NG’s NXT UK March. 11, 2021 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking

First NXT UK Heritage Cup Rules Match Tyler Bate v.s Bomber Dave Mastiff

Round 1 starts

Mastiff nice simple wrist lock on Bate.  Bate shoulder blocks on Mastiff.  

Round 1 ends Mastiff 0 falls-Bate 0 Falls.

Round 2 starts 

Mastiff another great simple wrist lock on Bate. Bate boots to Mastiff.  Bate pins Mastiff.  

Round 2 ends Bate 1 Fall-Mastiff 0 falls.

Round 3 starts.

Bate jabs kicks strikes Mastiff.  Mastiff strikes Bate.  Bate knee lift then a middle rope spinning uppercut on Mastiff.  Mastiff pins Bate.  

Round 3 ends.  Mastiff 1 fall- Bate 1 fall.  

Round 4 starts.  

Mastiff body slams down and throws Bate.  Mastiff body slams Bate twice.  Bate dropkicks Mastiff.  Mastiff powerbombs Bate.  Mastiff rolling fireman’s carry senton on Bate.  Mastiff on the outside drives Bate into the apron and the barricade.  Mastiff senton on Bate.  

Round 4 ends Bate 1-1 Mastiff

Round 5 starts.

Bate kicks Mastiff.  Mastiff strikes Bate.  Mastiff release German Suplex on Bate.  Bate rolling wheel kick on Mastiff.  Bate Airplane Spin on Mastiff.  Bate stiff strike on Mastiff.  Bate top rope Corkscrew Senton on Mastiff.  Bate pins Mastiff. 

Round 5 ends Bate 2 falls- Mastiff 1 fall.  

Bate wins and beats Mastiff.  

Hell of an NXT UK Heritage Cup Rules Match.  

Video of Kenny Williams and Amir also Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster both teams talk about their upcoming match.  

Video of Aoife Valkyrie saying she’ll overcome obstacles.  

Second NXT UK Debut Match Danny Jones v.s Teoman 

Teoman slaps Jones.  Teoman dropkicks Jones.  Teoman kicks Jones.  Teoman and Jones strikes back and forth.  Teoman driving forearm on Jones.  Teoman elbows Jones.  Jones strikes then a backstabber on Teoman.  Teoman kicks Jones.  Teoman top role Missile Dropkick on Jones.  

Teoman double foot stomp three times on Jones.  Teoman Crossface on Jones and Jones Submits.  

Teoman defeats Jones.  

Hell of a NXT UK Debut Match fit Teoman very impressive. 

Video of Xia Brookside making Nina Samuels clean up a mess.  

Video of Eddie Dennis tells Wild Boar of his mistakes and makes him suffer consequences from Primate and Tyson T-Bone. 

Video Of Amale the first French Female Superstar The French Hope.  

Video Of Gallus Wolfgang Mark Coffey and Joe Coffey.  Joe Coffey says, Gallus needs to remain the roster who they’re.  

Third NXT UK Tag Team Match The Lucky Yin Kenny Williams and The Bhangra Bad Boy Amir Jordan v.s The Modfather Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews 

Webster tags in Andrews.  Andrews assisted from Webster a dropkick on Williams.  Webster springboard dropkick on Jordan.  Jordan tags in. Jordan bridging northern lights suplex on Andrews.  Andrews tags in Webster.  Webster and Andrews double hip toss on Jordan. Webster assisted moonsault from Andrews on Jordan.  Andrews standing moonsault on Jordan.  

Webster strikes Jordan.  Webster tags in Andrews.  Andrews dropkick on Jordan.  Andrews strikes Jordan. Andrews tags in Webster. Webster snap suplex on Jordan.  Jordan strikes Webster.  Jordan dropkicks Webster.  Jordan neck breaker on Webster.  Jordan tags in Williams.  Williams strikes Webster.  Jordan tags in.  

Jordan forearms to Webster Jordan rear chin lock on Webster.  Webster dropkicks Jordan.  Webster tags in Andrews.  Jordan tags in Williams.  Andrews chops to Jordan and Williams.  Andrews double pele kick on Jordan and Williams.  Andrews a variation 619 aka Tiger Feint Kick on Williams.  Andrews moonsault on the outside to Jordan.  Andrews double foot stomp on Williams.  

Andrews running strike in the corner on Williams.  Andrews tags in Webster.  Andrews and Webster stereo double kicks in the corner on Williams.  Andrews assisted Sliced Bread from Webster on Williams.  Webster standing Senton on Williams.  Williams hot tags Jordan.  Webster tags in Andrews.  Andrews chops and strikes to Jordan.  Jordan superkick on Andrews.  Andrews Stundog Millionaire on Jordan.  Andrews tags in Webster.  

Webster top rope Senton on Jordan.  Williams pump kicks Andrews.  Williams shotgun dropkick on the outside to Andrews.  Jordan tags in Williams.  Williams springboard back elbow on Webster.  Webster headbutts Williams.  Williams rebounding clothesline aka jawbreaker lariat on Webster. Williams strikes Andrews off the ring apron landing to the outside.  

Williams low blow kicks Webster.  Williams Facebuster on Webster.  Williams pins Webster.  

Williams and Jordan defeat Webster and Andrews. 

Hell of an NXT UK Tag Team Match.  

Video of Ilja Dragunov snapping and he will speak next week about it.  

Video of Trent Seven says his weigh-in will be live on The Bump Tyler Bate is there for him. 

Next week NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match The Champion Jordan Devlin v.s Challenger Trent Seven.  

Video of Ben Carter saying a brand new start and he’ll be called a brand new name Nathan Frazer will become a champion.  

Next Week United Kingdom Champion Walter makes a statement.  

Fourth Main Event NXT UK First-Ever Mixed Tag Team Match The Queen Of NXT UK The Fashionista Jinny and Joseph Conners v.s Piper Niven and Jack Starz

Jinny tags in Conners.  Conners with a half nelson on Starz.  Conner’s beautiful Fucking three-quarter nelson aka cravate on Starz.  Starz arm drag on Conners.  Starz short arm scissors attempt on Conners.  Starz dropkicks Conners.  Starz tags in Niven.  Jinny strikes Niven. Niven senton on Jinny.  Conners tags in.  Starz forearms to Conners. 

Starz running shoulder block on Conners.  Starz running uppercut on Conners.  Jinny on the outside a rolling wheel kick on Starz.  Conners slams down Starz.  Conners suplex on Starz.  Conners tilt a whirl slam on Starz.  Conner’s strikes to Starz.  Starz strikes and forearms to Conners.  Starz tags in Niven.  Niven throws Jinny.  Niven crossbody on Jinny.  Jinny rolling wheel kick on Niven.  Jinny forearms to Niven.  

Niven headbutts Jinny.  Conners tags in. Starz exploder suplex on Conners.  Starz cannonball in the corner on Conners.  Niven cannonball in the corner on Jinny.  Niven Piper Driver on Conners.  Niven tosses Starz onto Conners.  Starz pins Conners.  

Niven and Starz defeat Jinny and Conners.  

Hell of a First-Ever NXT UK Mixed Tag Team Match Main Event Match. 

Another phenomenal episode of NXT UK.  

Fantasy Booking I want to see Ilja Dragunov use this uncontrollable rage against United Kingdom Champion Walter I think that would give Dragunov the edge to dethrone him I don’t think Walter could even stop him like that.

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