NG’s NXT UK March. 04, 2021 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking

Video of NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray and Challenger Meiko Satomura.

First NXT UK Match The Mad Russian The Muscovian Muscovite Unbeseigebar The Crimson Menace v.s Sam Gradwell 

Dragunov slams down Gradwell.  Gradwell stomps and strikes Dragunov.  Dragunov knife-edge chop on Gradwell.  Dragunov jumping knee in the corner on Gradwell.  Dragunov knee lift to Gradwell.  Dragunov jump kick to Gradwell.  Dragunov middle rope knee on Gradwell.  Gradwell slaps Dragunov off the top rope falling to the outside.  

Gradwell strikes Dragunov off the ring apron to the outside.  Gradwell lariat on Dragunov.  Gradwell has also been busted open during the match.  Gradwell elbow to Dragunov.  Gradwell release double underhook butterfly suplex on Dragunov.  Gradwell standing armbar attempt to Dragunov.  Dragunov headbutts Gradwell.  Dragunov clothesline on Gradwell.  

Dragunov elbows to Gradwell.  Dragunov vicious knees to Gradwell.  Wow Dragunov relentless knife-edge chops on Gradwell.  Gradwell slaps Dragunov a bunch.  Dragunov German suplexes twice the second releases on Gradwell.  Gradwell stiff elbow to Dragunov.  Dragunov enziguri on Gradwell.  Dragunov top rope senton on Gradwell.  

Dragunov hits the exposed turnbuckle pad.  Gradwell chops then a forearm to Dragunov.  Holy Shit Dragunov repeated Elbow Strikes to Gradwell knocked unconscious.  

Dragunov wins defeating Gradwell.  

Hell of an NXT UK Match.  

Post-match Dragunov still brutally elbows Gradwell.  Dragunov threatens a referee.  Dragunov remorseful and Gradwell is smiling.  

Video of Teoman aka Lucky Kid saying it’s about striking fear how far you’re willing to go to fight he debuts next week I can’t wait. 

Xia Brookside and Aleah James are backstage Brookside asks Nina Samuels to make them some tea.  Nina Samuels puts that Trader Joe’s looking Pink Salt in one of the Teas.

Hell Yeah Supernova 11 Sessions Host Scottish Supernova 11 Noam Dar he reads off things for the WWE Universe such as Noam Dar is absolutely fantastic and a 24/7 young legend SuperNova Sessions equals standing ovations.  Noam Dar is absolutely rotten get a haircut you loser you suck haha. 

The Guest Tyler Bate.  Dar asks Bate if he thinks he needs a haircut Bate responds with he thinks Dar looks great. Dar asks Bate about his new approach being Zen.  Bate says has an understanding of himself.  Dar says Zen means if one was to push Bates buttons that he would never react.  

Dar asks what age is he like fourteen.  Bate says he’s twenty three.  Dar says Bates accomplished so much to match of the year awards NXT Tag Team Champion to the first-ever and youngest ever NXT UK Champion what an amazing career.  

Dar asks if Bate is a Vegan.  Dar asks Bate if two vegans fight is it still considered beef.  Bate laughs about that.  Dar says that means you can’t have cupcakes like a zen Panda.  Dar says he prepared Broccoli and salad for Bate.  Dar throws it on Bate and asks are you Zen now.  Bate laughs and eats the salad.  Dar says last time on the show Bate had the stupidity to challenge A-Kid in a Heritage Cup Match and Bate lost.  

Dar said Zen didn’t help Bate then.  Bate says he doesn’t feel bad about the loss to A-Kid we only lose what we cling to.  Dar says next week Bate gets to fight Dave Mastiff.  Bate says he won’t play Dars games he set out for the Heritage Cup and failed against A-Kid Bate says he isn’t crushed by it Bate said he takes to Johnny Saint and the match will be under Heritage Cup Rules.  

Dar thinks Bate should be scared.  Bate says where fear ends life begins.  Bate tells Dar he may be Zen but he’s nobody’s doormat.  

What another amazing SuperNova 11 Sessions.  

Backstage Ben Carter training says he’s enjoying the British style.  

Video of Aleah James saying she grew up watching Mickie James and Milena. James trained at Eighteen.  James says she can bring a different style to the women’s division.  

Video of The White Witch Of NXT UK Isla Dawn using an Ouija Board Chaos shown and some other hard to make out word the high priestess tarot card shown in a crystal ball.  

