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NG’s NXT UK May 27, 2021 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking

First NXT UK Match Nathan Frazer v.s The East End Butcher Sha Samuels

Frazer chops Sha Samuels. Sha Samuels strikes Frazer in the corner. Frazer middle rope dropkick on Sha Samuels. Sha Samuels strikes Frazer on the top rope. Sha Samuels tossing Frazer off the top rope. Sha Samuels kicks Frazer. Sha Samuels elbow drops Frazer. Sha Samuels knocks down Frazer. Sha Samuels Butchers Slam on Frazer. Sha Samuels fish hook on Frazer. Sha Samuels clotheslines Frazer.

Frazer strikes Sha Samuels.  Sha Samuels strikes Frazer. Sha Samuels knees Frazer.  Frazer and Sha Samuels trade strikes.  Sha Samuels belly-to-back body drop on Frazer. Frazer strikes Sha Samuels.  Frazer Kobashi chops in the corner on Sha Samuels.  Frazer plants Sha Samuels.  Frazer strikes Noam Dar on the outside.  Frazer clotheslines Sha Samuels over the top rope he lands on the outside.  Frazer Plancha to Sha Samuels on the outside.

Sha Samuels planting driver on Frazer.  Frazer plants Sha Samuels. Frazer Top Rope Frog Splash on Sha Samuels.  Frazer pins Sha Samuels. 

Frazer defeats Sha Samuels. 

Hell of an NXT UK Match 

Two Weeks Ago Dani Luna ran into Jinny and Joseph Connors backstage Flash Morgan Webster appeared.

Joseph Connors says Flash Morgan Webster is clueless and likes to surround himself in culture with like-minded people Jinny and Connors says they’re the higher class and Subculture is the lower class.  

Backstage Noam Dar says three strikes you’re out Dar says Ilja you’re going to pay for this. 

Second NXT UK Match Ashton Smith v.s Babo Teoman 

Teoman slaps Ashton Smith.  Ashton Smith strikes Teoman.  Ashton Smith forearm to Teoman.  Ashton Smith strikes Teoman falling off the ring apron to the outside.  Teoman now using the ring skirt aka ring apron and striking and kicking Ashton Smith on the outside.  Ashton Smith shoulder block to Teoman. Teoman kicks Ashton Smith.  Teoman now targeting the arm or shoulder of Ashton Smith just slowly and methodically dissecting his opponent piece by piece.  Teoman just stomping on that arm of Ashton Smith. Teoman strikes and kicks Ashton Smith in the Corner. 

Teoman kicks Ashton Smith.  Teoman attempts the Crossface but Ashton Smith reverses.  Ashton Smith with a beautiful standing stalling vertical suplex on Teoman. The strength and power tenacity of Smith really shown off here.  Ashton Smith with a standing arm clutch submission attempted but it’s thwarted by Teoman getting to the ropes.  Teoman elbows Ashton Smith.  Ashton Smith tries again for the standing arm clutch submission but is reversed by Teoman answering back with a stomp.  Teoman strikes and then sliding forearm to Ashton Smith.  

Teoman with a nice dragon screw leg whip in the corner on Ashton Smith.  Ashton Smith retaliates with a forearm to Teoman.  Ashton Smith Shoulder blocks on Teoman.  Ashton Smith catching Teoman with a high knee.  Ashton Smith with a nice release gut wrench suplex on Teoman.  Ashton Smith forearms to Teoman.  Teoman shoving the arm of Ashton Smith in the corner.  Ashton Smith with a clothesline on Teoman.  Teoman strikes the injured arm of Ashton Smith.  Teoman locks in the Crossface on Ashton Smith.  Ashton Smith has no choice but to Tap. 

Teoman wins defeating Ashton Smith via Submission.  

Hell of an NXT UK Match.  

Post-match Teoman kicks and does the Crossface on Ashton Smith Oliver Carter comes to the aid and rescues Ashton Smith his tag-team partner.  

I have returned I’m back I had a lot going on busy but I never lose my passion for UK Wrestling and Wrestling, in general, yes you get burnt out but it’s how you bounce back.  

Ilja Dragunov talks about his upcoming match with Noam Dar.  Dragunov says “I talked about the truth on Supernova Sessions about what I’ve been going through the match with Walter. Noam talked about the truth that he expects but it’s not my truth I changed.” “But there’s one there that doesn’t change when someone tries to trigger me the worst moments of my life Violence.” 

Jack Starz gets off the phone with Piper Niven.  NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley tease and belittle Starz saying “A little sad this will cheer you up.” 

Starz says “I’m not in the mood.” Howley and Stoker both say mockingly “Oh I miss my friend I’m not in the mood.”  Starz snaps and retorts back saying “Shut up! I’m sick you two going around doing your stupid little voices thinking everything is a joke you know what a joke is the both of you. I don’t have a problem with smashing both of your stupid faces in.” 

