NG’s NXT UK Thoughts & Fantasy Booking January. 07, 2021

First NXT UK Women’s Match it will decide the Number One Contender to the NXT UK Women’s Championship The Queen Of NXT UK The Fashionista Jinny v.s Piper Niven

Niven and Jinny strikes back and forth.  Jinny strong forearms in the corner on Niven.  Niven senton on Jinny.  Niven throws Jinny into the barricade on the outside.  Jinny shoves Niven into the ring post on the outside.  Jinny strikes Niven.  

Jinny forearm to Niven.  Jinny Iron Octopus on Niven.  Jinny strikes knees and elbows on Niven.  Jinny seated abdominal stretch on Niven. Joseph Conners comes out.   Niven suplex then clotheslines a low crossbody all on Jinny.  Wow, Conners shoves Jinny out of the way. 

Niven does the cannonball on Conners on the outside instead of the intended Jinny.  Jinny strikes Niven on the outside then driven into the apron. Conners again interjecting himself in the match by holding the legs of Niven.  Jinny rolls up Niven and pins her.  

Jinny defeats Niven.  

Pretty Good NXT UK Women’s Match.  

Jinny is now the number 1 contender to Kay Lee Rays NXT UK Women’s Championship all thanks to the mysterious help of Joseph Conners. 

Pretty Deadly Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley speak about NXT UK Tag Team Champions Gallus Mark Coffey and Wolfgang.  They say they’re scared. 

Video of Aoife Valkyrie speaking about feathers.  

Video of Tyler Bate talking about coming up short against A-Kid.  Bate says as long as he gives his all and learns becomes authentic no matter the pain  he will succeed. He also said be like Walter. 

Sam Gradwell watches Tyler Bates video says Is this supposed to be inspirational? The only Yogi I like goes around stealing picnic baskets.  Be like Walter he reiterates that’s terrible advice.  He calls Bate a Yogurt. 

Supernova 11 Sessions Talk Show man I’m excited for this! 

Noam Dar reads his new year’s resolutions NXT Cruiserweight Champion, NXT World Champion, NXT UK World Champion. Superstar Of The Year Award Most Handsome Award Most Funny Award Most Humble Award The Lead Role in The Marine Four Hundred and Seventy Five.  

To be an absolute Legend Dar says he can take that one off right now.  And last but not least Trish Stratuses phone number Dar says just joking about that last one I’ve already got it.  

Dar introduces his guest he makes his NXT UK Debut next week Ben Carpenter. Ben Carter.  

Dar asks Carter about Woodwork and Carpentry.  Carter retorts his names Carter thanks Dar for having him on. Carter says he knew Dar would pull something like this.  Dar says it was a mistake by his people and says his names Carter, not Carpenter I’ve got Seven questions on shelf design.  Dar asks Carter why did you join NXT UK.

Carter says he’s happy to be here he wants to face the very best in the industry he says that starts here in NXT UK.  Dar says he has the best sitting in front of him.  NXT Cruiserweight Champion The Irish Ace Jordan Devlin comes out.  Devlin asks Dar How are you going to have Ben Carter on Ahead of the Irish Ace.  

Devlin says to Carter I know what it’s like being called a prodigy.  Devlin says he has an open challenge for his title every time he’s in the ring.  Dar says Devlin has a fair point but tells him maybe when he’s the real NXT Cruiserweight Champion, not the substitute interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion Dar will have his people talk to Devlin’s people and arrange a Supernova Sessions.

Dar says right now I’m talking to Ben Carter. Ben Carter says he sides with Jordan telling Devlin he’s the Ace the true legitimate undisputed Cruiserweight champion the Ace of this division the gatekeepers of all of this brand.  Ben Carter says to Devlin you should have no problem defending the Cruiserweight Championship against me.  

Dar tells Carter that’s a great idea.  Devlin says to Carter you clearly fit the weight restrictions I know your debut is supposed to be next week why don’t you take on the Irish Ace tonight.  Ben Carter agrees.  Sid Scala says he can make a call to Johnny Saint move a match around and have the main event be Ben Carter v.s Jordan Devlin for the NXT Cruiserweight Championship.  

That was amazing! 

Next week NXT United Kingdom Champion The Ring General Austrian Anomaly leader of Imperium Walter v.s A-Kid heritage cup winner in a NXT United Kingdom Championship Match.  

Kay Lee Ray The NXT UK Women’s Champion says to Jinny that her title is something money can’t buy.  

Video of Huxley attacking Starz and Muir and Mastiff attacks Huxley.  

Second NXT UK Match Bomber Dave Mastiff v.s Saxon Huxley 

Huxley strikes and knees Mastiff.  Mastiff strikes Huxley.  Mastiff stiff knee to Huxley.   Mastiff senton on Huxley.  Huxley Lou Thesz press on Mastiff. Huxley a jumping elbow drop on Mastiff. Huxley running big boot then another in the corner on Mastiff. Huxley running big boot on the outside to Mastiff.

Huxley top rope flying clothesline on Mastiff.  Mastiff strikes Huxley.  Mastiff exploder suplex on Huxley.  Mastiff clothesline on Huxley.  Mastiff Into The Void aka Cannonball Senton on Huxley.  Mastiff pins Huxley.  

Mastiff defeats Huxley.

Awesome NXT UK match. 

Video of Walter and A-Kid Walter says he was the top guy when he entered NXT UK.  

Next Week Sam Gradwell v.s Tyler Bate.  

Third NXT UK NXT Cruiserweight Championship Main Event Match Challenger Ben Carter v.s Champion The Irish Ace Jordan Devlin

Devlin holy Shit a simple wrist lock on Ben Carter.  Damn I’m impressed the agile agility by Ben Carter.  Been Carter with a dropkick on Devlin.  Devlin urange then a standing moonsault on Ben Carter.  Devlin legrop on Ben Carter.  Devlin scoop slam on Ben Carter.  Ben Carter Palm Strike to Devlin. 

Devlin makes Ben Carter going flying in the air landing on the mat.  Ben Carter springboard dropkick on Devlin.  Devlin strikes Ben Carter off the top rope sending him crashing to the outside.  Devlin throws Ben Carter into the steel steps on the outside.  Devlin brainbuster on Ben Carter.  

Devlin uppercut to Ben Carter.  Ben Carter and Devlin both doing a  crossbody collide with each other.  Ben Carter and Devlin strikes back and forth.  Ben Carter a moonsault off the ring apron on the outside transitions into a reverse ddt and strikes down Devlin. 

Ben Carter with an impressive spin-out neck breaker on Devlin.  Devlin Spanish Fly on Ben Carter. Ben Carter sunset flip powerbomb aka Code Red on Devlin.  Devlin with the Irish Cloverleaf on Ben Carter.  Devlin Kawada kicks on Ben Carter.  Devlin Side aka Saito side suplex backdrop driver on Ben Carter.  Devlin pins Ben Carter

Devlin retains and defeats Ben Carter.

Hell Of An NXT UK NXT Cruiserweight Match.  

Awesome NXT UK Episode 

Fantasy Booking I’d book Jinny to still defeat NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray but with help from Joseph Conners and Piper Niven interferes.

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