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NG’s NXT UK March 25, 2021 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking

Fuck Yeah Supernova 11 Sessions Host Scottish Super Nova 11 Noam Dar.  Dar says he’s going to be a legend in two weeks when he faces Tyler Bate to see who will face A-Kid for the Heritage Cup.  Special Guest Trent Seven.  

Dar said Seven failed at capturing the Cruiserweight Championship.  Dar asks Seven what it feels like to be a failure.  Seven says he put himself through a grueling regime.  Dar said Seven has gotten into peak physical condition and asks Seven of the secret is Zumba Pilates or a Legs Bums and Thumbs.  

Seven says it’s been hard waking up at the crack of dawn running up mountains taking the dogs for walks whenever I can counting calories two-three months.  Dar said he’s been in WWE for Five Years and has performed on every brand that this company has. Dar said he’s an original gangster of the relaunch of the cruiserweight division original gangster day one 205 Live original gangster day one on Monday Night Raw.  

Dar said but he’s not had a title shot. Dar asks Seven what makes an outsider like you think you can just squander every opportunity and have everything handed to you on a silver platter.  Seven says to Dar he doesn’t appreciate him using that tone.  Seven says he is one if the Founding Fathers of NXT UK it was me and other people four years ago went to Blackpool and the result of it is this.  Seven tells Dar don’t tell me I’m an outsider when I’m one of the people that built this brand. 

Seven says to Dar you got more important things to worry about because one of those boys from back in the day faces you in the ring in two weeks Tyler Bate. 

Sha Samuels interrupts says settle down. Sha Samuels tells Seven if you have a problem with him then that means that you have got a problem with me.  Dar says to Seven this is what real friendship looks like.  Dar says to Seven it looks lonely on Mustache Mountain. Dar says to Seven no matter what Sha Samuels is always in his corner.  Seven says it’s been a long time since me and the boys have won with Mustache Mountain so how about I go into Tyler Bates corner in two weeks time.  

What an Entertaining episode of Scottish Supernova 11 Sessions. 

Backstage Sid Scala says to Jinny that herself and Piper Niven will be banned from ringside for tonight’s match.  Jinny tells Scala to watch is mouth. Scala said this comes from General Manager Saint.

In Two Weeks April 8 Thursday NXT UK Prelude I’m hoping it’s a PPV of sorts.  

In two weeks NXT United Kingdom Champion Walter v.s Challenger Rampage Brown.  

Video of Walter and Rampage Brown.  

First NXT UK Match Jack Starz v.s Joseph Conners

Conners beautiful Fucking Three Quarter Nelson aka Cravate on Starz.  Conners Full Nelson on Starz.  Conners shoulder block on Starz.  Starz uppercuts then a dropkick on Conners falling to the outside. Starz crossbody to the outside on Conners.  Starz top rope Crossbody on Conners. Starz nice simple toe and ankle on Conners.  Conners double foot stomp in the corner on Starz.  Conners strikes in the corner on Starz.  

Starz uppercuts and strikes to Conners.  Conners driving backbreaker on Starz.  Conners a snapmare variation with a neck breaker on Starz.  Starz snap suplex on Conners.  Starz forearms strikes to Conners. Conners strikes to Starz.  Starz European Uppercut on Conners.  Starz running elbow on Conners.   Starz running uppercut in the corner on Conners.  Starz Exploder Suplex on Conners.  Conners DDT on Starz.  

Conners Hangman’s Neck Breaker Here’s Joseph on Starz.  Conners pins Starz.  

Conners defeats Starz.  

Tremendous NXT UK Match.  

Video of the Yes Boy New NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley say they were right. Stoker says in the spirit of proving people wrong next week is the first of many successful title defenses says Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan aren’t them Pretty Deadly. 

Backstage Starz says he’s sorry to Piper Niven.  Niven says she’s lost loads and that they should practice at the PC.  

Second NXT UK Tag Team Match Josh Morrell and Danny Jones v.s Tyson T-bone and Primate with Eddie Dennis

T-Bone strikes in the corner on Morrell.  T-Bone tosses Morrell.  T-Bone tags in Primate.  Primate Irish whips T-Bone into Morrell in the corner.  Primate running clothesline on the corner on Morrell.  Primate pump handle suplex on Morrell.  Primate tags in T-Bone.  T-Bone and Primate double headbutts in the corner on Morrell.  

T-Bone belly to belly suplex on Morrell.  Morrell tags in Jones.  T-Bone strikes Jones.  T-Bone belly to back suplex on Jones.  T-Bone tags in Primate.  Primate back drop on Jones.  Primate tags in T-Bone.  T-Bone strikes Jones.  T-Bone tags in Primate.  Jones backstabber on Primate.  Jones tags in Morrell.  Morrell dropkicks Primate.  Morrell standing corkscrew moonsault on Primate.  

Primate knee to Morrell.  Primate tags in T-Bone. T-Bone backbreaker then a fallaway slam on Morrell.  T-Bone throws Morrell over the top rope and outside the ring. Primate slams Morrell on the outside.  Morrell tags in Jones.  Jones dropkicks Primate off the ring apron falling to the outside.  Jones forearms and European uppercuts on T-Bone.  Jones step-up enziguri on T-Bone.  T-Bone knees Jones.  

