NG’s NXT UK London, England Thoughts & Fantasy Booking September. 24, 2020

Sid Scala tries to talk to The Heritage Cup Contenders but they get a bit rowdy.  

First Match NXT United Kingdom Champion The Ring General Austrian Anomaly Imperium Leader Walter v.s Saxon Huxley.  

Walter attempted sleeper hold on Huxley.  Huxley running strikes to Walter in the corner. Walter strong uppercuts then judo hip toss on Huxley.  Walter running clothesline sending Huxley to the outside. 

Walter strikes Huxley off the apron.  Walter chops on Huxley.  Huxley big boots to Walter.  Huxley power slam on Walter.  Huxley top rope flying clothesline on Walter.  Huxley elbows on Walter.  Huxley Lou Thesz Press on the outside to Walter.  Walter chops Huxley on the outside then a sleeper hold attempt.  

Huxley sends Walter crashing into the steel steps.  Walter slams down Huxley on the outside then kicks him.  Walter chops Huxley on the outside then a back body drop on the ring rails.  Walter Powerbombs Huxley on ring apron.  Walter chops Huxley.  Huxley forearms to Walter

Walter Sleeper Hold then a German Suplex on Huxley.  Walter chops Huxley.  Walter top rope butterfly superplex on Huxley.  Walter chops Huxley.  Walter Powerbombs then Pins Huxley.  

Walter defeats Huxley.  

That was an awesome match there.

Jack Starrz says to Huxley ”Next Time.”  

Heritage Cup rules again 

6-3 Minute Rounds 

20 Second Breaks Between Rounds 

2 Out Of 3 Falls Win by Submission Pinfall or Knockout.  

Once A Fall Occurs The Round Ends.  

Winning 2 Falls = Victory

DQ/KO Match Ends

Whoever Leads After 6 Rounds Wins.  

Sid Scala will draw the brackets for the Heritage Cup along with Special Guest Former United Kingdom Champion longest-reigning Former NXT Tag Champion The Brusierweight Pete Dunne.  

Dunne  says ”The Heritage Cup is for guys that have paved the way like William Regal, Johnny Saint, and Rollerball Marc Rocco.  And I’ve made it my mission to show the whole world exactly what British Wrestling is all about and now it’s your turn.”  ”Make a name for yourself and continue the tradition.  

Scala says ”Our First draw number 3 Joseph Conners.” 

”He’ll be taking on Number 1 The Bomber Dave Mastiff.” 

”Number 4 Wildcard Entrant Taking on Number 7 Trent Seven.”  

”Number 5 Flash Morgan Webster taking on Number 8 A-Kid” 

Noam Dar Will Face Alexandre Wolfe. 

Dunne  snaps Dars fingers then throws him out.  

The Heritage Cup will be next week.  

Second Match Tag Team Match The Hunt Wild Boar and Primate v.s Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley. 

Primate tags in.  Stoker tags in Howley.  Primate mounting punches on Howley.  Howley knee strike to Primate.  Primate scoop slam on Howley.  Primate tags in Wild Boar.  Wild Boar assisted Seated Senton onto Howley.  Howley dropkick on Wild Boar.  Howley tags in Stoker.  

Stoker back body drop on Wild Boar.  Stoker tags in Howley.  Howley uppercuts to Wild Boar.  Howley tags in Stoker.  Stoker running uppercut in the corner on Wild Boar.  Wild Boar seated powerbomb on Stoker.  Stoker tags in Howley.  

Howley very unique chin bar applied to Wild Boar.  Howley high flying crossbody from the middle rope landing on Wild Boar.  Howley running uppercut to Wild Boar.  

Howley tags in Stoker.  Stoker uppercut on Wild Boar.  Stoker strong slam on Wild Boar.  Stoker tags in Howley.  Stoker blind tags in.  Wild Boar for the hot tag to Primate.  Primate release suplex to Stoker.  Primate running clothesline in the corner to Howley then Stoker.  

Primate middle rope seated  senton on Stoker.  Primate tope suicide aka suicide dive on the outside to Howley.  Primate springboard axe handle to Stoker.  Primate tags in Wild Boar.  

Primate takes out Howley over the top rope. Wild Boar top rope flying headbutt on Stoker.  Primate crashes into the barricade on the outside.  Wild Boar spears Howley off the apron.  Stoker strikes Wild Boar from behind then a rollup pin schoolboy pin on Wild Boar.  

Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley defeat The Hunt Wild Boar and Primate.  

That was an exciting match there I quite enjoyed that.  

Post Match Eddie Dennis gives some advice to Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley.  

Backstage Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster try to cheer up a furious Primate and Wild Boar.  

Sid Scala is stressing out over the Heritage Cup matches he wants to have Noam Dar v.s Alexander Wolfe next Week Pete Dunne tells him he’ll be the referee of the match.  Sid Scala makes Dunne the special guest referee.  

Next Week Triple Threat Wild Card qualifying Match for the final Wildcard spot in the Heritage Cup tournament.  

Third Main Event NXT UK Women’s Championship Match Challenger Piper Niven v.s Champion Kay Lee Ray.  

Ray kicks Niven.  Ray with a standing double wrist lock applied on Niven.  Niven knocking down Ray.  Niven throwing Ray.  Niven headbutt to Ray.  Niven very nice Half Straight Jacket Body Scissors applied onto Ray.  Ray Figure Four of the legs on Niven.  

Niven tossing Ray over Tue top rope to the outside.  Ray superkick on the outside to Niven.  Ray Tornado DDT stepping off the apron to Niven on the outside.  Ray hitting Nivens head off the steel steps on the outside.  Ray runs knees first on the steel steps on the outside.  

Ray and Niven both slap each other on the outside.  Niven strikes Ray.  Niven single leg crab on Ray.  Ray superkick on Niven.  Ray top rope Senton aka Swanton Bomb on Niven.  Niven running section on Ray.  Ray kicks the knee of Niven.  Niven half crab again on Ray.  

Niven Piper Driver on Ray.  Niven middle rope splash attempt but Ray gets the knees up.  Niven cannonball on the exposed turnbuckle.  Ray takes advantage of a hurt Niven and pins her.  

Ray retains and defeats the challenger, Niven. 

One Hell of an NXT UK Women’s Championship Main Event Match.  

Post Match The Fashionista Queen Of NXT UK Jinny stares down Ray The Champion.  

Awesome episode of NXT UK.  

Fantasy Booking By the looks of what I’m seeing I’d now book Jinny to dethrone NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray.  

The Tag Division is looking promisingly potential challengers to book Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter. Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley.  The Hunt Wild Boar and Primate.  

Next Episode lookout for my Heritage Cup Tournament Predictions no I will not be looking or releasing spoilers this is my predictions and opinions on the winners.

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