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NG’s NXT UK May 6, 2021 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking

First NXT UK Match Unbesiegbar The Mad Russian The Mad Muscovian The Muscovian Muscovite v.s Bomber Dave Mastiff

Dragunov kicks Mastiff.  Dragunov forearms to Mastiff.  Mastiff Forearm to Dragunov.  Dragunov and Mastiff both trade forearms.  Dragunov jumping kick to Mastiff.  Dragunov and Mastiff both land elbows.  Dragunov elbows Mastiff. Mastiff drops Dragunov.  The referee calls for the bell Mastiff is bleeding the referee throws up the x symbol so it could be bad or legit Mastiff could have a broken nose.  I guess Dragunov won.

Dragunov wins due to referee stoppage on Mastiff.

Weird finish I can’t even say what I thought because it didn’t last long. 

Video if the Five Competitors in the Women’s Number 1 Contenders Gauntlet to Face The NXT UK Women’s Champion.  Xia Brookside says she’s going to win.  

Sid Scala explains the stipulation to Kenny Williams. Williams says he knows the stipulation I asked for it Williams says after tonight Amir Jordan will go and The Lucky Yin will stay.  

Video of Stevie Turner saying she won’t stop until she defeats every woman in NXT UK and reaches the top she says she’s the future and four-dimensional.

Backstage Ilja Dragunov asked about the match with Mastiff.  Dragunov says Dave wanted to help me but my lack of self-control has consequences especially for the people I respect with that things have to change.

Backstage Wolfgang and Mark Coffey Gallus Rampage Brown asks for Joe Coffey Wolfgang says he’s here. Brown says you’ll do.  

Video of Isla Dawn shown Dawn says Kay Lee Rays title Reign will burn.

Fuck yes! Sprnva Sessions Host Noam Dar also Cohost Sha Samuels Special Guest Nathan Frazer.  

Dar says that everyone calls him underrated I don’t need any validation from you dafties I validate me I rate me the rest is simply noise.  A debut guest Nathan Frazer.

Dar says they don’t do reruns I don’t have any questions prepared you were on before.  Sha Samuels tells Frazer to quit stuffing his face.  Dar asks Frazer what’s so different about you now.  Frazer says the name Ben Carter was I name I used to stop my parents from finding out I was wrestling.  Then when I moved out to the state’s I played football so I couldn’t have my coach finding out either so the name stuck. I’m in the WWE now I’ve got nothing to hide from no one. Nathan Frazer.

Dar says I do what I want I don’t need to hide out from mommy and daddy.  Dar asks Frazer what have you learned in your time here in NXT UK.  Frazer says the reason he came here was to learn the real British Traditional Style of Wrestling says he’s been getting in the ring with Johnny Moss James Mason trailblazers of the game I’ve been trying to blend my current style and that style into one.  I’m becoming a more complete performer.  

Sha Samuels asks Frazer who do you think you’re everyone is singing your praises Nathan Frazer is the future he’s rebranded himself. You’re not a True British Wrestler and you have the nerve to have the British Flag on your entrance video like you’re Captain Britain.

Frazer says well I’m from Britain in the UK.  Sha Samuels says you would drown in that ring with a Real British Wrestler because you’re a fraud a pretender a one-trick pony. Dar says to Frazer you’ve not learned the British Style from the grandmaster Sha Samuels says we’re British Wrestling Dar says to Frazer Shas right you wouldn’t last a minute or six rounds in a Heritage Cup Rules Match.  I’m a young legend in this game and you can never step to me you rookie.  

Frazer says to Dar so that’s a challenge right me and you. Sha Samuels says Challenge Accepted.  Frazer says because if it is a challenge you already know that I’m going to accept wouldn’t it be something if this rookie beat the Grandmaster of British Wrestling at his own game. 

What another Amazing Episode of Supernova Sessions l.  

Video of Jinny says she’s not letting anyone get in the way of her it’s her division she’s study Kay Lee Ray. 

