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NWA Powerrr Results – January 14th, 2020

Matty Deller runs down the results from tonight’s episode of NWA Powerrr.

It’s all or nothing for Robert Gibson as he leads a team into battle against Strictly Business

We open with a recap of last week, and the reveal of Scott Steiner. We then see a breaking news video showing Nick Aldis ‘invading Ring of Honor this past weekend.

We open with Dave Marquez, who introduces his guests The Rock N’ Roll Express. Ricky Morton cuts a promo about being like the fans and how they accept the challenge of Strictly Business. Marquez asks who will be on their team, but they keep tight-lipped on it all.

The brackets are revealed for the NWA Television Title tournament. Tim Storm will face the winner of Dawson vs Dawson, Ricky Starks vs Opponent TBD, Zicky Dice vs Opponent TBD and The Question Mark vs Winner of Murdoch/Latimer.

We then cut to a promo between Zicky Dice and Ricky Starks. Dice asks what has Starks done in the NWA and Ricky calls Dice a ‘broke ass Guy Fieri’ and implies relations with his mother. The two exchange barbs to close.

NWA Television Title Tournament Qualifier: Zane Dawson defeated Dave Dawson via pinfall

These two big bruisers go toe-to-toe, hitting big offence from the opening bell. Dave Dawson hit a lovely dropkick, but Zane lays in a big headbutt. Dave goes for the injured hand but as the referee pulled him away, Zane hit Dave with the casted hand for the win.

We get a video package with Colt Cabana and Ken Anderson, talking about their partnership.

Melina defeated Ashley Vox via pinfall

Ashley Vox shocked Melina early on with a big John Woo dropkick but Melina retook control immediately. Vox had some fire, hitting a headscissors but missing a charge in the corner. Vox hit a headbutt, but Melina hit a big kick rocked Vox. These two went back and forth until Melina dropped Vox with the slice for the win.

Joe Galli talks to Melina, and she says that she has destroyed all of Allisyn Kay’s friends and it is now time to go for the title. She calls out Kay and warns her to be ready to be destroyed next week.

We get a video of Nick Aldis invading Ring of Honor this past weekend. Aldis then challenges Flip Gordon to match at NWA Hard Times.

Dave Marquez talks to The Pope about Outlaw Inc. He says he’s not their manager, but he is an advisor and to work a little ‘pope magic’ to get Homicide and Eddie Kingston opportunities they deserve. We also hear that James Storm and Eli Drake have earned a tag team title shot.

NWA National Champion Aron Stevens and The Question Mark defeated Outlaw Inc. (Homicide and Eddie Kingston) via pinfall

Aron Stevens runs away from Kingston, to begin with, but a wild strike missed from Stevens sees Outlaw Inc take control. A missed Homicide charge sees Stevens target the arm and take advantage. Homicide had a chance to tag out, but Kingston got hot-headed following a strike from Stevens and got taken out the Mongrovian spike. Homicide suffered the same fate and Stevens picks up the win.

Dave Marquez then introduces Nick Aldis with Strictly Business. Nick Aldis thanks Scott Steiner for looking out for him and gives Steiner a microphone. Brace yourself. Scott Steiner runs down the crowd, and mentions that his pedigree as an NWA Tag Team Champion, all while holding his own NWA Tag Team Championship.

Ricky Morton introduces his team; Robert Gibson, Eli Drake and Tim Storm

Robert Gibson, Eli Drake and Tim Storm defeated Strictly Business (Thomas Latimer, Royce Isaacs and Scott Steiner) via pinfall

Team Morton looks strong in the opening, but Isaacs pulls Drake off the top rope allowing Strictly Business to isolate him. Drake takes a hell of a beating, but rallies and takes Latimer down with a running DDT. A world-first as we see Robert Gibson get the hot tag. It all breaks down on the outside and in the confusion, Drake jacks the jaw of Isaacs and Gibson rolls him up for the win.


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