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    NWA Into The Fire Preview

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    NWA will return to pay per view this Saturday night for their fourth major event since its resurgence under Billy Corgan and David Lagana in 2017.

    Into The Fire will showcase the top talent from the NWA with a perfect mixture of legends, top-named main eventers and hungry up-and-comers. Three titles will be on the line over six matches in what promises to be an exciting, action-packed, and newsworthy event.

    NWA legends the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express will roll back the hands of time to defend the NWA tag team titles and will be joined by fellow ex-WWE stars Ken Anderson, Aron Stevens, Melina and Trevor Murdoch as they set the stage for the likes of Nick Aldis, James Storm, Eli Drake, Allysin Kay and Colt Cabana to show the world what they can do. But don’t miss the stars ready to grab the headlines: Ricky Starks, Thunder Rosa, Marti Belle, Ashley Vox, Thomas Latimer and Royce Isaacs, and of course the Question Mark, will all be ready to showcase themselves in front of w worldwide audience.

    An action-packed night will be headlined by NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis, defending the Ten Pounds of Gold against James Storm in a best two-out-of-three falls match. There is added intrigue with alternating referees for each fall, and also what role Aldis’ “insurance policy” Kamille will play in this high stakes match.

    As always, keep tuned into TWM Wrestling for all the latest on NWA Into The Fire in the lead up to the big event, but for now, enjoy the full preview to this historic event.

    Question Mark vs Trevor Murdoch

    Is there anyone more over in the NWA than the Question Mark? Even pairing him with the dim-wit Aron Stevens can’t quell the fans love for the mysterious Kara-TE! expert. And ever since the equally mysterious spiritual advisor brought him to NWA Powerrr (coincidently at the same time Jocephus disappeared…), the Question Mark has taken the world by storm and taken the hearts of the NWA fans.

    Trevor Murdoch has also had a great resurgence in his wrestling career as of late. Superb but albeit losing efforts to Ricky Starks and Nick Aldis have showcased Murdoch’s ability and proved he can still go with the best of them in the squared circle. This clash with the Question Mark does not have much build, but the hype and excitement ever since it was announced is certainly there.

    Both loved babyfaces, the Question Mark and Trevor Murdoch will be looking to make a name for themselves on pay per view and in a match that will certainly divide the crowd, only one will walk out with their head held high.

    Allysin Kay and Ashley Vox vs Melina, Thunder Rosa or Marti Belle

    Thunder Rosa has been tearing through the Women’s division as of late. Since debuting and taking Marti Belle under her wing, she has dominated everyone she has been in the ring with. Rosa quickly set her eyes on the NWA Women’s champion Allysin Kay, and after a little help from the debuting Melina, she was able to grab her attention and stand alongside Belle and Melina over the fallen champion.

    Speaking of Melina, she had strong words for Kay during an interview with David Marquez. She told Marquez that the NWA Women’s Championship “deserves a lot more” as she laid her cards firmly on the table regarding her feelings for the current titleholder. Kay had the chance to confront Melina on episode nine, and after baiting her into the ring, Kay was brutally attacked by Rosa and Belle as the numbers game took its toll.

    Kay and Vox faced off on episode 2 of Powerrr, with the champion coming away victorious. Since they opposed each other that day their attention has turned to the trio who have been coming after them – and Kay’s championship. They will certainly be aware of the challenge they face, and with no idea of which combination of Belle, Rosa or Melina they might be facing, the champion and Vox seem at a disadvantage going into Saturday night.

    Eli Drake vs Ken Anderson

    Eli Drake and Ken Anderson have had their hands in a few different storylines so far in the NWA, but their hatred for each other boiled over when Drake jumped Anderson from behind and knocked him out with a steel turnbuckle.

    Drake had been flirting with both sides of the Storm spectrum, befriending beloved Tim Storm to chase after some tag team glory, but also aligning with James Storm to battle “Team Aldis” in the six-man tag that ultimately sealed James’ National title fate. But the confusion to “what side is he on” was made abundantly clear when instead of meeting Anderson man-to-man in the ring, Drake blindsided him from behind then took things to a new level by hitting him across the back with a metal weapon.

    Anderson himself had been treading water before the Drake attack. An early tag team with Colt Cabana featured some entertaining matches and then he was involved in the formation of the Aldis vs Storm feud, even coming close to becoming the challenger himself before Storm got involved and picked up the win. But the Drake weapon attack has lit a fire in Anderson and he will be looking to exact revenge this Saturday.

    NWA World Tag Team Championship: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) (c) vs The Wild Cards (Thomas Latimer and Royce Isaacs)

    If 2019 has taught us anything, it is that rock and roll will never die.

    Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson must be pinching themselves with the year they have had. From appearing in New Japan Pro Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling, and now defending the NWA World tag team championships on pay per view, the rock and rollers are still riding high going into their FIFTH active decade as an active team and their SIXTH individually as professional wrestlers.

