primate Dennis and T-Bone.

Hell of a NXT UK Six-Man Tag Team Main Event Match.

Great NXT UK other than the Valkyrie loss.  

Fantasy Booking I would book Emilia McKenzie to win the Five Women’s Gauntlet and beat Kay Lee Ray for the NXT UK Women’s Title.

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