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NG’s NXT UK Prelude 2021 Thoughts & Fantasy Booking

First NXT UK Prelude Number One Contenders Match For The NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship Tyler Bate with Trent Seven v.s The Scottish Supernova 11 Noam Dar with Sha Samuels

Heritage Cup Champion A-Kid says he’ll be watching the match very closely. 

Round 1 starts.  

Bate pins Dar Round 1 ends. 

Bate 1 Fall-0 falls Dar

Round 2 Starts Bate beautiful Fucking simple wrist lock on Dar.  Bate body scissors on Dar.  Bate nice cravate on Dar.  Bate damn nice full Nelson transitioned to a cravate on Dar. Bate dropkick on Dar.  

Round 2 ends. Dar 0 falls- Bate 1 fall.

Round 3 starts.  

Day vicious kicks to Bate.  Bate kicks Dar.  Dar spinning back elbow on Bate.  Dar. Throws Bate into the ropes.  Bate knee lift on Dar.  Bate middle rope spinning uppercut on Dar. Bate airplane spin on Dar.  

Round 3 ends.  Bate 1 fall-0 falls Dar. 

Round 4 starts.

Bate airplane spin on Dar.  Bate vicious rebounding clothesline on Dar.  Bate running uppercut in the corner in Dar.  Dar knees to Bate.  Dar sliding forearm to Bate.  Dar stiff kicks to Bate.  Bate stiff strikes to Dar.  Bate strikes Dar.  

Round 4 ends.  Bate 1 fall-0 falls Dar

Round 5 starts.

Dar and Bate trade strikes. Dar Champagne Super Knee Bar makes Bate tap out.  

Round 5 ends Dar 1 fall-Bate 1 fall.

Round 6 starts.  

Bate bridging German suplex on Dar.  Bate rolling kick to Dar.  Trent Seven and Sha Samuels brawl on the outside.  Bate goes flying to the outside colliding with Trent Seven and Sha Samuels. Bate strikes Dar.  Dar. Bate  Tyler Driver 97 on Dar.  Bate pins Dar.  

Round 6 ends Bate 2 falls-1 fall Dar.

Bate wins defeating Dar and becoming Number One Contender to A-Kids Heritage Cup Championship.  

Hell of an NXT UK Prelude Heritage Cup Number One Contenders Match.  

Backstage Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster asked about their loss to Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan.  They’re training with Dani Luna.  

Video of Ilja Dragunov not controlling his anger.  

Video of Piper Niven and Jack Starz training backstage.  

Jordan Devlin says he’s coming back as the Undisputed NXT Cruiserweight Champion.  

Second NXT UK Prelude Women’s Tag Team Match The Final Boss The Best In The World Meiko Satomura and Emilia McKenzie v.s Isla Dawn and NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray

McKenzie and Dawn strikes to each other.  McKenzie tags in Satomura.  Dawn tags in Ray.  Satomura kicks Ray.  Ray kicks Satomura.  Ray tags in Dawn.  Dawn tags in Ray.  Ray tags in Dawn.  Dawn and Ray quick tag just stomping and kicking Satomura in the corner.  Dawn strikes Satomura.  Satomura strikes Ray off the ring apron. Satomura kicks Dawn.  Satomura double knees to Dawn.  

Satomura tags in McKenzie.  Satomura kicks Dawn. McKenzie kicks Dawn.  Dawn tags in Ray.  McKenzie hurricanrana on Ray.  McKenzie kicks Ray.  McKenzie middle rope hurricanrana on Ray.  McKenzie release German suplex on Dawn.  McKenzie spears Ray.  Dawn drags Satomura off the ring apron and strikes her on the outside. 

Ray clothesline McKenzie.  Dawn tags in.  Dawn kicks McKenzie.  Dawn Saito Suplex on McKenzie.  Dawn and McKenzie strikes back and forth. Dawn kicks McKenzie.  McKenzie with a nice cutter on Dawn.  Dawn tags in Ray.  McKenzie tags in Satomura.  Satomura elbows to Ray.  

Satomura kicks Ray.  Satomura spinning kick on Ray.  Satomura bicycle kick on Ray.  Satomura Saito Suplex on Ray.  Satomura and Ray strikes back and forth.  Ray Gory Bomb on Satomura.  Emilia Release German Suplex on Dawn.  Ray Superkick on McKenzie.  Satomura kicks Ray.  Satomura STF on Ray.  Ray front face lock suplex on Satomura. Dawn tags in.  Dawn double knees Meteora on Satomura.  Ray strikes McKenzie.  

McKenzie release German Suplex to Ray on the outside.  Dawn strikes and knee to Satomura.  McKenzie tags in. McKenzie strikes Dawn.  Dawn strikes McKenzie.  McKenzie pins Dawn.  

McKenzie and Satomura defeat Dawn and Ray.  

Hell of an NXT UK Prelude Women’s Tag Team Match.

Post Match Aoife Valkyrie comes out.  

A-Kid is excited to face Tyler Bate and defend The NXT UK Heritage Cup Championship.  

Amir Jordan looks for Kenny Williams.  Sid Scala says Jordan will face Williams next week.  

Kenny Williams says he’s done all the work for Amir Jordan and will show him next week.  

Next Week Hell Yeah! Super Nova 11 Sessions Host Noam Dar and Special Guests Gallus Mark Coffey Wolfgang and Joe Coffey.  

Next Week Nathan Frazer v.s Saxon Huxley.  

Next Week Kenny Williams v.s Amir Jordan. 

Third NXT UK Prelude Main Event NXT United Kingdom Championship Match Challenger v.s Champion The Ring General Austrian Anomaly Imperium leader Walter 

Brown chops Walter.  Walter chops Brown. Brown takes down Walter.  Brown dropkicks Walter.  Brown knocks down Walter in the outside of the ring.  Walter drives Brown into the barricade on the outside.  Walter chops Brown on the outside.  Walter Belly To Back Suplex Brown on the ring apron on the outside.  

Walter clubbing blows to Brown.  Walter big boot to Brown.  Walter chops Brown.  Walter kicks and strikes Brown. Walter Boston Crab on Brown. Walter knees to Brown.  Brown suplex on Walter.  Brown chops and headbutts Walter.  Walter chops Brown. Walter and Brown chop back and forth.  

Brown strikes Walter. Walter knees to Brown. Walter chops Brown.  Walter elbows Brown.  Walter uppercuts Brown.  Brown and Walter chops to each other. Walter boot to Brown.  Brown power slam on Walter.  Walter Sleeper Hold on Brown.  Brown clotheslines Walter.  Brown clothesline in the corner on Walter.  Brown top rope flying clothesline on Walter.  Walter chops Brown.  Walter Sleeper Hold on Brown.  Walter dropkicks Brown.  Walter Powerbombs Brown.  

Brown and Walter trade Chops.  Holy Shit Brown avalanche power slams Walter off the top rope.  Walter Sleeper Hold on Brown. Brown Saito suplex on Walter.  Brown Doctor Bomb on Walter.  Brown clubbing forearms to Walter.  Walter chops Brown.  Walter knee to Brown.  Walter lariat to Brown.  Walter chops then a Lariat on Brown.  Walter chops then a Sleeper Hold on Brown.  

Walter release German Suplex on Brown.  Walter Power bombs Brown.  Walter Top Rope Splash on Brown.  

Walter wins retains and defeats Brown. 

Hell of an NXT UK Prelude Main Event NXT United Kingdom Championship Match.  

NXT UK Prelude was awesome!

Fantasy Booking Aoife Valkyrie to challenge NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray.

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