    Gibson and Morton caught the attention of then NWA tag champs The Wild Cards on episode 5 of Powerrr when they ran in and beat up Latimer and Isaacs during a tag team contest featuring Eddie Kingston and Homicide vs The Dawsons. They were again involved in a brawl in the aforementioned Storm/Anderson/Drake triple threat melee that led to them receiving a tag title shot on episode 9 where they were able to capture the straps with a double dropkick and an O’Connor roll.

    The Wild Cards themselves had been NWA tag champions since September of this year after defeating Brody King and PCO at ROH’s and CMLL’s Global Wars Espectacular. At Into The Fire they will receive their automatic rematch and hope they can end the year on a high, win back their belts and put an end to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express’ ninth NWA tag team title reign.

    NWA National Championship: Triple Threat Match: Colt Cabana (c) vs Aron Stevens vs Ricky Starks

    Colt Cabana won the NWA National Championship for a second time when he pinned James Storm on episode 5 of NWA Powerrr after Storm was distracted by Eli Drake, Ken Anderson and Kamille at ringside. Cabana pounced on the opportunity and cradled Storm up in his superman pin to win back the strap he dropped to Storm at a Ring of Honor show earlier this year.

    Ricky Starks’ star is on the rise in the NWA. A hand-picked star to watch out for by Vice-president David Lagana, Starks will have a shot at Colt Cabana’s National Championship when he competes alongside Aron Stevens in a triple threat match at Into The Fire. Starks has shone in the ring, picking up victories against Trevor Murdoch and more recently against Stevens in both a one-fall and a two-out-of-three falls contests. As a disgruntled Stevens attacked Starks after a match with the Question Mark, it was Cabana who came to the aid of Nick Aldis’ “Number one draft pick” and caught the attention of the National champion.

    Starks and Stevens then collided again on a recent episode of NWA Powerrr. In what was originally booked as Colt Cabana vs Starks in a non-title match, Stevens and his ever-popular sidekick the Question Mark stormed ringside and interrupted David Marquez’s ring introductions, and after a brief confrontation with Cabana, Stevens was inserted into the match instead of the National champion, and with a little help from the Question Mark, Stevens pinned Starks and inserted himself into the National Championship picture.

    NWA World Heavyweight Championship, Two out of Three falls match: Nick Aldis (c) vs James Storm

    In episode 9 of NWA Powerrr, it was announced that both Storm and Aldis have the opportunity to choose a referee for each of the first two falls, and if needed, a coin toss will take place to determine which referee will officiate the third and final fall. Storm has handpicked NWA senior referee Brian Hebner for the first fall, who gave him his word that he can trust him and there will be no screw-ups. Aldis has picked his once nemesis but now respected colleague Tim Storm to officiate the second fall.

    James Storm has talked recently about conspiracies within the NWA. He said he kept Jocephus from ruining the first episode of NWA Powerrr, and what did he get in return? He was put into a six-man tag match where a title shot for his NWA National championship was on the line. As a result of his team losing that match, he had to then defend his National title against Colt Cabana in another losing effort, meaning Cabana walked away with the gold. He then brought up that the NWA tried to cover up him winning a triple threat match that granted him his title shot against Aldis, but we soon found out there is more to this story…

    Aldis was quick to address the triple threat match “cover-up” and told us all that Storm wasn’t supposed to be in it in the first place. Instead, the match should have been Ken Anderson vs Eli Drake but Storm “threw his toys out the pram” and injected himself into the situation and wound up winning the match and the shot at the Ten Pounds of Gold. So why is Storm still getting a shot if the triple threat match isn’t being recognised due to the outside interference and general chaos surrounding the match? Aldis told us that it was he who got the match signed and it was he who wanted to face Storm and give him everything that he wants. Because he knows that when James Storm gets what he wants (a title shot against Aldis), he will soon regret it and wish he never had to face Aldis for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. The intrigue of this match does not stop there. An ongoing situation with Kamille, the “insurance policy” for Nick Aldis, Kamille, had added another layer to this story. Kamille has yet to utter a word on NWA television, and this has been the topic of multiple interview questions and online speculation in recent weeks. The closest we have come to Kamille breaking her silence on NWA TV is when she recently whispered something into James Storm’s ear at the interview stage, something that apparently Storm liked the sound of. And to throw a spanner into the works, Aldis then informed us that Kamille has the night off at Into The Fire so she will not be at ringside for the title match. This only adds fuel to the fire and to the speculation that something may be on the horizon involving Kamille, “the National treasure” and James Storm, and it surely will come to a head this Saturday night

    You can see NWA Into The Fire LIVE this Saturday night, 14th December, from the GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia on pay per view from 11:05 pm (GMT), 6:05 pm (EST) or 3:05 pm (PST) globally on

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