NWA Powerrr Results – January 1st, 2020

It’s a new year for the NWA, but will anyone be able to stop Nick Aldis and his cohorts having absolute power?

Joe Galli and Stu Bennett welcome us to another episode of NWA Powerrr before throwing to Dave Marquez, who has Tim Storm for an interview. Storm says that sometimes you get to start the New Year off in a good way, and calls getting another shot at Aldis in the Television Title tournament a gift. Marquez asked if he’d ever challenge for the World Title again, but Tim Storm was adamant that he is a man of his word, but looks forward to kicking his ass later.

This comment brought out NWA World Champion Nick Aldis, with Kamille. He mocks Storm for already being ready to compete while he is in his finest suit. He says he’s entered the TV title tournament because there is nobody left for him to beat. He closes that he’s had enough of the way Tim Storm looks and talks to him right now, because if he doesn’t change his ways – it will get worse from here.

We get a recap of last weeks promo from The Question Mark and National Champion Aron Stevens, saying they will get all the gold thanks to their skills in karate.

Submission Match: Aron Stevens defeated Sal Rinauro via submission

Not sure why this is a submission match, I am guessing because karate? Okay cool. Rinauro tries a figure four but Stevens gets out of that quick by kicking him into the buckles, big lariat and a cobra clutch for the win.

Post-match, Stevens will not relinquish the hold until Trevor Murdoch ran him off. Stevens went to the interview desk and Stevens goes to the interview desk and says that he’s trying to show the roster why he’s the most dangerous man in the NWA, and that Murdoch spoiled his exhibition. Murdoch says he is not going to take any of his nonsense anymore, but Aron rebuffs it, saying that he only wants his title. Murdoch disagrees, saying that he just wants to kick his ass. He tells Murdoch that he’ll face him…but only if he puts his spot up in the TV Title tournament. Murdoch agrees.

Trevor Murdoch defeats Aron Stevens via submission

Trevor Murdoch takes control with a trio of scoop slams early on, but Steves fights back with a Russian leg sweep to take control. Stevens goes for the cobra clutch, but Murdoch sends him into the buckle. A big full nelson slam and surprisingly, Murdoch locks in an Indian deathlock and Stevens taps.

We then cut to The Pope interviewing Homicide and Eddie Kingston. Kingston calls Homicide his mentor and Pope says that both guys have the ability to become the world tag team champions, and possibly even the world’s champion.

We see a video package from the events of Into The Fire, and also Eli Drake’s ‘merry promo’ from last week.

Eli Drake comes back out to Joe Galli at the interview desk. He talks about his interview last week and his plans for the new year. He says he hasn’t wrestled in two weeks and accuses Nick Aldis of keeping him out of the spotlight. He says he agrees with Ricky Morton and if Aldis doesn’t want to face him, maybe he could face Eli Drake instead. Colt Cabana comes out. Cabana says he’s sick of Drake running down Ken Anderson, saying he’s a good guy. Drake offers Cabana a chance to team up for the Tag Titles, but Colt says maybe Eli is the bad guy. Anderson runs out to confront Drake, but Colt Cabana holds him back.

We then see a promo from Melina, Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle. They run down the women’s division with Belle saying that Allisyn Kay never helped her even though they were meant to be friends. We cut to ODB, Tasha Steelz, Ashley Vox and NWA Women’s Champion Allisyn Kay. Kay says that she does still consider Belle a friend, but explains that she was hard on Belle because she wanted the best for her. Vox says a true friend wouldn’t be mad about that.

Tasha Steelz defeated Marti Belle via pinfall

This was a back-and-forth contest, a passable effort from both women. It started off with some chain wrestling until Belle caught Steelz the gut. They trade moves back and forth, until Steelz hits her cutter from out of nowhere for the victory.

Melina is furious following this loss and berates Belle in the ring.

We get another match drawn in the TV Title tournament, which is Zicky Dice vs Caleb Konley.

Before our main event, Nick Aldis comes out but he is not dressed to compete. He heads to the interview desk and the crowd boos heavily. Aldis says he entered into the TV tournament for fun, but Storm has taken all the fun out of it, as the crowd calls him a coward. He reveals his faction is called “Strictly Business” and says he won’t risk injury as World Champion for a tournament that isn’t important to him. He offers him a bye, but Tim Storm instead calls him a coward. This enrages Nick Aldis who feigns getting in the ring but says that he is leaving Tim Storm behind in this new year. Aldis announces that Royce Isaacs will be replacing him. Isaacs says he’s not warmed up but is pressured into the match.

NWA Television Title Tournament Match: Tim Storm defeats Royce Isaacs via pinfall

Storm starts off hot, with a big clothesline and a power slam. He dominates Isaacs early until Thomas Latimer causes a distraction, which allows Isaacs to hit a big exploder suplex to take control. Royce Isaacs tries for a top-rope senton but misses which brings Tim Storm back into proceedings. He fights back but Isaacs counters with a cutter-like move but Storm gets his foot on the rope. Storm counters Isaac’s finishing move into the Perfect Storm for the win.

Post-match, Rock N’ Roll Express surprise Nick Aldis to get into his head and start a ‘Rock and Roll’ chant to close the show.

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