NG’s NXT UK Thoughts & Fantasy Booking also Heritage Cup Predictions London, England October. 01, 2020

First NXT UK Triple Threat Heritage Cup Wildcard Qualifying Match.  The Luckyin Kenny Williams v.s Ashton Smith v.s The Bhangra Bad Boy Amir Jordan.  

Jordan and Williams stereo dropkicks on Smith.  Smith double clothesline on Williams and Jordan.  Smith Irish Whipping Williams to the Back of Jordan in the corner.  Jordan running crossbody to Smith.  Smith again throwing Jordan now in the corner on Williams this time. 

Smith looking like the aggressor here early on.  Wow, Smith Standing Stalling Suplex on Jordan.  Damn Williams springboard back elbow on Smith knocked off the apron to the outside.  Williams Wrecking Ball dropkick to Smith still on the outside.  Jordan tope suicida on the outside on Smith while holding Williams. 

Smith dropkick on Jordan.  Smith uppercut on Jordan.  Jordan Powerbomb to Smith.  Williams Top rope back elbow on Smith. Williams pump kick to Smith.  Smith strong uppercut to Williams.  Williams rebounding Clothesline on Jordan.  Smith Blue Thunder Bomb on Williams.  

Jordan step up enziguri on Smith.  Jordan Flatliner on Smith.  Williams uppercut on Jordan.  Williams hurricanrana on Smith.  Smith Samoan Driver on Williams.  Jordan top rope Swanton bomb on Smith.  Smith superkick on Jordan.  

Williams Satellite DDT on Smith.  Williams covers Smith.  

Kenny Williams defeats Ashton Smith and Amir Jordan to qualify and earn a spot in the Heritage Cup to face Trent Seven.  

That was an exciting match.  

Eddie Dennis a knowledge machine looks to adapt to change.  

Webster is excited to face A-Kid.  

Second NXT UK Match Xia Brookside v.s The Queen Of NXT UK The Fashionista Of NXT UK Jinny.  

Brookside dropkick on Jinny.  Jinny knee to Brookside.  Brookside middle rope hurricanrana on Jinny.  Brookside monkey flip to Jinny.  Jinny hard forearm to Brookside.  Brookside hard strike in the corner on Jinny.  Brookside Indian Deathlock applied on the legs of Jinny.  

Damn Jinny with a strong Forearm on Brookside.  Brookside hurricanrana on Jinny.  Brookside running double knees to the corner on the back of Jinny.  Jinny step over toe hold stf submission on Brookside.  Jinny makes Brookside submit aka tap out.  

Jinny defeats Brookside. 

Incredible match that went on.  

Jinny post-match says there’s going to be a new side of Jinny more ruthless than before and going to make history.  

Flash Morgan Webster v.s A-Kid Heritage Cup match next week! 

NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray State of the Union address next week! 

My as Promised Heritage Cup Predictions Alexander Wolfe over Noam Dar.  A-Kid wins against Flash Morgan Webster.  Trent Seven defeats Kenny Williams.  Dave Mastiff defeats Joseph Conners.  A-Kid beats Wolfe.  Seven over Mastiff.  A-Kid beats Seven.  

Who I think will win though and who I want to win Flash Morgan Webster over A-Kid.  Kenny Williams beats Trent Seven. Noam Dar beats Alexander Wolfe.  Joseph Conners defeats Dave Mastiff.  Flash Morgan Webster beats Kenny Williams.  Joseph Conners beats Noam Dar. Joseph Conners beats Flash Morgan Webster.  

Third NXT UK Opening Round Heritage Cup First Round Tournament Main Event Match The Scottish Super Nova 11 Noam Dar v.s The Dresden Hatchet Man Imperiums Alexander Wolfe.  

Round 1 fight.  Dar Beautiful Fucking Simple Wrist Lock on Wolfe.  Holy Shit Dar with a phenomenal Courting Hold on Wolfe.  

End of Round 1 no falls.  

Round 2 Start 

Dar North Sea Backslide on Wolfe.  Dar pinning Wolfe for the First Fall.  

Round 2 over Score Dar 1 Wolfe 0 

Round 3 go.

Damn Wolfe with a fantastic Grovit on Dar. 

Dar kicks Wolfe.  Dar and Wolfe back and forth strikes.  Wolfe cheap shot at the end of Round 3 on Dar..  

Dar still 1 Fall Wolfe 0 falls.  

Round 4 Begin.  

Dar kicks Wolfe.  Dar running pump kick in the corner on Wolfe.  Dar running clothesline to Wolfe.  

Holy Fuck Wolfe Pump Kick Bridging German Suplex pin on Dar for his First Fall. 

Round 4 over.  

The score is now tied Dar 1 fall Wolfe 1 fall.  

Next fall wins! 

Round 5 come on.  

Dar kicks Wolfe.  Wolfe spinning brainbuster on Dar.  Dar kicks to Wolfe.  Dar attempts the oma plata on Wolfe.  Wolfe Arm Triangle Clutch on Dar.  Dar kicks Wolfe.  Wolfe uppercut to Dar.  Dar back elbow on Wolfe.  Wolfe brutal clothesline on Dar.  

Wolfe kneebar on Dar.  Wolfe uppercut on Dar.  

Dunne kicks Dar for trying to cheat.  

Dar Nova Roller on Wolfe pinning him.  

Round 5 over

Dar wins 2 falls defeating Wolfe 1 fall. 

Dar progresses to the Second Round Semi-Finals of The Heritage Cup Tournament! 

That was a Masterpiece Of a Match.  

Post-match Dunne forearms kick in the corner stomps on Wolfe.  

Imperium Leader NXT United Kingdom Champion Walter Comes out.  Wolfe attacks Dunne. Ilja Dragunov attacks Walter and Wolfe. Dunne step up enziguri on Wolfe.  Dunne and Dragunov fight off Wolfe and Walter Imperium.  

That was another spectacular episode of NXT UK more Heritage Cup and Matches next week! 

Fantasy Booking Dunne and Dragunov are probably going to face Wolfe and Walter in a tag team match. Jinny, I can see being the next challenger of NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray.

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