T-Bone tags in Primate.  T-Bone Power Slam on Jones. Primate top rope Diving Headbutt on Jones. Primate pins Jones.  

T-Bone and Primate best Morrell and Jones.  

Hell of an NXT UK Tag Team Match. 

Backstage video of Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan preparing for their match next week.  Williams says two and a half years they’ve worked for this. Next week they’re going to see a New Kenny Williams Lucky Yin and a new Amir Jordan.  Amir Jordan says when we win those titles we’re going to be dancing all over BT Sports Studio.  

Third NXT UK Women’s Match Aleah James v.s The White Witch Of NXT UK Isla Dawn

James nice wrist lock on Dawn.  James dropkicks Dawn.  James running forearm in the corner on Dawn.  Dawn kicks James.  Dawn strikes James.  Dawn knee to James.  Dawn running kick to James.  Dawn knee to James.  Dawn High Angle Back Drop Driver aka Saito Side Suplex on James.  Dawn double underhook submission on James.  Dawn and James strikes back and forth.  

James springboard dropkick on Dawn.  James springboard crossbody on Dawn.  Dawn throws James on the ropes.  Dawn stomps and strikes in the corner on James. Dawn Saito Suplex on James.  Dawn Bridging Dragon Suplex aka Call Of The Quarters on James.  Dawn pins James. 

Dawn defeats James.

Hell of an NXT UK Women’s match.  

I love the aggressive side of Dawn.  

Video backstage of Nina Samuels she’s no longer Xia Brooksides assistant.  Brookside said you still have some time left I’ve got one more task for you and that is to clean the bathroom the men’s bathroom.  

Backstage NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray says to Dawn if you would’ve done that earlier on in NXT UK you might’ve been in my position.  Dawn gives Ray a scary look.  

Next week NXT UK Tag Team Championship Match Champions Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley v.s Challengers Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan.  

In Two Weeks Number One Contenders Match for the Heritage Cup Championship Noam Dar v.s Tyler Bate.  

Fourth NXT UK Main Event No Disqualification Match The Thunderstorm Sam Gradwell v.s The Mad Moscovian The Mad Muscovite The Mad Russian The Red Menace Menacing Muscovite Unbesiegbar Ilja Dragunov

Gradwell strikes and stomps Dragunov.  Dragunov strikes Gradwell.  Gradwell sto on Dragunov.  Dragunov knife edge chop then a fireman’s carry takeover on Gradwell.  Dragunov knee in the corner on Gradwell.  Dragunov guillotine suplex on Gradwell.  Dragunov kick to Gradwell falling to the outside.  Dragunov kicks Gradwell.  Dragunov kicks Gradwell on the outside.  

Dragunov running forearm on the outside to Gradwell.  drag Nov Constantine Special on Gradwell.  Dragunov top rope coast to coast in the corner on Gradwell. Holy Fuck Gradwell hits Dragunov on the outside with the ring bell.  Gradwell hits and chokes Dragunov with a cable on the outside. Dragunov forearms Gradwell.  Gradwell hits Dragunov with a steel chair.  

Damn Gradwell double underhook butterfly suplex to Dragunov on the steel chair.  Gradwell removes the turnbuckle pads.  Dragunov elbows Gradwell.  Dragunov Guillotine on Gradwell.  Gradwell strikes Dragunov on the top rope.  Dragunov front facebuster on the top rope on Gradwell.  Gradwell tosses the turnbuckle pad at Dragunov on the top rope.  Shit Gradwell strikes Dragunov landing on the barricade on the outside hard.  

Gradwell strikes Dragunov on the outside.  Dragunov knee to Gradwell on the outside.  Dragunov clotheslines Gradwell on the ring apron on the outside.  Gradwell hits Dragunov with a steel chair on the outside.  Dragunov step-up enziguri on Gradwell on the outside.  Dragunov two German Suplexes on Gradwell on the outside.  

Dragunov knife-edge chops on Gradwell on the outside.  Dragunov knees Gradwell on the outside.  Holy Shit Gradwell Attitude Adjustment on Dragunov on the steel steps on the outside.  Dragunov knee lift on Gradwell.  Gradwell knees Dragunov.  Wow, Dragunov sends Gradwell into the steel turnbuckle.   Dragunov backbreaker on Gradwell.  Dragunov top rope senton on the steel chairs Gradwell moved out of the way.  Gradwell chops Dragunov in the corner.  Dragunov and Gradwell trade forearms.  

Damn Dragunov spine buster on Gradwell on the steel chairs.  Dragunov elbows Gradwell. Dragunov soccer kicks Gradwell. Dragunov hits Gradwell with the steel chair.  Wow, Dragunov Gotch Lift Suplex to Gradwell on the steel chairs.  Dragunov Elbows Gradwell knocking him out.  

Dragunov defeats Gradwell.  

What a brutal hell of a Main Event No Disqualification NXT UK Match.  

Another amazing NXT UK Episode.  

Fantasy Booking Pretty Deadly will find a way to defeat Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan.

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