NG’S NXT UK December. 03, 2020 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking

Video of The Hunt Primate and Wild Boar attacks to Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews.

First NXT UK Match Rampage Brown v.s Saxon Huxley

Brown shoulder block on Huxley.  Huxley Shoulder block on Brown.  Huxley knee to Brown.  Brown dropkick on Huxley.  Brown uppercut on Huxley.  Brown forearm in the corner on Huxley.  Brown running clothesline on Huxley.  

Brown float over vertical suplex on Huxley.  Brown and Huxley forearms back and forth.  Brown clotheslines Huxley over the top rope to the outside.  Huxley and Brown forearms back and forth on the outside.  Huxley drives Brown into the ring apron on the outside.  

Huxley top rope flying clothesline on Brown.  Huxley knees to Brown.  Huxley drives Brown to the mat.  Damn Brown catches Huxley off the top rope and transitions into a power slam.  Brown Doctor Bomb aka Gutwrench powerbomb on Huxley. Brown pins Huxley.  

Brown beats Huxley.  

Awesome NXT UK Match.  

Backstage Joseph Conners says he’s bored and tired of questions about the NXT UK Heritage Cup.  Conners helps break up a scuffle between Niven and Jinny.  

Backstage Starz and Muir talk about the match Huxley had with Rampage.  Huxley repeats what Muir said better luck next time.  

Second NXT UK Women’s Match Aoife Valkyrie v.s Aleah James

James hurricanrana on Valkyrie.  Valkyrie dropkick to James.  Valkyrie kick on James.  James dropkick on Valkyrie.  James Northern Lights Suplex on Valkyrie.  Valkyrie strikes to James.  Valkyrie jumping kick on James.  Valkyrie kick then a sweeping heel kick on James.  

Valkyrie spinning neck breaker on James.  Valkyrie Top Rope Perri Pitai on James.  Valkyrie pins James.  

Valkyrie defeats James.  

Awesome NXT UK Women’s Match.

Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker says his favorite wrestler is Lewis Howley.  Lewis Howley says his favorite wrestler is Sam Stoker.  Both Howley and Stoker say they beat The Hunt and Smith and Carter. Howley and Stoker said Gallus hasn’t pinned them yet.  Howley and Stoker say that they will beat Gallus and become the new NXT UK Tag Team Champions. 

Third NXT UK Match The Iron King Leader of Gallus Joe Coffey v.s Imperiums Dresden Hatchet Man Alexander Wolfe

Joe Coffey strikes to Wolfe.  Joe Coffey backbreaker on Wolfe.  Wolfe strikes then uppercuts in the corner on Joe Coffey.  Wolfe kicks knee then uppercut to Joe Coffey.  Joe Coffey suplex on Wolfe.  Joe Coffey shoulder block then a shoulder tackle on Wolfe.  

Joe Coffey Belly To Belly Suplex on Wolfe.  Joe Coffey running splash into the corner on Wolfe.  Joe Coffey top rope blind crossbody on Wolfe.  Joe Coffey Backbreaker on Wolfe.  Joe Coffey strikes on Wolfe.  Wolfe knee to Joe Coffey.  Wolfe spin-out suplex on Joe Coffey.  

Wolfe uppercut on Joe Coffey.  Wolfe death valley driver on Joe Coffey.  Wolfe kicks then a bridging German suplex on Joe Coffey.  Joe Coffey All The Best For The Bells on Wolfe falling to the outside.  Wolfe and Joe Coffey clubbing blows on the ring apron.  Joe Coffey clotheslines Wolfe on the Ring Apron to the inside of the ring.  

Wolfe step-up enziguri to Joe Coffey on the ring apron.  Joe Coffey and Wolfe forearms back and forth.  Joe Coffey from the ring apron catapult shoulder tackle on Wolfe.  Joe Coffey Glasgow Sendoff Spear on Wolfe.  Joe Coffey twice does All The Best For The Bells on Wolfe.  Joe Coffey Pins Wolfe.  

Joe Coffey beats Wolfe.  

Awesome NXT UK Match.  

