NG’s NXT UK December. 17, 2020 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking

First NXT UK Women’s Match The White Witch Of NXT UK Isla Dawn v.s NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray

Dawn knee to Ray.  Dawn kicks to Ray.  Dawn running knee to Ray.  Dawn running double knees to Ray.  Dawn Saito Side Suplex aka high angle backdrop driver on Ray.  Ray tornado DDT on Dawn.  Ray koji clutch on Dawn.  Ray Superkick then Gory Bomb on Dawn.  Ray pins Dawn.

Ray defeats Dawn.

Hell of an NXT UK women’s match.

Post-match Kay Lee Ray says she’s the longest reigning NXT UK Women’s champion and everyone else is fighting amongst themselves Piper Niven and Jinny.  

A look at Ben Carter a new NXT UK Prospect the roster of NXT UK Talk about him.  Trained by Seth Rollins.  

Ilja Dragunov talks about the title match with Walter.  Dragunov removes his contact that he always wears. 

Second NXT UK Two on One Handicap Match Levi Muir and Jack Starz v.s Saxon Huxley 

Starz tags in Muir.  Huxley strikes Muir.  Starz tags in.  Muir dropkicks Huxley.  Starz uppercuts Huxley.  Huxley knee to Starz.  Huxley running knee to Starz.  Huxley running big boot on the outside to Starz.  Huxley running clothesline on the outside to Muir.  Huxley gut-wrench powerbomb on Starz.  

Starz tags in Muir.  Muir strikes Huxley.  Muir uppercut to Huxley. Muir Dropkick to Huxley.  Muir tags in Starz.  Muir and Stars stereo dropkicks on Huxley.  Starz pins Huxley.  

Muir and Starz beat Huxley what an upset.  

Awesome NXT UK Handicap Match.

Post Match Huxley attacks Muir and Starz.  Dave Mastiff comes out and fights off Huxley.  

Backstage Piper Niven shows Sid Scala a video and hands him a contract Jinny left.  

In Three Weeks Number 1 Contenders Match For The NXT UK Women’s Championship Jinny v.s Piper Niven.  

Backstage Dave Mastiff runs into Rampage Brown.  

A-Kid First-Ever NXT UK Heritage Cup champion talks about his winning of the cup and beating mentor Tyler Bate.  A-Kid challenges Walter for the NXT United Kingdom Championship.  Walter comes out.  Walter compliments A-Kid.  Walter says A-Kid won’t win.  

Backstage Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan talk about Williams being hurt.  

Trent Seven talks about the Heritage Cup Seven says he can’t take anything away from A-Kid. Seven says he needs to get better that he should’ve focused forward instead of backwards in the heritage part.  

Third NXT UK Match Josh Morrell v.s Rampage Brown

Brown running big boot on Morrell sending him to the outside.  Morrell dropkick to Brown.  Damn Morrell standing corkscrew moonsault on Brown.  Brown clothesline to Morrell.  Brown powerbomb to Morrell.  Brown Doctor Bomb on Morrell.  Brown pins Morrell.  

Brown defeats Morrell.

Awesome NXT UK Match. 

Sid Scala says he and Johnny Saint will make A-Kid v.s Walter for the NXT United Kingdom Championship for the new year.  

Fourth NXT UK Tag Team Championship Main Event Tag Team Match.  Challengers The Hunt  Wild Boar and Primate with Eddie Dennis v.s Champions Gallus Wolfgang and Mark Coffey

Primate strikes Wolfgang in the corner Wild Boar tagged in.  Wild Boar strikes Wolfgang in the corner. Primate tagged in. Primate stomps at Wolfgang in the corner. Wild Boar tagged in. Wolfgang strikes Wild Boar and Primate.  Mark Coffey tagged in.  Mark Coffey scoop slam then forearms to Wild Boar.  

Wolfgang tagged in.  Mark Coffey tagged in. Mark Coffey side Russian leg sweep on Wild Boar.  Wild Boar strikes Mark Coffey. Mark Coffey forearms uppercut to Wild Boar.  Wild Boar Bites Mark Coffey.  Wild Boar spear in the corner on Mark Coffey.  Primate tagged in.  Primate strikes then headbutts Mark Coffey.  

Primate slams down Mark Coffey.  Wild Boar tagged in. Primate assisted section with Wild Boar landing on Mark Coffey.  Mark Coffey forearms to Wild Boar.  Wild Boar Senton on Mark Coffey.  Primate tagged in.  Mark Coffey forearms to Wild Boar and Primate.  

Mark Coffey nice running uppercut on Primate.  Wolfgang tagged in.  Wolfgang kicks clothesline strikes to Wild Boar.  Wolfgang running knee then running Senton on Wild Boar.  Wolfgang hip toss to Primate.  Wolfgang splash in the corner on Wild Boar then a Forearm to Primate on the ring apron. 

Wolfgang top rope ax handle on Wild Boar.  Wolfgang interesting vertical suplex transitioned into a reverse facebuster on Wild Boar.  Wild Boar Senton on Wolfgang.  Gallus Leader Iron King Joe Coffey Glasgow Sendoff Spear on Eddie Dennis.  Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster shove Wild Boar and Primate off the top rope.  

Mark Coffey tagged in.  Mark Coffey step-up enziguri on Wild Boar. Wolfgang power slam on Wild Boar.  Wolfgang pins Wild Boar.  

Gallus Wolfgang and Mark Coffey retain and defeat The Hunt Wild Boar and Primate. 

Hell Of An NXT UK Tag Team Championship Main Event Match.  

Post-match Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley come out.  Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter fight Stoker and Howley. Wolfgang and Mark Coffey fight Stoker and Howley.  

Awesome NXT UK Episode end of the year! 

Fantasy Booking I think Gallus The NXT UK Tag Team Champions Wolfgang and Mark Coffey have a lot of challengers that could beat them for the title Pretty Deadly Stoker and Howley.

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