Sid Scala backstage tells Amir Jordan the decision is final.  Jordan says he knows.

Video of Subculture Flash Morgan Webster Dani Luna and Flash Morgan Webster.  

Video of A-Kid and Tyler Bate watching their matches. Their ring knowledge of themselves and each other are unmatched.  

Video of Dani Luna says she’s ready for Kay Lee Ray.

Second NXT UK Match Saxon Huxley v.s Mustache Mountain Trent Seven

Huxley stiff strikes and knees to Seven.  Seven crossbody scoop slam then a leg drop to Huxley.  Huxley elbows Seven.  Huxley high knee to Seven.  Huxley Lou Thesz press to Seven. Huxley elbow drops Seven.  Huxley running clothesline in the corner on Seven.  Huxley running knee in the corner on Seven. Huxley running big boot on the outside to Seven.  Huxley slams down Seven on the outside.  Huxley from the ring apron elbow drops Seven on the outside.  Seven chops Huxley.  Seven ddts Huxley.  Sam Gradwell interrupts on screen.  

Gradwell asks Seven how’s it feel to twirl that towel lost fifty pounds you still can’t get the job done. Huxley kicks Seven.  Huxley double-handed Chokeslam on Seven.  Seven chops Huxley. Seven snap Dragon Suplex on Huxley.  Seven a Seven Stars Lariat on Huxley.  Seven pins Huxley. 

Seven beats Huxley.   

Awesome NXT UK Match.  

Video of Emilia McKenzie I may be the youngest but I’m the toughest when I win it will show that I am the best Women’s Wrestler in all of UK.  

Backstage Amale takes out Xia Brookside.  

Next Week NXT UK Women’s Championship Number One Contenders Gauntlet Match.  

Noam Dar v.s Nathan Frazer Heritage Cup Rules Match next week.

Third NXT UK Main Event No Disqualification Loser Leaves NXT UK Match The Luky Yin Kenny Williams v.s Amir Jordan

Jordan strikes Williams.  Williams elbows Jordan.  Jordan Irish whips Williams into the corner.  Williams kicks Jordan.  Williams strikes Jordan.  Williams kicks Jordan.  Williams dropkicks Jordan.  Williams hits Jordan with a steel chair on the outside.  Jordan strikes Williams.  Williams strikes Jordan.  

Jordan strikes Williams.  Jordan Tope Suiceda aka Suicide Dive to the outside on Williams. Williams sends Jordan into the post on the outside.

Williams pump kick to Jordan on the outside.  Williams sends Jordan into the barricade on the outside.  Jordan sends Williams over the barricade on the outside. Jordan flying forearm off the barricade to Williams on the outside.  Jordan and Williams trade strikes on the outside.  Jordan hits Williams with a case on the outside.  Jordan strikes Williams on the outside. Williams uses a fire extinguisher on the outside to Jordan.  Williams belly to back body drop to Jordan on the outside through a table.  Williams kicks Jordan.  Williams sends Jordan into the exposed turnbuckle.  Williams Facebuster on Jordan.  Jordan and Williams both strike each other.  Williams pump kick to Jordan.  Jordan suplexes Williams on the exposed ground on the outside.  Jordan Top Rope Senton on Williams.  Jordan hits the head of Williams off the steel chair.  Jordan throws the steel chair at Williams.  Williams hits the rope making Jordan hit the exposed turnbuckle on the top rope.  Williams Head Lock Driver aka Original Dirty Deeds on Jordan on the steel chair.  Williams pins Jordan.  

Williams defeats Jordan meaning he leaves NXT UK.  

Hell of an NXT UK No Disqualification Loser Leaves NXT UK Main Event Match brutal.  

Post-match Jordan is crying.  

Another action-filled NXT UK Episode. Also, the brutality of some of the matches resulting in real injuries just shows the sheer legitimacy of UK Wrestling.

Fantasy Booking Dragunov makes a big comeback.

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