Stoker and Howley reply with “Johnny Saint makes those decisions around here if you want a shot you gotta earn these you do just that and earn it. You do just that and earn it.” 

“We don’t make the matches we’ll speak to Johnny you gotta find a friend first.” 

Third NXT UK Match Newcomer Andy Wild v.s The Lucky Yin Kenny Williams 

Williams fresh new face shaved beard. A new Kenny Williams looks younger no more of the iconic beard he used to sport.  Wild with a strike on Williams.  Wild just tossing Williams across the ring with ease.  Wild strikes and reverses the single leg takedown by Williams.  Williams rakes the eyes of Wild.  Williams aggressively strikes Wild.  Williams with a straight jacket submission on Wild.  Williams targets the leg of Wild.  Williams kicks Wild.  Williams from the corner kicks Wild.  Williams kicks Wild.  Williams dragon screw on the leg of Wild.  Williams still targeting the knee of Wild.  

Williams with the standing toe hold on Wild. Wild release belly-to-belly suplex on Williams. Williams blind mule kicks the knee of Wild.  Williams with a vicious chop block to the knee of Wild.  Williams Headlock Driver on Wild. Williams pins Wild.  

Williams defeats Wild.

Awesome NXT UK Match.

In Two Weeks NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray faces off against Challenger Meiko Satomura.  

Video where Ray says “I’ve spent most of my years in wrestling helping others and that got me no where.  I’ve beaten everyone that has been put in front of me.  Satomura says “I have a mission to become NXT UK Women’s Champion.”

Ray says “I’m very much proud of the match we had and she gained my respect for that.”  “I don’t become NXT UK Women’s Champion for holding hands and making friends.” 

Ray says “Meiko Satomura has spent over a quarter of a century wrestling but she’s never beat Kay Lee Ray.”

“She gave me the audacity to think that she could beat me. “You can be The Final Boss you can be anyone that you like but nothing matches me I am the forever champion I am Kay Lee Ray and not anyone can take this title away from me.  

Video of Rampage Brown and Joe Coffey. Brown says “His prediction for Joe Coffey is Pain.”  Joe Coffey says “Rampage Brown and I are cut from the same cloth.”  Brown says “I have all the respect in the world for Joe but last time we wrestled I came out on top.”  Joe Coffey says “They weren’t mistakes this we’re changes.”

Brown says “I’ll prove again that you’re not on my level it’s about who’s coming out on top.” Joe Coffey says “I’m going to mark your business and it’s still my kingdom.” 

Fourth NXT UK Main Event Match The Artful Dodger Trent Seven v.s The Thunder Storm Sam Gradwell

Gradwell shoulder block on Seven. Seven a running crossbody then a scoop slam and a leg drop all on Gradwell.  Gradwell nice running STO on Seven.  Gradwell just aggressively stomps Seven.  Seven stiff kick on Gradwell. Gradwell answers back with repeated forearms on Seven.  Gradwell beautiful double under hook release butterfly suplex on Seven.  Gradwell striking Seven on the mat.  Gradwell just grinding the knuckles on the jaw of Seven.  

Gradwell scoop slams but throws down Seven hard on the ring.  Gradwell with a rear chin lock on Seven.  Seven over has palm strikes on Gradwell.  Seven ddt on Gradwell.  Seven another overhand palm strike in the corner on Gradwell. Seven now a release Snap Dragon Suplex aka half and half on Gradwell.  Seven with the Emerald Flowsion on Gradwell.  Seven clotheslines Gradwell over the top rope to the outside.  

Seven tope suiceda aka suicide dive to the outside sending Gradwell crashing into the barricade.  Seven attempts a senton from the top rope but Gradwell moves out of the way.  Gradwell sees the injured knee of Seven and does a single leg Boston crab to Seven.  Seven wonderful reversal transitions into the single-leg Boston crab on Gradwell.  Gradwell kicks Seven falling to the outside.  

Gradwell hard forearm to Seven falling off the apron to the outside.  Gradwell follows up with a running forearm from the ring apron to the outside on Seven.  Seven chops Gradwell on the top rope.  Gradwell strikes Seven on the top rope.  Seven another chop to Gradwell on the top rope.  Seven superplex from the top rope on Gradwell.  Gradwell stiff forearm on Seven.  Gradwell viscous downward elbows on Seven.  Seven chops Gradwell.  

Gradwell another stiff forearm to Seven.  Gradwell Michinoku driver on Seven.  Gradwell attempts a diving knee drop from the top rope Seven kicks Gradwell.  Seven with the Seven Stars Lariat to Gradwell.  Seven chops Gradwell.  Gradwell strikes Seven.  Seven Burning Hammer on Gradwell.  Seven pins Gradwell.  

Hell of a Main Event NXT UK Match hard-hitting.  

What an episode of NXT UK.  

Fantasy Booking I’m going to just say what I have been all along Ilja Dragunov snapping is going to lead to facing Walter for the NXT United Kingdom Championship once again but I think Dragunov will be the victor this time.

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