NG’s NXT UK November. 26, 2020 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking

First NXT UK NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match Challenger Amir Jordan v.s The Champion The Irish Ace Jordan Devlin

Devlin knee to Jordan. Devlin back body drop on Jordan.  Devlin chops in the corner to Jordan.  Jordan chops and palm strikes in the corner on Devlin. Devlin dropkick to Jordan. Devlin float over suplex on Jordan.  Devlin Uranage then a Standing Moonsault on Jordan.  

Devlin backbreaker on Jordan.  Devlin knee then Abdominal Stretch on Jordan.  Jordan hip toss strikes and forearms then a running clothesline on Devlin.  Jordan clotheslines Devlin over the top rope then a Tope Suiceda aka Suicide Dive to the outside on Devlin.  

Jordan rolling flat liner on Devlin.  Devlin kicks Jordan on the top rope.  Jordan with an impressive Electric Chair variant transitioned into a double arm reverse powerbomb on Devlin.  Jordan top rope Senton but Devlin got the knees up.  Devlin with the Four Leaf Clover making Jordan submit.  

Devlin Retains and defeats Jordan. 

Awesome NXT UK NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match. 

Rampage Brown backstage is confronted by Saxon Huxley just repeated Rampage Brown.  

Noam Dar video of him saying he’s got his own chat show.  Supernova 11 Sessions.

The Hunt Primate and Wild Boar with Eddie Dennis.  Andrews and Webster attack Primate and Boar backstage.  

Second NXT UK Women’s Match The White Witch Of NXT UK Ilsa Dawn v.s The Fashionista The Queen Of NXT UK Jinny

Dawn running knee then kick to Jinny.  Jinny rolling liger kick to Dawn.  Jinny Iron Octopus on Dawn.  Jinny forearm then kicks to Dawn.  Dawn kicks to Jinny.  Dawn running knee to Jinny.  Dawn running double knees to Jinny.  Dawn high angle backdrop driver on Jinny.  Dawn tarantula on Jinny.  Jinny kicks Dawn.  Jinny trapped leg STF aka on Dawn making her Submit.  

Jinny beats Dawn.  

Awesome NXT UK Women’s Match.

Alexander Wolfe wants to face Joe Coffey he tells Sid Scala but he wants Gallus Wolfgang and Mark Coffey banned from ringside Scala tells him he’ll make the match but Imperium is also banned from ringside. 

Next week Tag Team Match The Hunt Wild Boar and Primate v.s Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster.

Next Week Alexander Wolfe v.s Joe Coffey.  

Third NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament Finals Main Event Match Trent Seven v.s A-Kid

Round 1 Starts.  

Seven gut-wrench powerbomb on A-Kid.  

Round 1 over A-Kid 0 falls Seven 0 Falls.  

Round 2 starts.  

Seven Holy Shit a Roman Knuckle Lock on A-Kid.  Seven strikes A-Kid. 

Round 2 over Seven 0-0 A-Kid. 

Round 3 starts.  

A-Kid running kick in the corner on Seven.  Seven palm strikes in the corner on A-Kid.  A-Kid kicks to Seven. Seven Palm strikes to A-Kid.  A-Kid Pele Kick on Seven.  A-Kid running kicks to Seven.  A-Kid jumping kick on Seven.  A-Kid pins Seven.  

Round 3 over A-Kid 1 fall Seven 0 falls.

Round 4 starts.  

A-Kid kick in the corner on Seven.  Seven lifting powerbomb on A-Kid.

Round 4 over Seven 0-1 A-Kid.

Round 5 starts.

A-Kid northern lights suplex on Seven.  Seven DDT on A-Kid.  Seven clothesline in the corner on A-Kid.  A-Kid cross body on Seven off the top rope.  

Round 5 over.  Seven 0-A-Kid 1.  

Round 6 final round  starts.  

Seven snap dragon suplex on A-Kid.  Seven Emerald Flowsion on A-Kid.  Seven the Seven Stars Lariat on A-Kid.  Seven Burning Hammer on A-Kid.  Seven Lariat on A-Kid. Seven pins A-Kid.  

Round 6 over Seven 1 fall- A-Kid 1 Fall.  

Round 7 no time limit sudden death over time 1 fall it ends it starts now.

Seven and A-Kid palm strikes back and forth.  A-Kid kicks Seven.  Seven Lariat on A-Kid.  A-Kid dropkick from the ring apron on Seven.  Holy Fuck Seven off the ring apron to the outside Emerald Flowsion on A-Kid.  Seven with the Seven Stars Lariat on A-Kid. 

A-Kid superkick on Seven.  A-Kid jumping kick on Seven.  A-Kid Oma Plata on Seven he submits.  

Round 7 over A-Kid 2-1 Seven.

A-Kid defeats Seven and A-Kid becomes and is crowned the first-ever NXT UK Heritage Cup Tournament.

Hell of anNXT UK Heritage Cup Finals Main Event Match and Tournament.  

Fantasy Booking A-Kid deserves an NXT United Kingdom title shot against Walter I think A-Kid will do what Ilja Dragunov couldn’t beat Walter for the title.

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