NWA Powerrr Results – February 11th, 2020


We open with Sean Mooney who will have news from Marty Scurll and Nick Aldis at ROH Free Enterprise.

We see Joe Galli and Stu Bennett who are joined by the NWA Tag Team Champions James Storm and Eli Drake.

The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas) defeated The Dawsons via pinfall

We seen all four men exchange shoulder blocks and chops in your standard big man opening. Brian Milonas takes control with a big overhand chop and double team moves in the corner. Zane Dawson hits a knee to the back of Beer City Bruiser, letting the Dawson’s take control. Bruiser eventually fights his way back, hitting a double clothesline and tags in Milonas who runs wild. At ringside, Pope and Eddie Kingston are arguing which distracts the referee, allowing a Dawsons double team powerbomb on Milonas for a near fall. The Bouncers then hit their superplex and frogsplash combination for the win. This match certainly happened.

Post-match, James Storm pours beers into the Crockett Cup and he alongside The Bouncers take turns drinking out of it.

We then see NWA Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis at ROH talking about how Marty Scurll is trying to take away his revenue, and how he demands an answer regarding their title match.

Joe Galli welcomes Thom Latimer, ahead of his match with Tim Storm. He says he is excited to beat up that ‘old fart’ and sees through Galli trying to stir the pot regarding the possibility of challenging Aldis, as his focus his winning back the tag titles with Royce Isaacs. He disregards Eli Drake and James Storm and says his ‘Strictly Business’ partners will take out The Rock N’ Roll Express. Galli tries to get a word from Kamille, who shockingly stays silent.

Thom Latimer defeated Tim Storm via pinfall

Latimer jumps Tim Storm from behind to open, but Storm clotheslines Latimer to the outside early on. The pair go toe to toe with shoulder blocks, but Latimer misses a sneaky right hand allowing Storm to take control. The two then exchange strikes, then Latimer distracts the ref, leading to a throat thrust and a spear and take control of the match. Tim Storm hits a boot to fight back and regains the advantage with a swinging neckbreaker. Storm then misses a shoulder charge, leading to Latimer hitting the ‘Brighter Side of Suffering’ DDT for the win.

Post-match, ‘Momma Storm’ appears and berates Tim Storm, but Storm walks away in disgust.

We see the conclusion from last week’s National Championship match and Trevor Murdoch is demanding a title shot. He says his trainer Harley Race would be ashamed of Aron Stevens and The Question Mark. This brings out The Question Mark, who sings the Mongrovian national anthem. The Question Mark seemingly challenges Murdoch to some ‘ka-ra-tay’.

Sean Mooney then recaps the Marty Scurll/Nick Aldis confrontation at ROH Free Enterprise, in which Scurll counter-offers Aldis with a stipulation that if Scurll loses, he will write a cheque to Aldis for $500,000.

NWA Television Title: Champion Ricky Starks and Matt Cross went to a time-limit draw, Starks retains.

The two fast-paced athletes start off with some chain wrestling, with neither man getting a real advantage until Cross went too early on a backflip and ate a dropkick for his troubles. Cross got back into proceedings quickly, catching a speeding Starks into a backbreaker. Cross worked over Starks with big strikes, wearing the champion down until Starks managed to counter a suplex into one of his own. Starks hits a big tornado DDT and we hit 20 seconds, but as Cross hit the cutter the time limit expired.

Zicky Dice then comes out to ringside and mocks his efforts, saying Dice finishes every time.

We then see the rematch between Allisyn Kay and Thunder Rosa. We then hear from Kyle Davis, who speaks to Marti Belle she says that everything Melina said has come true. Davis implies that she might have been brainwashed, and this enrages Belle who said she is more than just a pretty face and it was always all about Allisyn.

Kyle Davis then brings you Kay who says Belle can see what Melina is doing, and shes trying to control the NWA Women’s Title. Kay says she says they may not be friends, but she will always care for her. Belle seems shook, and walks away.

Melina defeated Tasha Steelz via pinfall

Tasha Steelz tries to shake Melina’s hand out of respect, but Melina shoves her away. Steelz uncorks some strikes but is overwhelmed by the veteran. Steelz gets some offence in, and in spite of a brutal Melina facebuster Steelz gets herself back into the match, running wild. Tasha Steelz goes for her cutter, but it’s shrugged off and Melina hits the Primal Scream for the win.

Post-match, an angered Melina says she proved that she is a living legend and demands a title shot next week against Thunder Rosa.

Just before the match begins, we see Sal Rinaro and Mae Valentine (Royce Isaacs girlfriend) head down to front row for the main event.

Strictly Business (Nick Aldis & Royce Isaacs) defeated The Rock N’ Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) via pinfall

Royce Isaacs was immediately distracted by the sight of Valentine and Rinaro, nearly leading to a quick win for Rock ‘N Roll’. Morton and Gibson work over Isaacs who cannot get out of first gear. Isaacs sneakily rakes the eyes of Gibson, allowing Aldis in but his momentum was only short-lived and Rock N’ Roll dominate further. Aldis clocked Morton with a forearm on the outside, allowing Strictly Business to finally take over. Aldis misses a charge, allowing Rock N’ Roll to make the hot tag and Gibson runs wild. Royce Isaacs manages to sneak a win by rolling up Gibson, using the ropes for leverage.

We then see a short teaser for Aldis and Scurll at the Crockett Cup to close.

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