NG’s NXT UK January. 21, 2021 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking

First NXT UK Match Rampage Brown v.s Bomber Dave Mastiff

Brown and Mastiff strikes back and forth.  Brown Dropkick to Mastiff.  Mastiff dropkick to Brown.  Mastiff strikes to Brown.  Brown top rope shoulder block on Mastiff.  Brown stiff kick to Mastiff.  Mastiff strikes clothesline standing senton on Brown.  Mastiff clotheslines Brown who dives off the top rope.  

Mastiff pump handle suplex on Brown.  Brown kicks then clotheslines Mastiff.  Mastiff release German suplex on Brown. Brown high side angle suplex aka back drop driver aka saito suplex on Mastiff. Brown Doctor Bomb on Mastiff.  Brown pins Mastiff.  

Brown beats Mastiff.  

Great NXT UK Match.  

Video of the NXT United Kingdom Championship match between A-Kid and Walter.  A-Kid says next time the result will be different.  

Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan backstage Williams says he made a match for Jordan against Tyson T-bone.  

Second NXT UK Match Jack Starz v.s The Mad Russian The Red Menace Unbeseigebar Ilja Dragunov

Dragunov slams down Starz.  Dragunov knife-edge chop on Starz.  Starz clotheslines Dragunov. Starz bridging German suplex on Dragunov.  Starz forearms on Dragunov.  Dragunov kicks Starz. Dragunov’s forearms chops to Starz in the corner.  Dragunov release DDT variation suplex on Starz.  Dragunov release German suplexes on Starz. 

Dragunov knees then gotch lift suplex on Starz.  Dragunov Torpedo Moscow to Starz.  Dragunov viscous elbows knocks out Starz.  Dragunov wins via KO 

Dragunov defeats Starz.  

Hell of an NXT UK Match.  I love this new uncontrollable rage by Dragunov and then feeling remorse for Starz.  

Ben Carter next week in a match.  

Sam Gradwell gives Ben Carter credit for taking NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin to the limit then calls Ben Carter a Yogurt.  

Third NXT UK Match Tyson T-Bone v.s The Bhangra Bad Boy Amir Jordan

T-Bone clotheslines then Fallaway slam to Jordan.  T-Bone strikes and kicks Jordan.  Jordan strikes and chops to T-Bone T-Bone slams down Jordan.  Jordan jawbreaker then dropkick to T-Bone. Jordan pins T-Bone.  

Jordan defeats T-Bone.  

Awesome NXT UK Match.  

Xia Brookside mentions being jumped by Nina Samuels and losing a match against Isla Dawn.  Brookside is going to get back at Samuels.  

Video of the Teams for Fatal Four Way Elimination Tag Number 1 Contenders match to face The NXT UK Tag Team Champions. The Hunt Primate and Wild Boar Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter Mark Andrews and The Modfather Flash Morgan Webster.  The match is next week.

Eddie Dennis is banned from being with The Hunt during that match.  

Fourth NXT UK Women’s Championship Main Event Match Challenger The Queen Of NXT UK The Fashionista Jinny v.s Champion Kay Lee Ray

Ray dropkick to Jinny.  Sidenote Dani Luna Amale Piper Niven Nina Samuels Xia Brookside are watching the match.  Ray fallout facebuster on Jinny.  Jinny strikes Ray on the outside.  Ray drives Jinny into the barricade on the outside.  Jinny Couture Stretch on Ray.  Jinny wheel kicks to Ray.  Ray superkick to Jinny.  

Jinny and Ray strikes back and forth.  Ray superkick then DDT to Jinny.  Ray Koji Clutch on Jinny.  Jinny clotheslines Ray.  Joseph Conners distracts Ray.  Jinny from the middle rope Makeover on Ray.  Ray Superkicks Jinny.  Conners has The NXT UK Women’s title.  Ray gets it back strikes Conners. 

Ray Gorybomb on Jinny.  Ray pins Jinny.  

The Champion Ray retains and defeat challenger Jinny. 

Hell of an NXT UK Women’s Championship Main Event Match.

Amazing NXT UK Episode.

Fantasy Booking my booking since Walter has been Undefeated in singles Matches defending The NXT United Kingdom title I’d have the three superstars that came the closest to defeating him face him in a Fatal Four Way Match Joe Coffey Ilja Dragunov and A-Kid i’d have Dragunov beat Walter in a viscous way.  

Then I’d also book Aoife Valkyrie Piper Niven and Jinny all to face NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray in a fatal four-way match where it would come down to Jinny Valkyrie and Ray left standing and Valkyrie would pin Ray and become the new Champion.  

As for Jordan Devlin and the NXT Cruiserweight Championship, I’d have him face the other Cruiserweight Champion Santos Escobar aka El Hijo Del Fantasma. Escobar would be bragging on the mic about there being no one left to face him then out comes Devlin with his title on NXT.  Devlin would be speaking with his open Challenge for the Cruiserweight Championship bragging about how he’s unbeaten out would come Escobar on NXT UK. 

William Regal Sid Scala and Johnny Saint all come out and say this match will unify both titles the match happens on NXT UK but both get DQed. Then the match happens on NXT the same thing DQ. so the match happen at NXT Takeover no dq but both Devlins and Escobars shoulders were down. So it all ends at NXT UK Takeover where Devlin wins and becomes the true Cruiserweight champion the title he never lost.

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