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NWA Powerrr Results – December 17th, 2019

In the dying embers of Into The Fire, what will happen in season 2?

We open with a recap of the closing moments of Into The Fire, where Marty Scurll made his NWA debut.

Dave Marquez interviews the new NWA National Champion Aron Stevens. He announces that he has achieved a third-degree black belt in Mogrovian Ka-rat-ay. He also announces that he is changing the title to the ‘Third Degree’ National Championship. Stevens also says himself and Question Mark will be going after the Tag Team Titles. Colt Cabana interrupts and says Stevens fluked his way to winning the match and Stevens cannot beat him on his own. Stevens is uninterested.

Thunder Rosa appears and demands the crowd rise for her manager Melina. Ashley Vox attacks Rosa and looks set to stomp her into the steps until Allysin Kay and ODB makes the save.

Backstage, Melina and Thunder Rosa confront Marti Belle for not coming out to help then, even though she asked her not to be out there.

Stu Bennett reveals the time limit for each Television Title tournament match will have a time limit of six minutes and five seconds. Really clever idea.

NWA Television Title Tournament Play-In Match: Ziggy Rice defeated Sal Rinaro and CW Anderson via pinfall

All three men go for the pin quickly, due to the short time limit until all three men go down with a clothesline. Rinaro takes care of Anderson, but Dice hits Sal with the ‘snake, rattle and roll’ neck breaker for the win.

Ziggy Dice cuts a promo introducing himself and saying he is winning the NWA Television Title until he is run off by The Dawsons. They reveal there is a conspiracy going on within the NWA and plan to reveal it until they are chased off by The Wildcards.

Marty Scurll tells Dave Marquez and says a lot of people have been speculating about his future destination, but ‘The Villian’ does whatever he wants. He says he knows that following his loss in the Crockett Cup, he knows he can beat Nick Aldis and he needs to become NWA World Champion.

NWA World Tag Team Champions The Rock N’ Roll Express Defeated Two Local Talents via pinfall

Eddie Kingston is on commentary. This was a standard NWA squash match and Rock N’ Roll run through them, knocking their opponents together and rolling them up for the win.

Joe Galli talks to Morton and Gibson, and they cut a promo about the history of tag team wrestling. Galli asked them about NWA Champion Nick Aldis and they say he is great, but he is not one of the all-time greats.

The Dawsons interrupt again and vow to expose the truth, but then The Wildcards attack them again and the fight is back on.

The Wildcards defeated The Dawsons via pinfall

The Dawsons take control early on, but Latimer stamps the hand of Zane Dawson, letting The Wildcards work over him. The Wildcards finish off the Dawsons with a Death Valley Driver/Powerbomb combination.

Post-match, they continue to attack the injured hand of Zane Dawson.

The Wildcards cut a promo saying that people get hurt if they don’t tell the truth and then go on a strange tirade about Santa which leads to Jocephus Claus coming out and throwing merchandise to the crowd.

James Storm cuts a promo saying that it was pretty convenient that his referee was taken out so Nick Aldis’ referee could officiate. He says he will fight his way back to the top to face Aldis once again.

Dave Marquez and Ziggy Dice introduces the field of the NWA Television Title tournament. They are Ricky Starks, Caleb Konley, Colt Cabana, Trevor Murdoch, Thomas Latimer, Eddie Kingston, The Dawsons and NWA World Champion Nick Aldis.

Marquez and NWA Hall of Famer Nikita Koloff draw the first two tournament matches, which goes as follows;

  • Ricky Starks vs Eddie Kingston
  • Colt Cabana vs The Question Mark

Nick Aldis says he is joining the NWA Television Championship tournament because he has no challengers yet. Marquez asks Aldis about Marty Scurll and he gives no comment because he is sick and tired of everyone riding his coat tails. Marquez then asks about Kamille and Aldis says he needs a team around him, and he fires Kamille as his insurance policy.

Stu Bennett interviews Marty Scurll about his arrival in the National Wrestling Alliance. He turned up because the NWA reignited his passion for wrestling and he likes to keep things interesting. He also says he wants the NWA World Championship, and the only thing left for him to do is to win ‘The Ten Pounds of Gold’.

Dave Marquez then interviews Eli Drake, who has no voice due to the attack from Ken Anderson. He questions why he is not in the NWA Television Title tournament and says he is still standing after Anderson’s assault and will take him out tonight.

No Disqualification Match: Eli Drake defeated Ken Anderson via pinfall

These two throw hands to open a brutal, hard-hitting main event. They brawl into the crowd and Drake takes control in the cheap seats. They fight onto the stage and Anderson slams a gate into the face of Eli Drake. Anderson goes for the Mic Check into the chair again, but Drake blocks it and doesn’t opt for the chair, instead dropping him with the Gravy Train for the win.

Nick Aldis then confronts Tim Storm and berates him at commentary for talking about him. Storm doesn’t take too kindly to it and offers him out in the ring. The Wildcards then attack Tim Storm at the order of Aldis until Kamille runs out and seemingly confronts Nick, until she turns around and spears Tim Storm! She then kisses Thomas Latimer and it appears Aldis’ army has been formed.


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