NG’s NXT UK May 13, 2021 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking

First NXT UK Heritage Cup Rules Match Nathan Frazer v.s The Scottish Supernova 11 Noam Dar

Round One starts.

Dar kicks Frazer.  Frazer Simple takedown on Dar. Frazer holy shit a standing courting hold on Dar.  Dar head scissors on Frazer.  Dar stiff elbow to Frazer after the bell. 

Round One ends no falls Dar Zero falls – Frazer Zero Falls.

Round Two starts. 

Dar takedown on Frazer.  Dar uppercut on Frazer. Frazer forearms Dar. Frazer Small Package Pin on Dar. 

Round Two Ends Frazer One fall- Dar Zero falls.

Round Three Starts.

Frazer dropkicks Dar.  Frazer standing shooting star press on Dar.  Sha Samuels comes out.  Frazer chops in the corner on Dar.  Dar kicks Frazer off the top rope. Dar kicks Frazer.  Frazer springboard off the ropes drives down Dar.  Frazer headbutts Dar off the top rope. 

Round Three Ends Frazer One Fall Dar Zero Falls.

Round Four Starts.

Frazer dropkicks Dar.  Dar kicks Frazer. Dar elbows. Dar spinning back elbow on Frazer. Frazer step-up enziguri on Dar.  Dar Champagne Super Knee Bar on Frazer he taps.  

Round Four Ends Dar One Fall Frazer One Fall tied up.

Round Five Starts.

Dar and Frazer forearms back and forth.  Frazer chops Dar.  Dar kicks Frazer. Frazer Spin Our Neckbreaker on Dar.  Frazer forearms Dar.  Sha Samuels grabs Frazer’s leg.  Dar Super Nova Roller on Frazer.  Dar pins Frazer.  

Round Five Ends Dar Two Falls Frazer One Fall.

Dar Wins with Two Falls against Frazer.

Hell of an NXT UK Heritage Cup Rules Match.  

Video of Rampage Brown and Wolfgang backstage earlier this month.

Video of The NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley.

Seven backstage with Jack Starz.  Sam Gradwell says to Seven doing a bit of role modeling getting involving in everything you may be a founding father but so am I right now to me you’re over the hill overrated and I can see right through you pathetic concern dead act.  Seven slaps Gradwell.  

Second NXT UK Match Levi Muir v.s Subculture Mark Andrews with Flash Morgan Webster and Dani Luna

Andrews standing moonsault on Muir.  Andrews forearms Muir. Muir power slam on Andrews.  Muir strikes Andrews.  Andrews strikes Muir. Muir strikes to Andrews in the corner  Muir torture rack on Andrews.  Andrews chops Muir.  Andrews forearms Muir.  Muir suplex off the ropes to Andrews.  Muir forearm to Andrews.  Andrews chops Muir. Andrews forearms Muir.  Andrews step up Enziguri on Muir.  

Andrews Six One Nine to Muir.  Andrews Stundog Millionaire on Muir. Andrews tope suiceda aka suicide dive to the outside on Muir. Andrews Top Rope Shooting Star Press on Muir.  Andrews pins Muir.  

Andrews beats Muir.

Awesome NXT UK Match.

Sid Scala asked about a replacement for Xia Brookside in the gauntlet match Amale says and interrupts now that Xia is injured I want you to put me in the gauntlet match. Amale says because I deserve it. Scala says there’s not a chance that we’re rewarding you for the that behavior last week.  Amale says I will take that opportunity. Scala says you want an opportunity but you won’t be in that gauntlet match we’re working hard to find a replacement and it will not be you your next match will be as soon as Xia Brookside is medically cleared to compete.  

Video Last Week of Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan No Disqualification Loser Leaves NXT UK Match.

Next Week Tyler Bate v.s A-Kid Heritage Cup Championship Match.  

Sid Scala asks A-Kid about becoming the Heritage Cup Champion A-Kid says it’s much better now.  Sid Scala asks Bate about what it would mean to him to be Champion.  Bate says it would make me.  A-Kid says it’s mine to Bate I beat you.  Bate says to A-Kid you did beat me.  Bate says to A-Kid you don’t have the experience or matches you will fail.  A-Kid says I was trying to be you when you won the NXT United Kingdom Championship.  Bate says to A-Kid I am in my own lane you fail to see the bigger picture. 

Hell yeah next week Host Noam Dar Super Nova Sessions Special Guest Ilja Dragunov. 

Third NXT UK Number One Contenders Five Womens Gauntlet Main Event Match Isla Dawn v.s Emilia McKenzie

McKenzie forearms kicks Dawn.  McKenzie spinning neckbreaker to Dawn.  Dawn kicks McKenzie.  Dawn double knees to McKenzie.  Dawn float over suplex to McKenzie.  McKenzie and Dawn trade forearms.  McKenzie enziguri then dropkicks Dawn.  McKenzie forearms in the corner on Dawn.  McKenzie spears Dawn.  Dawn elbows McKenzie. Dawn Half and Half Bridging Half Nelson Suplex.  Dawn pins and Eliminates McKenzie.  Dani Luna comes out. Luna kicks Gutwrench suplexes and suplexes Dawn.  Dawn elbows Luna.  Dawn forearms Luna.  Luna clotheslines Dawn.  Luna fallaway slam on Dawn.  Luna spear in the corner on Dawn.  

Luna Exploder Suplex on Dawn.  Dawn elbows Luna.  Luna runs into the post.  Dawn roll-up pins Luna.  Luna is Eliminated Dawn two eliminations. Meiko Satomura comes out.  Dawn drop kicks Satomura.  Dawn sends Satomura to the barricade on the outside.  Satomura strikes Dawn.  Satomura kicks Dawn in the corner.  Dawn and Satomura trade forearms.  Satomura kicks then pele kicks Dawn.  Satomura kicks Dawn.  Dawn kicks Satomura.  Dawn Two Saito Side Suplexes aka High Angle Back Drop Driver to Satomura.  Dawn Double Knees to Satomura. Dawn kicks Satomura. Satomura ddts Dawn. Satomura knees to Dawn.  Satomura Armbar on Dawn.  Satomura pins Dawn. Dawn is eliminated.  Jinny comes out. 

Jinny nice wrist lock on Satomura.  Satomura simple side headlock on Jinny.  Jinny head scissors on Satomura.  Jinny and Satomura trade forearms.  Satomura and Jinny trade strikes.  Satomura kicks and wheel kick on Jinny.  Satomura STF on Jinny.  Jinny slams Satomura to the mat.  Jinny strikes Satomura.  Satomura kicks Joseph Conners.  Satomura fire mans carry on Jinny.  Satomura kicks Jinny. Satomura Scorpio Rising Scorpion Axe Kick on Jinny. Satomura eliminates and pins Jinny.  

Satomura Wins. 

Hell of an NXT UK Five Women’s Gauntlet Match Main Event.  

Hell of an NXT UK Episode.  

Post Match Kay Lee Ray Superkicks Satomura.  

Fantasy Booking Kay Lee Ray Retains.

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