NG’s NXT UK March. 18, 2021 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking

Video of the NXT Cruiserweight Championship Weigh-in from The Bump.  

First NXT UK Match Nathan Frazer v.s Ashton Smith

Smith shoulder block on Frazer.  Frazer snap mare takeover on Smith.  Frazer elbow drop on Smith.  Frazer hurricanrana on Smith.  Frazer chops Smith.  Smith Fireman’s Carry Takeover on Frazer.  Smith wrist lock on Frazer.  Smith clothesline on Frazer. Frazer basement dropkick on Smith.  Frazer springboard crossbody on Smith.  Smith stalling suplex on Frazer.  Frazer dropkicks Smith.  Frazer stomps Smith in the corner.  

Frazer springboard coast to coast in the corner on Smith.  Frazer top rope Senton but Smith moves out of the way.  Smith with a beautiful Blue Thunder Bomb on Frazer.  Frazer springboard moonsault on Smith.  Frazer top-rope Frog Splash on Smith.  Frazer pins Smith.

Frazer defeats Smith.  

Hell of an NXT UK Match.  

Video of Ilja Dragunov apologizing for his behavior in his recent matches says it’s not the way he is.  Sam Gradwell interrupts.  Sam Gradwell also says he beat Dragunov Gradwell says custody papers on a pole match ladder match single match tag match no d.q match any match he’ll beat Dragunov and says No DQ match that’s fine I’m in. 

Video of The White Witch Of NXT UK Isla Dawn using an Ouija Board Unholy flashes The Devil Tarot Card shown Diabolical flashes Death Tarot Card shown.  

Video of Johnny Saint saying, Noam Dar has been pestering him for a Heritage Cup Match with A-Kid even though he has his own talk show. In Three Weeks he’ll have to earn it against Tyler Bate in a Heritage Cup Rules Match winner will be number one contender to the Heritage Cup Championship.  

Video Of Challenger Trent Seven and Champion Jordan Devlin. 

Second NXT UK Women’s Match Dani Luna v.s The Best In The World Meiko Satomura 

Satomura side headlock on Luna.  Satomura knees to Luna.  Satomura Judo Toss on Luna.  Satomura kicks and strikes to Luna and in the corner.  Satomura running Forearm in the corner on Luna.  Satomura uppercuts Luna.  Luna suplex on Satomura.  Luna fallaway slam on Satomura.  Luna Forearm on Satomura. Satomura spinning heel kick on Luna.  Luna kicks Satomura on the top rope.  Wow, Luna suplex to Satomura from the ring apron.  Satomura kicks Luna.  

Satomura and Luna forearms to each other.  Luna clothesline on Satomura.  Satomura bicycle kick on Luna.  Satomura kicks Luna.  Satomura Scorpio Rising aka Ax Kick on Luna.  Satomura pins Luna.  

Satomura defeats Luna.  

Hell of an NXT UK Women’s Match 

Jinny says her win-loss record has been good she said one of the so-called people’s favorite broke the rules.  Conners says Jack Starz and Piper Niven are gloating about a win with an illegal maneuver Jinny says that loss is null in void.  Conners wants Jack Starz one on one in a match.  

Video of how Jordan Devlin won the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.  

Video of Luna after her match saying she’s got to try again.  Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster comfort Luna.  

Walter will make a statement. NXT United Kingdom Champion Imperium Leader The Austrian  Anomaly The Ring General Walter comes to the ring.  Walter says he’s the longest-reigning NXT UK Champion dominating everyone in front of him. British Strong Style Joe Coffey Dave Mastiff Ilja Dragunov the list goes on and on.  Walter says he wants competition he asks Jonny Saint to look for his next challenger.  Walter says he wants someone who is worth it.  

Rampage Brown comes to the ring.  Brown says Johnny Saint doesn’t need to search the world for an opponent he just needs to look in his own backyard.  Brown says Walter is a dominant Champion but a Champions never faced Rampage Brown.  Brown says when you’re ready let me know.  Brown pushes down Walter.  Brown says this reign comes to an end when we face.  

