NWA Powerrr Results – February 4th, 2020

Two warriors renew hostilities over some gold as Allisyn Kay looks to wrestle back the NWA Women’s Title from Thunder Rosa

We see a brand new opening video with a new theme song from Pantera.

Joe Galli introduces Tim Storm to open the show. He talks about facing Thomas Latimer next week. He says he wants to be a part of the heavyweight division, putting himself up against one of the best. Galli asks about potential retirement rumours, which Tim Storm shoots down immediately. Thomas Latimer interrupts and tells him he doesn’t care about this match. Galli interrupts and says Mama Storm is here, but it’s someone who mocks Storm. Tim Storm walks away in disgust. That took a weird turn.

We see a recap of Thunder Rosa’s title win at Hard Times.

NWA Television Champion Ricky Starks joins Galli and Stu Bennett on commentary.

Matt Cross defeated Caleb Konley via pinfall

A fast paced open sees Matt Cross gain the advantage with a big forearm in the corner. Cross continues to dominate until a big enziguri and a throw off the middle rope brings Konley back into it. Cross busts out his high-impact offence with a handspring elbow and crossbody, but Konley fights back with a superkick and running tornado DDT. A huge Konley palm strike looked to have rocked Cross, but a rebound cutter followed by a shooting star press led to a big win for Cross.

We see a recap of the terms laid out by Nick Aldis to Marty Scurll last week.

We then hear from Aldis, who says it’s been a week since he laid down the challenge to Marty Scurll but he is yet to respond. He asks if Scurll is questioning himself or starting to realise that the higher the path, the more difficult it becomes. Aldis says his patience is wearing thin, and he doesn’t have to accept but he needs to respond, even if its with a counter-offer. Aldis demands an answer by this Sunday at ROH Free Enterprise.

We see a recap of the issues between Eddie Kingston, The Pope and The Dawsons.

Dave Marquez talks to The Pope about all the questions surrounding him. He said The Dawsons capitalized on a situation, unlike Homicide and Eddie Kingston who blew their chance. Pope says Homicide has no star power which brings out Eddie Kingston. Kingston says he will behave himself as the NWA made him not take out Pope. He says he would die for Homicide and he should bury where Pope stands. Kingston says he has some back-up and The Bouncers come out to back him up. Eddie challenges Pope to a fight, but he walks away.

We get to see Mae Valentine’s vlog about her time in the NWA. She mainly talks about her dresses and about Royce Isaacs getting jealous over Sal Rinaro. This was not good, and Mae’s delivery is poor.

NWA National Championship: Champion Aron Stevens and Trevor Murdoch went to a time limit draw, Stevens retains the title.

Aron Stevens tries to outwrestle Murdoch at first, but he gets beating to punch and slammed repeatedly for his troubles. Stevens bails but the referee caught The Question Mark as he was going to attack, removing him from ringside. Stevens tries to get a count-out victory and asks for the time, seemingly trying to get a cheap victory or draw in which he would retain the title. Stevens stays in control with his ka-ra-tay style moves, still trying to get a count-out win. Stevens kept cutting Murdoch off at every opportunity, but Murdoch rallied and eventually retook the advantage with some clotheslines. The two exchange big moves as the time-limit expired meaning Aron Stevens retained the title.

Trevor Murdoch then hits hit top rope bulldog post-match and gets a visual three count.

Eli Drake & James Storm defeated Jocephus & Mims via pinfall

James Storm outwrestles Jocephus early on, and Drake joins in as the pair work over their opponents. Jocephus and Mims get a big of offence in, but the champions were just too much, beating Mims with a firemans carry/backstabber combination.

We get a music video highlight package of Thunder Rosa vs Allisyn Kay before our main event tonight.

Melina sits on commentary but refuses to put a headset on to talk.

NWA Women’s Title: Champion Thunder Rosa defeated Allisyn Kay via pinfall to retain the title

The two open with some chain wrestling, and then exchange stiff slaps and kicks. Thunder Rosa starts working on the arm on Kay, using the ropes for leverage. Thunder Rosa ties Kay’s arms up in knots with Kay somehow nabbing the ropes. The two throw huge forearms back and forth, Rosa taking control with some big knees. Marti Belle tries to interfere, but Allisyn Kay and Thunder Rosa tell her to leave. Tasha Steelz and Ashley Vox circle Belle, and in the confusion Rosa gets a near fall. The two hit big move after big move, with the other kicking out. Neither are giving up. Rosa then hot-shotted Kay into the top rope, and rolled her up for the win.

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