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NWA Carnyland Results – June 16, 2020

Matty Deller runs down the results from tonight’s episode of NWA Carnyland.

Someones journey to the mayoral office will end as a leaked tape changes everything!

We open with Eli Drake who talks about the power of speaking your mind. He then puts himself over as the future Mayor of Carnyland.

Joe Galli then confirms that the time travelling Stu Bennett was correct that someone will be dropping out tonight. He is then overly nice, because of course that was a hologram.

We then see Danny Deals (in an old school EC3 t-shirt) putting his backing behind Nick Aldis. We have an Aldis campaign shoot.

The Question Mark then answers a question about a fans love life, and says ‘daffodils’.

We then see a scathing campaign ad slandering Zicky Dice, followed up by a campaign ad from that nice old lady Ester Addington.

Joe Galli then ask Allisyn Kay if she is dropping out of the mayoral race. She vows to start cracking skulls for justice. She calls Ester Addington a piece of s**t but when asked if she will smile, she pretends her connection is messing up.

Danny Deals then asks Kamille and Thom Latimer to not tell Nick Aldis what he doesn’t know. This was confusing.

Jocephus then asks the big question; VHS or Beta. This show is going a million miles an hour this week.

We get an advert for an upcoming Stu Bennett film, featuring Vinnie Jones. Sold.

We then get another Tim Storm lesson, this time about political scandals regarding Alexander Hamilton and Anthony Weiner. Marti Belle then asks if Tim Storm is running for mayor and days he has not made a decision.

Aron Stevens then details his campaign promises. He will remove all vagabonds, provide entertainment, look good in his suits, install a mandatory Carnyland karate programme and keep promises 1 through 4, but not number 5.

Zicky Dice tries to get Thunder Rosa to drop out of the race. She instead calls him every name under the sun until she gets tired and asks to call back later to continue insulting him.

We then see a leaked tape that outs Danny Deals for embezzlement. Nick Aldis then announces he is dropping out of the race, due to this scandal. However, he announces he will fund a replacement candidate to represent Strictly Business and that man is Tim Storm.

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