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NWA Hard Times Results

Matty Deller runs down the results from NWA Hard Times.

Eight men enter, only one man can leave as the standard-bearer of the era of the NWA Television Championship

NWA Television Title Tournament First Round: Trevor Murdoch defeated The Question Mark via pinfall.

Trevor Murdoch started off strong, but Question Mark fought back with a dropkick and furthered his advantage working an arm injured when Murdoch missed a clothesline, hitting the ringpost. Murdoch rallied, hitting his big bulldog but Question Mark got up, falling to a second bulldog from the top for the win. Why you have your most over talent lose in the first round I do not know.

NWA Television Title Tournament First Round: Dan Maff defeated Zicky Dice via pinfall

Dan Maff rocked Zicky Dice in the early going, launching from buckle to buckle with big strikes and chops. Maff missed a charge and Dice capitalised, hitting a big bulldog. These two went blow for blow, but Dice got cocky when going for his neckbreaker and got folded up with a half-and-half suplex. One cannoncall and a senton later, Maff was victorious.

NWA Television Title Tournament First Round: Ricky Starks defeated Matt Cross via pinfall

This was high octane from the start, with a host of a high-flying offence. Matt Cross hit his patented post-hold elbow on the outside and took control but a tilt-a-whirl flapjack from Starks put him back in charge. Starks went for the Buster Douglas, but Cross fought in and hit a big crossbody for a near fall. Cross followed up with a big cutter, but missed a move from the top and Starks hit Buster Douglas for the win.

Dave Marquez talks to Tim Storm, who is not happy that Ken Anderson isn’t here tonight. He says that he is not happy about getting a bye, but it is what it is and he plans to keep going on and become the NWA Television Champion.

NWA Television Title Tournament First Round: Tim Storm defeated Ken Anderson via forfeit

NWA Tag Team Titles: Eli Drake and James Storm defeated Champions Rock N’ Roll Express and The Wildcards (Thomas Latimer & Royce Isaacs) via pinfall to win the titles.

The Wildcards try and goad Rock N Roll Express to open but no one is having that, as them alongside Storm and Drake work over the former champions. However, Isaacs jumps James Storm from behind allowing Wildcards back into things. Thomas Latimer kept working over James Storm and denying the tag, including Isaacs drawing the referee in when Storm actually tagged his partner. Eli Drake eventually gets the hot tag and runs wild on Latimer and Isaacs, then Ricky Morton got the tag and hit a crazy Canadian destroyer. There were some issues between Morton and Kamille on the outside and in the confusion, Eli Drake countered another Gibson destroyer and hit the Gravy Train for the shock victory.

Dave Marquez then interviewed the new champions, with Eli Drake saying they might not have a name but you can call them the new NWA World Tag Team Champions.

NWA Women’s Title: Thunder Rosa defeated Champion Allisyn Kay via pinfall to win the title

These two went all out to open with vicious right hands until Kay stomped a mudhole in Rosa and took control with a northern lights suplex. Kay worked over Rosa’s midsection, but Rosa fought back and took control. Rosa had Kay locked in a crossface submission, but Kay fought out into a guillotine choke. Rosa zoned in on Kay’s arm as the two worked submission holds, with Rosa locking in several vicious armbars. Kay fought back with a german suplex. Kay amazingly caught Thunder Rosa off a dive and powerbombed Rosa into the apron, and the two exchanged big move after big move. The two battled some more, with Kay hitting AK47 for a near fall. Rosa then hit a big top rope powerbomb for a near fall. Allisyn Kay then hit her injured arm into the ring post and Thunder Rosa locked in her armbar. Kay powered out but Rosa hit Kay with her reverse DDT for the win. Fantastic match.

Post-match, Melina and Marti Belle celebrate with their teammate after her victory.

Joe Galli brings you his guest, “The Villain” Marty Scurll. He demands his shot at Nick Aldis and the NWA Title. He says that he should put his title on the line tonight against Nick Aldis because the people deserve to see the NWA Title on the line on pay-per-view. Nick Aldis interrupts and says Ring Of Honor was the hot ticket, and NWA is the hot ticket now because he is headlining. He says if anything happens tonight, it’s on his terms. He says he will put the title up against Flip Gordon if Marty Scurll leaves the building. Scurll accepts and we have a title match.

NWA Television Title Tournament Semi-Final: Trevor Murdoch defeated Dan Maff

Murdoch and Maff exchange big chops and forearms to open until Maff cut Murdoch down with a massive spear. Dan Maff dominated proceedings, but once again Murdoch found an opening and hit his top rope bulldog to advance to the final.

NWA Television Title Tournament Semi-Final: Ricky Starks defeated Tim Storm via pinfall

It was speed versus power in the early goings as Tim Storm went in fresh for this semi-final match. A quick kick allowed Storm to take control, but the two then exchanged big chops. Tim Storm took control, working over Starks until Ricky hit a big dropkick. Storm keeps coming back with big boots and just as Starks got some shots in, he fell victim to the Perfect Storm. However, Starks rolled out and the two exchanged holds until Starks locked Storm in a crucifix for the win to advance to the final.

NWA National Title: Scott Steiner defeated Champion Aron Stevens via disqualification, Stevens keeps the title

Scott Steiner overpowers Aron Stevens to open, which leads Stevens to stall truly starting the match. When he does, Steiner takes early control using his power to his advantage. Steiner suplexes Stevens all around the ring, and throws him into everything outside. Steiner is in complete control. Stevens gets a hopeful school boy but it does nothing as Steiner locks in the recliner, but Question Mark attacks for the DQ.

Scott Steiner clothesline The Question Mark and locks him in the Steiner Recliner as well. Stevens leaves Question Mark high and dry, as Steiner sends referees flying and poses to the crowd.

NWA Heavyweight Title: Champion Nick Aldis defeated Flip Gordon via pinfall to retain the title

This match was back-and-forth, Flip Gordon having multiple chances to win the gold. Flip Gordon hit a springing middle rope spear and flipped out of a top rope German suplex, but Aldis hit a big tombstone and a top rope elbow for a near fall, only to be rolled up himself for a near fall too. Gordon locked in a crossface but Aldis got to the ropes. Aldis then tries for a submission of his own, but Flip grabbed the fingers and hit a pair of Star-Spangled Stunners for the closest of near falls. Gordon then went for a victory roll, but Aldis countered and got the win. Great championship match.

NWA Television Title Finals: Ricky Starks defeated Trevor Murdoch via pinfall to win the title

Ricky Starks outpaced Trevor Murdoch in the beginning, hitting fast and often and picking up a quick pin. Murdoch uses his power to take control on the outside. Murdoch launched Starks into the stairs, forcing Ricky to take a nine-count on the outside. The pair start slugging it out, with Murdoch throwing Starks to the outside again, hitting his face on the floor. Starks gets in at nine once again, only to eat a backdrop driver for a near fall. Murdoch begins to dominate the match but makes a mistake going up top and eats a few slaps followed by a sit-out powerbomb from Starks for a near fall. Starks tries once with The Stroke but gets it on the second attempt to win the gold.


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