Video of Xia Brookside lifting doing squats and tells Nina Samuels to set a TKU Band on the bar and to take the fives off of there and grab the kettle bells and grab the chalk too. SCMbs those will do Brookside says.  Brookside asks Nina Samuels to fill up her jug.  Brookside kicks over the chalk and says you can clean that up too directed and to Nina Samuels.  Brookside also says don’t forget to work out as well to Nina Samuels.  

Video of  backstage Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan.  Williams says it was a knee-jerk reaction to Jordan.  Williams says he’s sorry and will wrestle by Jordan’s rules when in two weeks time they both wrestle for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships.  Jordan is shocked that Williams got them title opportunities and says they don’t need to cheat to win we’ve won four and square before you’ve got to promise me this is a massive opportunity.  Williams says he promises and says he can’t fight Pretty Deadly on his own.  Jordan says that’s right you’ve got your tag partner.  

Next Week Ilja Dragunov v.s Sam Gradwell in a No Disqualification match.  

Three Weeks Away NXT United Kingdom Championship Match Champion Walter v.s Challenger Rampage Brown.  It will headline NXT UK Prelude April eighth Thursday. 

Third NXT UK Main Event NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match Challenger Trent Seven v.s Champion The Irish Ace Jordan Devlin

Seven overhand chops on Devlin.  Seven chops on the outside to Devlin.  Seven lifts Devlin onto the barricade.  Devlin strikes Seven on the outside.  Seven throws Devlin into the steel steps on the outside.  Seven chops Devlin on the outside.  Devlin strikes Seven off the ring apron to the outside.  Seven Snap Dragon Suplex to Devlin on the outside. Seven overhand chops in the corner on Devlin.  

Seven strikes Devlin in the corner.  Devlin chops Seven in the corner.  Seven chops Devlin in the corner.  Seven hip toss on Devlin.  Seven slams down Devlin.  Seven leg drops Devlin. Devlin uranage to Seven.  Devlin a standing moonsault on Seven.  Devlin kicks Seven.  Devlin backbreaker on Seven.  Devlin on the outside stretches Seven on the ring post.  Devlin strikes Seven on the outside.  Devlin belly to back body drop to Seven on the ring apron on the outside.  Devlin strikes and chops Seven.  Devlin chops Seven in the corner.  Seven chops strikes and forearms in the corner on Devlin. 

Devlin clothesline on Seven.  Devlin slams down Seven.  Devlin Leg Drops Seven.  Devlin palm strikes Seven.  Seven chops Devlin.  Seven ddt on Devlin.  Seven middle rope modified Stunner on Devlin.  Seven Emerald Flowsion on Devlin.  Seven clotheslines Devlin over the top rope to the outside.  Seven tope suiceda aka suicide dive to the outside on Devlin hitting the barricade.  Seven goes to the top rope a does a senton but Devlin moves out of the way.  

Devlin Four Leaf Clover on Seven.  Seven Single Leg Boston Crab on Devlin.  Devlin headbutts Seven. Seven palm strikes to Devlin.  Devlin Kawada Kicks on Seven.  Seven with The Seven Stars Lariat on Devlin.  Devlin with the Emerald Flowsion on Seven.  Seven chops Devlin on the ring apron.  Holy Shit Seven top rope avalanche Snap Dragon Suplex on Devlin.  Seven Burning Hammer on Devlin.  

Devlin sticks his thumb in the face of Seven with the referees back turned. Devlin with the Devlin Side aka Saito Side Suplex Back Drop Driver  on Seven.  Devlin top rope 450 Splash on Seven.  Devlin pins Seven.  

The Champion Devlin defeats and retains against the challenger Seven. 

Hell of an NXT UK NXT Cruiserweight Championship Main Event Match.  

What a wonderful NXT UK Episode. 

Fantasy Booking Rampage Brown I think will now dethrone NXT United Kingdom Champion Walter.

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