NG’s NXT UK November. 19, 2020 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking

First NXT UK Match The Iron King The Leader Of Gallus Joe Coffey v.s Sam Gradwell

Gradwell elbow then a holy shit a double wristlock applied to Joe Coffey.  Gradwell Holy Fuck a Hammerlock on Joe Coffey. Gradwell forearms to Joe Coffey.  Joe Coffey basement dropkick to the knee of Gradwell.  Joe Coffey strikes Gradwell.  Gradwell scoop slam then strikes Joe Coffey.  

Joe Coffey basement dropkick again to Gradwell’s knee.  Gradwell STO on Joe Coffey.  Joe Coffey stiff forearms to Gradwell.  Joe Coffey looks to be bleeding busted open.  Joe Coffey running spear aka Glasgow Sendoff in the corner on Gradwell.  Joe Coffey Best For The Bells on Gradwell.  Joe Coffey Pins Gradwell.  

Awesome NXT UK Match.  

Sid Scala says NXT Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin can defend his title.  Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan want to face Devlin.  

Video of Ilja Dragunov and Walters NXT United Kingdom Match.  

Imperiums Alexander Wolfe tells Gallus Leader Joe Coffey that he shouldn’t be celebrating when he can’t win against Walter. Joe Coffey said he’d face Wolfe since he cost him the win at Takeover Blackpool.  

Second NXT UK Tag Team Match Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley v.s Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter.  

Howley tagged in.  Howley knee to Smith. Stoker tagged in.  Smith suplex then a scoop slam on Stoker.  Carter tagged in.  Carter moonsault on Stoker.  Howley tagged in.  Howley scoop slam on Carter.  Howley takes out Smith. Carter takes out Stoker.  Carter crossbody then forearms to Howley.  Stoker tagged in.  

Stoker uppercuts in the corner on Carter.  Howley tagged in. Stoker tagged in.  Stoker running uppercut in the corner on Carter.  Carter Jawbreaker then forearms to Stoker.  Howley tagged in.  Smith tagged in.  Smith clotheslines Howley and Stoker.  Smith uppercut on Howley. 

Smith takes out Stoker.  Smith Blue Thunder Bomb on Howley.  Carter tope suiceda aka suicide dive to the outside on Stoker.  Carter tags in.  Carter running spinning heel kick in the corner on Howley.  Carter superkick on Howley.  Smith tagged in.  Carter assisted 450 Splash on Howley.  Stoker uppercut forearm on Smith.  Howley roll up pin on Smith. 

Pretty Deadly Stoker and Howley beat Smith and Carter. 

Great NXT UK Tag Team Match.  

Mark Andrews and Morgan Webster backstage are mad at The Hunt Primate and Wild Boar also Eddie Dennis.  

Video of Rampage Brown 

Third NXT UK Match Levi Muir v.s Saxon Huxley

Huxley beautiful Fucking Standing Three Quarter Nelson then stiff Knees to Muir.  Huxley slams then a face wash running boot from the outside all to Muir.  Muir dropkicks on Huxley.  Huxley forearm on Muir. Huxley big boot in the corner on Muir. Huxley clothesline on Muir.  Huxley pins Muir.  

Huxley beats Muir. 

Awesome NXT UK Match.

A-Kid and Seven video of them in the NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament. 

NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament World Cup Final A-Kid v.s Trent Seven Next week. 

NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match Champion Jordan Devlin v.s challenger Amir Jordan next week. 

Fourth First-Ever NXT UK Women’s Championship Falls Count Anywhere Match Challenger Piper Niven v.s Champion Kay Lee Ray

Niven tope suiceda to the outside on Ray.  Ray on the outside big boot to Niven.  Niven on the outside release belly to belly suplex on Ray.  Ray on the outside Sunset flip powerbomb on Niven.  Niven on the outside hits Ray with a steel chair.  Niven hits Ray with the steel part of the turnbuckle on the outside.  

Ray Superkick on Niven.  Niven headbutts Ray.  Ray hits Niven with a Kendo Stick.  Ray a camel clutch with a chain on Niven.  Niven drops Ray on a Trash Can.  Ray strikes Niven.  Ray DDT off the apron on the outside to Niven.  Niven Fisherman Buster on the outside to Ray.  Jinny attacks Niven.  

Niven get rid of Jinny.  Niven Irish whips Ray into a wall. Ray hits Niven with a sign. Niven hits Ray with a framed poster.  Ray hits Niven with an Acoustic Guitar.  Niven Piper Driver on Ray landing on the steel chair.  Niven hits Ray with a Steel Pipe.  Ray superkick on Niven.  

Ray Irish whips Niven into a steel trunk. Niven back body drops Ray on the Steel Trunk.  Jinny hits Niven with a steel chair making Niven and Ray land through a table with Ray laying on Niven for the pin.  

Ray retains defeating Niven.  

Hell of an NXT UK Women’s Championships Main Event Match.  

Awesome NXT UK Episode. 

Fantasy Booking Jinny will dethrone Ray for The NXT UK Women’s Championship.

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