Second NXT UK Tag Team Match The Lucky Yin Kenny Williams and the Bhangra Bad Boy Amir Jordan v.s Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter

Oliver Carter tags in Smith.  Smith strikes to Williams.  Smith Judo Hip Toss on Williams.  Williams tags in Jordan.  Jordan dropkick to Smith. Jordan crossbody on Smith.  Smith running knee in the corner on Jordan.  Smith tags in Oliver Carter.  Jordan and Oliver Carter trade strikes back and forth.  Oliver Carter forearms and uppercuts on Jordan.  Oliver Carter running forearm on Jordan.  

Oliver Carter tags in Smith.  Smith clotheslines Jordan.  Smith tags in Oliver Carter. Oliver Carter strikes and forearms to Jordan.   Oliver Carter kicks Jordan.  Oliver Carter tags in Smith.  Smith forearms uppercuts to Jordan.  Jordan step-up enziguri to Smith.  Smith with the hot tag to Williams.  Williams running elbow to Smith. Williams springboard back elbow to Smith.  

Williams dropkicks Oliver Carter off the ring apron to the outside.  Williams sunset flip powerbomb on Smith.  Williams Pump kick on Smith taking out Oliver Carter both land on the outside.  Jordan and Williams stereo tope suicedas aka suicide dives on the outside to Smith and Oliver Carter.  Williams facebuster on Smith.  Jordan top rope Senton on Smith.  Oliver Carter spinning heel kick on Williams.  Smith tags in Oliver Carter. 

Oliver Carter assisted from Smith 450 splash on Jordan.  Williams baseball slide on Smith.  Williams plancha to the outside on Smith.  Jordan pins Oliver Carter.   

Williams and Jordan defeat Smith and Carter.  

Great NXT UK Tag Team Match.  

Video on how the first-ever intergender mixed tag team match became to be between Jinny and Joseph Conners against Piper Niven and Jack Starz.

Jordan and Williams celebrate their Tag Team win backstage.  Jordan and Williams will face former Champions next week Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews.  

Next week Dave Mastiff v.s Tyler Bate Heritage Cup Rules Match.  

Next week Jinny and Joseph Conners v.s Piper Niven and Jack Starz First-Ever Mixed Tag Team Match.  

Third NXT UK Women’s Championship Main Event Match Challenger The Final Boss The Best In The World Meiko Satomura v.s The Champion Kay Lee Ray

Piper Niven Jinny Amale Aoife Valkyrie watching the match.  Satomura kicks and knee to Ray.  Ray chops to Satomura.  Ray dropkicks Satomura.  Ray kicks Satomura.  Satomura spinning back kick to Ray. Satomura uppercut then a spinning kick to Ray.  Satomura STF on Ray.  Satomura kicks to Ray.  Ray facebuster on Satomura. Ray Koji Clutch on Satomura.  Ray kicks to Satomura.  Satomura running kick to Ray.  Satomura kicks in the corner on Ray.  

Ray strikes Satomura on the outside.  Ray DDT to Satomura on the outside.  Holy Shit Satomura Death Valley Bomb to Ray on the ring apron.  Satomura kicks Ray.  Satomura ddt on Ray.  Satomura knee on Ray.  Satomura knee to Ray.  Satomura Saito suplex on Ray.  Satomura kicks Ray.  Ray middle rope tornado ddt on Satomura.  Ray Koji Clutch on Satomura.  

Satomura pele kick aka bicycle kick on Ray prone on the top rope.  Satomura Death Valley Bomb on Ray.  Satomura kicks Ray.. Satomura top-rope Frog Splash but Ray gets the knees up.  Ray Superkick on Satomura.  Ray Gory Bomb on Satomura.  Ray top rope Senton but Satomura moves out of the way. 

Satomura attempts the Scorpion Kick but Ray blocks it.  Satomura sunset flip powerbomb on Ray.  Ray Superkick on Satomura.  Satomura bicycle kicks Ray.  Ray Gory Bomb on Satomura.  Ray pins Satomura.  

The Champion Ray defeats and retains against the challenger Satomura.  

Hell of an NXT UK Women’s Championship Match.  

Great NXT UK Episode.

Fantasy Booking I think Aoife Valkyrie will defeat Kay Lee Ray for the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

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