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NWA Powerrr Results – December 23rd, 2019

Matty Deller runs down the results from tonight’s episode of NWA Powerrr.

It’s the festive season, but with Nick Aldis’ shocking actions last week, he has some explaining to do…

We get a recap of what happened at Into The Fire, the debut of Marty Scurll and Aldis and Kamille aligning with The Wildcards as they took out Tim Storm.

We open with Dave Marquez interviewing Trevor Murdoch, who announces he has signed with NWA. Zicky Dice interrupts, but he is in interrupted by the debuting ‘The Pope’. He says he is looking for his own team to blaze a trail in wrestling. Dice offers his services, and Pope politely declines and heads over to commentary.

NWA Television Title Qualifier: Ricky Starks defeated Eddie Kingston via pinfall

An impressive, fast-paced, back and forth qualifier which in fitting with the 6:05 time limit. Kingston started laying in some big hands but a slingblade brought Starks back into it. Starks picked up the win by muscling Kingston up with the ‘Buster Keaton’.

Post-match, The Pope nodded in the direction of Eddie Kingston.

Dave Marquez announces that he was meant to be talking with Nick Aldis, but Royce Isaacs has asked for some time. He introduces May Valentine and wants to show he can wrestle as a singles star too. James Storm answers the call and accepts the challenge.

James Storm defeated Royce Isaacs via countout

Isaacs stalled for time to open until James Storm walks up behind him to begin proceedings. Storm puts the boots to Isaacs and nearly took Royce out with the Last Call, but Royce walked out and took the count-out.

Eli Drake comes out to talk to Dave Marquez, enjoying a small quantity of the booze. He talks about new years and new goals for 2020. I think he might actually be legit drunk. Jocephus and a random woman start singing ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ and the crowd joins in and Eli Drake gees up the crowd. This was really entertaining but utterly bizarre.

Nick Aldis, Kamille and The Wildcards come out and the NWA World Champion offers his team some new training jackets. He reveals that this has all been a big master plan on his behalf. Aldis calls out The Rock and Roll Express and asks Ricky Morton to clarify what he said last week. Morton apologises if he offended him, but Aldis warns him not to cross him again.

We get a recap of Thunder Rosa injuring Ashley Vox, and the debut of ODB during Into The Fire.

Thunder Rosa, Melina & Marti Belle defeated NWA Women’s Champion Allisyn Kay, ODB and Ashley Vox via pinfall

The person who gets the fall in this match gets to pick a match that they want. Melina’s team begin to work over Ashley Vox on their side of the ring. Vox manages to rally and get the tag to Kay, who runs wild. Melina and Marti Belle hotshot Allisyn Kay and despite her best efforts, Thunder Rosa picks up the win with a shoulder breaker into a sit-out slam for the win.

Thunder Rosa looks set to pick her opponent, but Melina interrupts and says she picks ODB. Thunder Rosa did not look happy.

Dave Marquez draws out another match in the NWA Television Title tournament, which pulls out Tim Storm against Nick Aldis. He cuts a standard babyface promo about working hard and Mama Storm.

NWA Television Title Qualifier: The Question Mark defeated Colt Cabana

Colt Cabana struggled in the early going to find a way around Question Mark’s karate style but found an opening with a host of quick pinfalls. Colt Cabana came off the top but was caught in the Mongrovian Spike for the big victory.

Backstage, Aron Stevens says they want all the belts because they have the power of karate…..ka-ra-tayy.


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