Post-match Gallus NXT UK Tag Team Champions Wolfgang and Mark Coffey celebrate with Their leader Joe Coffey.  

NXT Cruiserweight champion Jordan Devlin says next week he’s having an Open Challenge to anyone under 205 he says any time he’s in the ring the title will be on the line he’s going to be a fighting champion.

Next Week NXT Cruiserweight Open Challenge. 

Next Week Supernova Sessions Debuts.  

Fourth NXT UK Tag Team Main Event Match Eddie Dennis. The Hunt Primate and Wild Boar v.s Mark Andrews and The Modfather Flash Morgan Webster

Andrews and Webster brawl with Wild Boar and Primate.  Andrews and Webster stereo tope suicedas on the outside to Wild Boar and Primate. Andrews strikes Wild Boar.  Webster tagged in.  Webster and Andrews double kicks in the corner on Wild Boar.  Webster basement dropkick to Wild Boar landing on the outside. 

Andrews tagged in. Webster springboard cross body on the outside to Wild Boar.  Andrews standing moonsault on Wild Boar.  Andrews forearms strikes uppercut on Wild Boar. Wild Boar Back body drop on Andrews.  Primate tagged in.  Wild Boar tagged in.  Andrews palm strikes to Wild Boar. Andrews strikes Primate on the ring apron.

Wild Boar drives Andrews into the mat.  Primate tagged in.  Primate assisted Senton with Wild Boar landing on Andrews.  Wild Boar tagged in.  Wild Boar headbutts to Andrews. Reminiscent of The Junkyard Dog.  Andrews Monkey Flip on Wild Boar.  Andrews enziguri on Wild Boar.  Primate tagged in.  Andrews double foot stomp on Primate.  

Webster tagged in.  Webster middle rope moonsault to Primate. Webster dropkicks Wild Boar.  Webster palm strikes on the corner on Primate.  Primate kicks Webster.  Webster springboard dropkick to Primate sending him to the outside. Webster from the ring apron hurricanrana on Wild Boar on the outside.  Webster on the ring apron tumbleweed senton on Primate on the outside.  

Webster double under hook aka butterfly facebuster on Wild boar landing on Primate.  Andrews tagged in.  Webster assisted sliced bread on Primate.  Andrews standing shooting star press on Primate.  The Three Toaster Thram they call that or Sliced Bread and Shooting Star Combination.  Webster tagged in.  

Primate overhead release German suplex on Andrews.  Primate release belly to belly suplex. Wild Boar tagged in. Wild Boar Powerbomb on Webster.  Wild Boar cannonball in the corner on Webster.  Webster headbutts Wild Boar.  Primate tagged in.  Andrews tagged in.  Andrews double foot stomp on Primate. 

Andrews amazing double Satellite DDT on Primate and Wild Boar.  Webster tagged in.  Webster and Andrews stereo tope con hilos on the outside to Wild Boar and Primate.  Andrews tagged in.  Andrews monkey flip on Primate.  Webster running knee to Primate.  Primate clotheslines Andrews.  Wild Boar tagged in. 

Primate running clothesline in the corner on Andrews. Wild Boar running spear in the corner on Andrews.  Primate assisted Powerslam with Wild Boar slamming Andrews down.  Primate tagged in.  Webster top rope high crossbody on Wild Boar.  Andrews Stundog Millionaire on Primate.  Wild Boar hellacious clothesline on Webster on the outside. 

Primate spears Andrews.  Wild Boar tagged in.  Primate firemen’s carry into the Powerbomb by Wild Boar on Andrews.  Wild Boar pins Andrews.  

The Hunt Wild Boar and Primate beat Webster and Andrews.  

Hell Of An NXT UK Tag Team Main Event Match.  

Awesome NXT UK Episode. 

Fantasy Booking The Hunt and Pretty Deadly should definitely be challengers for Gallus The NXT UK Tag Team Champions. Valkyrie might be the one to beat Kay Lee Ray for the NXT UK Women’s title. Rampage Brown, he keeps winning he’s going to earn at Shot at Walters NXT United Kingdom title.

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