NG’s NXT UK September 17, 2020, London, England Relaunch! Thoughts & Fantasy Booking

Yes, I’m back as well as NXT UK! 

First up here The Assistant To The General Manager Sid Scala. Damn, we’ve got my favorite Ilja Dragunov coming to the ring.

Dragunov says “I’m sorry Mr. Scala that I’m going to interrupt you I’m sorry I’ve been waiting for Six Months!” “Do you understand?” “Six Months I have been waiting I’ve been caged isolated.” “Do you feel how I feel?” “I’ve been waiting for this moment so long! “So long I’ve waited for competition.”

“I waited for a battle.” “Something that makes me alive I have waited for a whole fight!” 

The Scottish Supernova 11 Noam Dar says “Ilja calm.” “The last thing you need right now is a fight what you do need is anger management therapy to stop you’re literally and mean that literally.” 

Dragunov incensed Suicide Dives Aka Tope Suiceda onto Dar.  

Dar and Dragunov strike repeatedly back and forth.  Dragunov 61 line on Dar.  After the scuffle. Scala says “Ilja I can tell that you want to fight that is clear Noam Dar you will face Ilja Dragunov in tonight’s Main Event!” 

This should be a very impactful match. 

First match NXT UK Tag Team Champions Mark Coffey and Wolfgang v.s The Luckyin Kenny Williams and The Bhangra Bad Boy Amir Jordan.

Jordan Dropkick on Mark Coffey.  Williams tags in.

  Wolfgang Tags in. 

 Jordan tags in then tag to Williams. 

 Jordan tags in again.  

Wolfgang with a hellacious clothesline on Jordan. 

 Mark Coffey tagged in.

  Mark Coffey running uppercut on Jordan.  

Wolfgang tagged in. 

 Mark Coffey tagged in. 

Mark Coffey Fucking beautiful simple cravate aka Three Quarter Nelson applied to Jordan you’ll notice how much I appreciate this move a lot but that’s also because it’s used a lot in the UK and European wrestling. Yes I’m one of the few wrestling fans that doesn’t find a rest hold or technical wrestling for hours boring I actually prefer it more. 

Wolfgang tagged in.  Wolfgang uppercut.  Mark Coffey tagged in with an unique Gator Lock on Jordan.  Wolfgang tagged in.  Mark Coffey tagged in.  Wolfgang tagged in.  Jordan retaliating with a step up enziguri on Wolfgang.  

Hot tag to Williams.  Williams drop kicks on Wolfgang.  Williams hurricanrana on Wolfgang.  Williams bulldog on Wolfgang in the corner Williams now kick on Wolfgang.  Williams top rope shotgun dropkick on Wolfgang. Williams fends of Mark Coffey with a kick.  

Williams running drop kick to Mark Coffey sending him landing to the outside.  Wolfgang belly to back suplex reversal on Williams.  Mark Coffey tagged in.  Mark Coffey’s impressive belly to back body drop bridging into a pinning attempt on Williams.  

Williams retaliating back with a sling blade on Mark Coffey. You’ll see that move used by Finn Balor and Penta El Zero M Seth Rollins and many more! 

Williams tags in Jordan.  Jordan top rope Senton on Mark Coffey cover Wolfgang breaks it up at the count of two.  

Gallus the Tag Champions looking to end this with their patented tag finisher Mark Coffey step-up enziguri on Jordan.  

Wolfgang Power Slam to Jordan.  Wolfgang pinning Jordan. 

And your winners The NXT UK Tag Team Champions Gallus Wolfgang & Mark Coffey victorious over Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan.  

That was an in-ring tag classic there I thoroughly enjoyed that.  

I want to add I love the new set up BT Sport in London. 

Oh, what’s this after the match we have some potential tag-team challengers Former Champions Mark Andrews & The Modfather Flash Morgan Webster.  The Hunt 🇬Primate Jay Melrose and Wild Boar Mike Hitchman.  Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley.  Ashton Smith and Oliver Carter.  Imperium from the screen my favorite team  Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel. 

Saxon Huxley comes next week against Walter! 

My favorite NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray comes to the ring. Ray says  ”Finally all this time the NXT UK universe gets what they’ve been waiting for your longest reigning women’s will be in action next week and not just that I will be defending my championship what a day to rejoice! Or it would be if I didn’t step in the ring with Piper Niven.” 

”Now, Piper everybody knows that we go way back it’s not exactly a secret the two of us defined women’s wrestling in the UK, and now we get to go one on one inside a WWE ring for my NXT UK Championship. ”But most importantly everybody gets to find out why I’m just that little bit better than you.” 

Piper Niven comes out and says ”Kay Lee, Kay Lee,  Kay Lee, I can’t remember a time I’ve ever heard you talk so much seems to be all you do now you better watch you don’t get DBH in your earholes here’s a crazy idea for ya seeing is that you want to talk so much why don’t you just tell everybody the truth? Why don’t you tell everybody how many times I best you in Japan? Why don’t you tell everyone how many times I’ve already beaten you in the UK? Why don’t you just tell the truth, Kay Lee? Tell everybody how I have always had your number. 

Ray retorts ”Ha! You have had my number? Do you know what Piper? See if that’s what you want to believe then go ahead but see next week there will be no more talking I get to prove to the entire world that I am better than you. ”You have not beaten this Kay Lee Ray I am The NXT UK Women’s Champion and you Piper well you should know better than to trust me.”  

That was an incredible back and forth exchange of words between Champion Ray and Challenger Niven.  

NXT UK women’s division matchup shown one of my favorites Isla Dawn The White Witch Of NXT UK. Aoife Valkyrie another favorite of mine.  

