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NWA Carnyland – May 26 2020

We re-enter Carnyland where rumours are running rampant…

We start with an opening video narrated by Billy Corgan, who says you may like or hate the things they do, but they will promise you something different as they welcome you to Carnyland.

We get another class from Allisyn Kay, on how to get ‘heat’ on your entrance but she is interrupted by Zicky Dice who asks if he has heat with the office.

Joe Galli then reveals that there is a big announcement to be made, only to interrupted by Stu Bennett who says we have some breaking news, that will be revealed during this show.

We then find out that James Storm is banned from Vermont, and then we get an advert for May Valentine’s hand 100% hand sanitizer.

We were about to get another lesson with Tim Storm, but it is interrupted by Marti Belle asking about the rumour. We then hear rumours about this big announcement.

Sal Rinauro is in Carnyland therapy, and he is worried that the announcement is that he is getting fired. He rifts off all of his…issues, and Dr. Hathaway says there is no one like him.

We then see ‘Wrestler Dad’, as NWA World Champion Nick Aldis tells a story about him facing Sting, as his son literally could not care less.

Joe Galli repeats the announcement from earlier on in the show, as Stu Bennett.

We see an advert for Jocephus brand of Sea Bed and Breakfasts. It was a borderline storage unit.

We get episode 2 of ‘Mongrovia Unmasked’, as Aron Stevens talks about the vacation spot of No Answer Sea and Mask Island, the birthplace of Ka-ra-tay.

We see a Zoom call with Strictly Business, who are furious about not knowing the rumour. Nick Aldis says, as the World Champion, he needs to find out what it is.

We then see a comedy skit mocking Tom Segura and his comments on wrestling, with Eli Drake mocking gardeners.

We then hear the announcement from NWA President Billy Corgan. The NWA roster awaits the announcement, which is that there will be an election to determine the first mayor of Carnyland. Nick Aldis is very happy about this to close.

This was nowhere near as good as last weeks, it was a bit all over the place.

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