NG’s NXT UK May 20, 2021 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking

Video of A-Kid and Tyler Bate. 

First NXT UK Match Rampage Brown v.s Gallus Prizefighter Wolfgang 

Wolfgang with a beautiful fucking Cravate aka three-quarter nelson on Brown.  Brown reverses with his own Cravate on Wolfgang.  Brown and Wolfgang strikes back and forth.  Brown dropkicks Wolfgang.  Brown chops and forearms on Wolfgang.  Wolfgang dropkicks Brown.  Wolfgang knees Brown.  Brown big boot to Wolfgang landing on the outside.  Wolfgang and Brown strikes back and forth on the outside.  

Wolfgang hits the shoulder of Brown off the post on the outside.  Wolfgang and Brown strikes back and forth on the outside.  Brown strikes Wolfgang.  Wolfgang backbreaker on Brown.  Wolfgang body scissors on Brown.  Brown strikes Wolfgang.  Brown and Wolfgang strike each other.  Wolfgang from the middle rope flying body big splash on Brown.  Brown samoan drop on Wolfgang.  Wolfgang powerful Spear on Brown.  Brown hip toss on Wolfgang.  Wolfgang strikes Brown. Brown knees Wolfgang while he attempted the Spear.  Brown sends Wolfgang into the post. Brown clothesline on Wolfgang.  Brown Doctor Bomb on Wolfgang.  Brown pins Wolfgang.

Brown wins against Wolfgang.

Awesome NXT UK Match.

Backstage Ashton Smith asked about being a new Father and interrupted by Teoman congratulating Smith telling him family is important they’re there for you in the darkest times and there for you on the happiest days of your life enjoy your time with your family by the way where’s Oliver with his family right.  

Video of Aoife Valkyrie getting back up from failure.  

Rampage Brown backstage Joe Coffey says himself and Brown have unfinished business but he’ll give him time to heal up when you’re ready I’ll come find you.  

Second NXT UK Women’s Match The French Hope Amale v.s Xia Brookside

Brookside strikes and dropkicks Amale.  Brookside monkey flip on Amale.  Amale drives Brookside into the ring on the outside.  Amale throws Brookside into the barricade on the outside.  Amale nice scoop slam on Brookside.  Amale running knee aka face wash in the corner on Brookside.  Amale strike in the corner on Brookside. Brookside dropkicks Amale.  Brookside hurricanrana or headscissors on Amale. Brookside neckbreaker on Amale.  

Amale strong forearm to Brookside. Amale bridging northern lights suplex on Brookside.  Amale throws Brookside off the middle rope.  Amale Short Arm Spinebuster on Brookside.  Amale pins Brookside.

Amale with an upset win on Brookside very impressive.

Awesome NXT UK Women’s Match.  

Backstage Sha Samuels says he couldn’t care less about their questions.  Nathan Frazer interrupts Sha Samuels and says you’ve been sticking your nose in my business.  Sha Samuels says you couldn’t handle it you’re about as intimidating as a salmon.  Sha Samuels says you want to see me fight go get a grown up.  Nathan Frazer says so you only fight Noam Dars battles now.  Nathan Frazer knocks the paper out of Sha Samuels hands.  Nathan Frazer says let’s see about it next week.  

Video of Meiko Satomura becoming the number one contender to Kay Lee Rays NXT UK Women’s Championship.  Ray attacks Satomura.  

Hell Yes Sprnva 11 Sessions! Host Noam Dar and Special Guest Ilja Dragunov SNS debut.

Noam Dar introduces Dragunov.  Dar says Ilja I know you’re a massive fan of the show and I know there are some issues and concerns so I wanted to make a safe space so please welcome to Supernova Spa.  Dar says just take you to your happy place wherever that place may be Serbia the Gulag Benidorm Beach this is where we’re going to get deep into the answers that I wanna find.  

Dar talks about his customized spa robe.  Dar said he had a Robe for Ilja but it wasn’t there.  Dar gives Ilja a dinosaur robe and says Rageasaurous Rex.  Dar says the budda is holding in the anger and poison from someone else.  Dar asks Dragunov  where did the rage start where did the Demons start was it when you originally lost your NXT UK Championship against Walter.  Dragunov says great to know that you know me so well you’re right.  I lost something that match not just the championship the win devastating loss I feel this pain and suffering and I let go of every single person that stood in my way every single one was in a path of destruction.