The second match of the night, The White Witch Of NXT UK Isla Dawn v.s Aoife Valkyrie two favorites of mine that have faced each other in the past. 

Fun fact about Valkyrie I’ve seen her on the Irish Wrestling indys OTT Wrestling before she was ever signed to NXT UK she was just as talented as she is now if not better! 

Valkyrie nice spinning heel kick to Dawn.  Dawn really Fucking nice courting hold another move you’ll see me mention as well.  Valkyrie springboard crossbody onto Dawn.  

Dawn kick to the abdominal region of Valkyrie. Another move that I fucking love Karrion Kross uses it It’s the finisher of Jordan Devlin it’s a UK and Japanese move High Angle Back Drop Driver aka The Saito Side Suplex by Dawn on Valkyrie Holy Shit! Valkyrie landed hard on the mat. 

Valkyrie stiff knees to Dawn.  Valkyrie spinning heel kick again on Dawn.  Damn Valkyrie coming back with a flurry of stiff chops and kicks on Dawn.  Valkyrie blockbuster on Dawn. Valkyrie rebounds off the ropes enziguri on Dawn.  Valkyrie on target finisher top rope PeriPatel on Dawn Valkyrie covers Dawn for the win.  

Valkyrie defeats Dawn.  A very competitive intense match between two very talented women’s superstars.  

First-Ever UK Heritage Cup I’m excited to see how this unfolds! Sid Scala says in the next coming right weeks the rules as followed now these are British Rounds traditional British Wrestling Rules this is as technical as technical wrestling can get. 

Six Rounds 3 minutes each.  ⅔ falls can occur by Pinfall, Submission, Knockout Immediate Match Stoppage. 

7 Unique Contenders! 1 Wildcard Contender! But there can only be one champion. A-Kid Height 5ft 8in Weight 145lb Age 24 Nationality Spanish Style Hybrid.  Technical Striking High Flying. 

Bomber Dave Mastiff Height 5ft 10in Weight 322lb Age 33 Nationality English Style Power. 

The Scottish Supernova 11 Noam Dar Height 5ft 9in Weight 178lb Age 27 Nationality Scottish Style Cruiser.  

The Modfather Flash Morgan Webster Height 5ft 9in Weight 165lb Age 30 Nationality Welsh Style Flyer.  

Joseph Connors my favorite and underrated dark horse pick to win. The man has half an ear just like HOF Mick Foley.  Height 6ft 1in Weight 190lb Age 33 Nationality English Style Poacher.  

Another favorite The Dresden Hatchet Man Alexander Wolfe of Imperium. 6ft 1in Weight 245lb Age 33 Nationality German Style Technician.  

Mustache Mountain Trent Seven Height 5ft 11in Weight 216lb Age 39 Nationality English Style BSS British Strong Style.  

Heritage Cup Tournament drawing next week! And Special Guest The BruiserWeight Pete Dunne! 

Third Main Event Match The Scottish Supernova 11 Noam Dar v.s My favorite The Mad Russian The Crimson Menace Unbesiegbar Ilya Dragunov! 

Dragunov is one of the first legit born Russian Superstars in WWE! 

Dragunov Takedown then slapping Dar.  Dar kicks Dragunov.  Dragunov forearms Dar.  Dragunov knee then running forearm ending it with a running crossbody to Dar.  Dragunov spinning back hard chop then a seated jumping Senton on Dar.  

Dar running kick to Dragunov’s knee falling from.the second rope.  

Dar Kicks Dragunov.  Dar Northern Lights Suplex with a bridging pin attempt on Dragunov.  Dar targeting every limb of the body of Dragunov.  Dar throwing snapmare sending Dragunov hard on the ropes twice.  

Dar kicks to Dragunov.  Dar back elbow on Dragunov.  Dragunov jumping enziguri on Dar.  Dragunov suplex on Dar.  Damn running high knee in the corner by Dragunov connecting hard with Dar.  Aggressive Clothesline by Dragunov landing on Dar.  

Dar kicks transitions into an Oma Plata submission attempt and then the Champagne Super Knee Bar all on Dragunov.  Dragunov knee strike to Dar.  Shit strong uppercut by Dar hitting Dragunov.  61 Line aka Constantine Special rebounding off of the ropes lariat by Dragunov hit onto Dar.  

Dar running forearm in the corner on Dragunov.  Dar kick then running dropkick sending Dragunov crashing to the outside.  Dar running clothesline on Dragunov.  Dar knee strikes to Dragunov.  Then Dar follows it up with a standing facebuster on Dragunov.  

Dar Fujiwara Armbar Attempt on Dragunov.  Dar elbows Dragunov. Dragunov Chops Dar. Dar kicks Dragunov.  Dragunov knee strikes then chops Dar.  Dragunov Gotch Lift Suplex briging cover attempt on Dar.  

Alexandre Wolfe of Imperium distracts Dragunov.  Dar inadvertently knocks Wolfe off the apron.  Dragunov Finisher Torpedo Moscow on Dar covers and is victorious.  

Ilja Dragunov defeats Noam Dar.  

One Hell of a Main Event these men went to war.  

Undefeated NXT UK Champion leader of Imperium The Ring General The Austrian Anomaly Walter comes to look at his challenger post-match.  

Very exciting return of NXT UK 

Fantasy Booking I would have Piper Niven keep chasing for NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray title until she gives Niven an ultimatum she loses she’s done getting title opportunities sane stipulation that happened with Toni Storm.  After that Aofie Valkyrie comes into the mix and eventually dethrones Ray.  

The NXT UK Tag Team Champions Wolfgang and Mark Coffey I see them losing to Imperium Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner.  

NXT UK Champion Walter would eventually lose to Ilja Dragunov I see big things for him.

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