NG’s NXT UK December. 10, 2020 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking

First NXT UK The NXT Cruiserweight Championship Open Challenge Week 1 Champion The Irish Ace Jordan Devlin v.s Challenger Oliver Carter

Devlin kicks Carter.  Carter kick in the corner on Devlin.  Carter Crossbody on Devlin.  Carter snap suplex on Devlin.  Carter forearms on Devlin.  Damn Carter with a nice elbow rocking Devlin to the outside.  Carter tope suiceda aka suicede dive on the outside sending Devlin crashing hard into the barricade.  

Carter kicks Devlin.  Wow-what a hurricanrana on the top rope by Carter on Devlin.  Carter rolling lariat on Devlin.  Carter Uranage on Devlin.  Carter nice spinning heel kick in the corner on Devlin.  Holy Shit Devlin Poison Rana on Carter.  Devlin with a Devlin Side aka Saito suplex high angle backdrop driver on Carter.  Devlin floats over pins Carter.

Devlin retains and Defeats Carter

Hell Of An NXT UK NXT Cruiserweight Championship Open Challenge Match.  

backstage Jinny says she’s coming after Piper Niven when she least expects it.  

Video Of NXT UK Superstars going around the UK.  

Holy Shit I love the 80s style theme song to the Supernova 11 Sessions Talk Show reminiscent of 80s wrestling or Glow! Noam Dar introduces the first-ever NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament Winner first guest A-Kid.  A-Kid says he beat Dar.  Dar says he mentored A-Kid.  Dar calls A-Kid A-Man.  A-Kid says Tyler Bate taught him everything. 

Dar calls Bate a Daftie a has been.  Tyler Bate returns! Bate wishes he was part of the tournament.  Dar says Bate wishes he won the tournament like when he beat A-Kid at the start of the year.  Dar says he’ll talk to Johnny Saint and make Tyler Bate and A-Kid face-off tonight.  Bate and A-Kid agree.

I loved that it was Fucking awesome! 

Wild Boar Primate The Hunt Eddie Dennis Primate says to Sid Scala that they’re the number one contenders to The NXT UK Tag Team Champions Gallus Wolfgang and Mark Coffey.

Second NXT UK Women’s Match Xia Brookside v.s The White Witch Of NXT UK Isla Dawn

Brookside dropkick to Dawn.  Dawn kick then a knee to Brookside.  Dawn Damn nice rear chin lock on Brookside.  Dawn kicks a knee then a bridging suplex on Brookside.  Brookside forearms then a jawbreaker on Dawn.  Brookside top rope hurricanrana on Dawn.  Brookside hurricanrana on Dawn.  

Brookside double knees aka Broken Wings in the corner on Dawn.  Brookside baseball slide hitting Dawn on the outside.  Brookside dropkick on Dawn.  Nina Samuels distracts Brookside.  Dawn kicks Brookside.  Dawn high angle backdrop driver aka Saito Side Suplex on Brookside.  Dawn pins Brookside.  

Dawn beats Brookside. 

Awesome NXT UK Women’s Match.

Backstage Sid Scala finds Levi Muir and Jack Starz taken out by Saxon Huxley.

Next Week NXT UK Tag Team Championship Match The Hunt Wild Boar and Primate v.s The Tag Champions Gallus Wolfgang and Mark Coffey. 

Third NXT UK Heritage Cup Main Event Match the Heritage Cup is on the line Challenger Tyler Bate v.s The Heritage Cup Champion Nino Anonimo A-Kid

Round 1 starts.  

Bate beautiful top wrist lock takedown on A-Kid.  Bate Holy Fuck standing Quarter Nelson into a Cravate on A-Kid.

Round 1 ends 0 falls Bate – 0 falls A-Kid.

Round 2 starts.

Damn nice straight jacket by A-Kid on Bate.  Bate straight jacket on A-Kid.  A-Kid Straightjacket on Bate. 

Round 2 over.  A-Kid 0-0 Bate

Round 3 Starts.

Bate nice transition into the wristlock on A-Kid.  Bate Airplane Spin attempt on A-Kid. A-Kid German Suplex on Bate.  Wow, Bate pins A-Kid.  

Round 3 Over Bate 1 fall – A-Kid 0 Falls.

Round 4 starts.

A-Kid kicks Bate hard. Bate kicks and forearms A-Kid.  Bate uppercut and strikes to A-Kid.  A-Kid front face lock transitions into a nice Fucking Grovet on Bate.  A-Kid nice float over double trapped arm suplex on Bate.  A-Kid sleeper hold with a body scissors on Bate.   A-Kid triangle hold on Bate.  Bate Powerbomb on A-Kid.  

Round 4 over Bate 1-0 A-Kid.

Round 5 starts.  

A-Kid holy shit beautiful springboard DDT on Bate.  A-Kid pins Bate.  

Round 5 over A-Kid 1 fall – Bate 1 Fall.

Round 6 final round  starts. 

A-Kid kicks then palm strikes to Bate.  Bate strikes then a Rolling kick to A-Kid sending him falling to the apron.  A-Kid sleeper hold on Bate.  A-Kid damn hard jumping kick on Bate.  A-Kid pins Bate.  

Round 6 over A-Kid 2 falls- Bate 1 fall.

A-Kid retains the Heritage Cup defeating Bate.  

Very good episode of NXT UK.

Fantasy Booking A-Kid could also beat Jordan Devlin for the NXT Cruiserweight Title.

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