Dar says to Ilja breath.  Dragunov says I’m not that person anymore.  Dar says to Dragunov you’re not that person anymore.  You’re sitting here telling me you’re not angry Ilja anymore.  Do you think breaking Dave Mastiffs nose is not lose control of your temper. Dragunov says I know what I do has consequences.  Dar asks Ija do you feel like you’ve learned from these consequences.  

Dar tells Ilja I want you to learn from another lesson back to Russia Germany wherever you’re from.  Dar tells Dragunov this is Lenny the Therapy dog a stuffed animal dog anytime you’re feeling angry you can stroke Lenny nice and easy count to ten if you know how to count to tenant take yourself to a happy place that’s my gift to you.  

Dragunov says to Dar this is so funny you’re funny you’re funny like a clown and this is your circus a funny clown and there’s a circus my position is violence you want change but if you invite me here to trigger me all the time I can still hurt you and I can hurt you very very bad.  

Dar says Ilja you’re fake a persona I’m real I know you were scared of Walter and I can see you’re scared of me you should be because I can send you to another dimension in that ring call me a clown.  

Another tension-filled Supernova Sessions! 

Backstage Sam Gradwell screams to Sid Scala tells Scala this has to be the most hazardous environments I was assaulted by Trent Seven I don’t want charges I want payback I’m going to wobble his kidneys and burn off his mustache.  Scala says he’ll speak to Mr. Saint.  

Sid Scala says he has two huge matches in two weeks from Mr. Saint first Noam Dar v.s Ilja Dragunov. Then a huge rematch Joe Coffey v.s Rampage Brown.  

Third NXT UK Main Event Heritage Cup Championship Match Challenger Tyler Bate v.s Champion A-Kid

Round One starts. 

Bate nice simple wrist lock into a head scissors on A-Kid.  A-Kid controlling the simple wrist lock on Bate.  

Round One ends no falls Bate zero- A-Kid Zero.

Round Two Starts.  

A-Kid trying for the simple wrist lock on Bate.  Bate with a headscissors submission on A-Kid.  A-Kid legs figure four escape on Bate.  A-Kid stretch on Bate.  

Round Two ends no falls Bate Zero and A-Kid Zero.

Round Three starts. 

A-Kid sleeper hold on Bate.  A-Kid bow and arrow on Bate.  A-Kid holy Shit stiff strike to Bate.  A-Kid big strike on Bate. Bate strikes A-Kid out if the ring to the outside.   Bate strikes A-Kid.  Bate kicks A-Kid.  A-Kid and Bate both land on the outside.

Round Three ends  no falls ends Zero Bate Zero A-Kid.

Round Four Starts. 

Bate running uppercut in the corner on A-Kid. Bate strikes in the corner on A-Kid.  A-Kid forearms Bate.  Bate strikes A-Kid.  A-Kid kicks Bate.  A-Kid bridging fisherman suplex on Bate.  Bate knee lift on A-Kid.  Bate Airplane Spin on A-Kid.  A-Kid sleeper hold on Bate.  A-Kid kicks Bate.  A-Kid sleeper hold on Bate.  Bate uppercuts A-Kid.  A-Kid Guillotine on Bate.  A-Kid Guillotine with a body scissors on Bate. Bate suplexes A-Kid.  

Round Four Ends no falls A-Kid zero and Bate Zero.

Round Five starts. 

Bate bridging German suplex on A-Kid.  Bate Tyler Driver Ninety Seven on A-Kid.  A-Kid Armbar on Bate.  A-Kid Omoplata on Bate.  

Round Five ends still no falls A-Kid Zero and Bate Zero. 

Round Six final round starts.

Bate rebounds off the ropes lariat on A-Kid.  Bate strikes A-Kid.  A-Kid super kicks Bate.  Bate pins A-Kid.  

Round Six Ends Final Round Bate One Fall A-Kid Zero.  

Bate with a huge upset the challenger beats A-Kid the champion. Bate is the New Heritage Cup Champion.  

Hell of an NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship Main Event Match.  

Awesome Episode of NXT UK.  

Fantasy Booking Amale at some point will get a NXT UK Women’s Title Shot.

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