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NWA Powerrr Results – January 21st, 2020

Matty Deller runs down the results from tonight’s episode of NWA Powerrr.

Before we head to Hard Times, can Ricky Morton roll back the clock and upset the ‘National Treasure’?

The show opens with a recap of how we got to our main event between Nick Aldis and Ricky Morton for the NWA World Heavyweight Title.

Joe Galli and Stu Bennett hype up the show before Dave Marquez welcomes his guest, Robert Gibson. Gibson hypes up his excitement for his partner Ricky Morton’s World Title match.

Thunder Rosa over Tasha Steelz via pinfall

Steelz and Rosa go hold-for-hold early on, until Rosa gets the better of her opponent, putting the boots to her. Thunder Rosa locks in a dragon sleeper, wearing Tasha Steelz down and working on her neck. Steelz gets her boots up on a Rosa charge but is met with a dropkick and dropped with a big reverse sit-out DDT for the win.

Dave Marquez asks Thunder Rosa what is going on with Melina, she says to ask her himself.

We hear from Nick Aldis who says that he will be at ROH Free Enterprise and asks all the NWA fans to join him there as he invades Marty Scurll’s turf.

Joe Galli talks to Royce Isaacs about Nick Aldis, but Isaacs starts putting over Strictly Business. Galli brings up Isaacs’ losing streak and mentions that it seems to all revolve around Mae Valentine. Isaacs lets slip he hasn’t slept with Mae yet, and Valentine preaches the virtues of being pure. This was a bit random.

NWA Television Title Tournament Qualifier: Trevor Murdoch defeated Thomas Latimer via pinfall

These two immediately head for each other and the fists fly in this hard-hitting match. Latimer takes early control with a pair of big clotheslines and a beat down on the outside. Latimer beats Murdoch from pillar to post, but Murdoch will not give up. Latimer misses a charge, and Murdoch steals a win with a roll-up and grabbing a whole bunch of tights for the win.

We get a recap of the issues between Melina and Allisyn Kay.

Joe Galli then brings us Melina and NWA Women’s Champion Allisyn Kay. Melina then announces that Kay will face Thunder Rosa at Hard Times for the title, is he can beat Marti Belle in a no disqualification match tonight. Kay has no issue with this and says Melina cannot hide from her forever.

No Disqualification Match: Allisyn Kay defeated Marti Belle via pinfall

Marti Belle lays in forearms to open and takes early control until Kay hits a big boot. Belle drops Kay onto the steel steps and then uses a steel chair to assault the champion. Belle misses a big charge and eats a chair for her troubles as Kay regained the momentum. The pair head into the crowd and exchange blows. Kay was about to take Belle’s head off with a chair but Marti begged her to stop. However, Belle’s attempt to use that as a distraction backfired and Kay hit AK-47 onto a chair to pick up the win.

We get another recap of the Aldis and Ricky Morton situation.

Dave Marquez talks to The Pope and Eddie Kingston. Pope says he didn’t lose last week, he is just here to help and is still on the hunt for his team that will bring change to the NWA. Marquez asks about Homicide, and Kingston takes exception to his questioning but admits they shouldn’t have taken the match considering Homicide’s injury. Dave Marquez asks if he’ll replace Homicide in the last change gauntlet tonight, but Kingston says no.

Joe Galli has been called away ‘on business’, so Kyle Davis is now joining Stu Bennett.

We see a karate demonstration from Aron Stevens and The Question Mark. Everybody bows towards Mongrovia, and we see a demonstration of Ka-Ra-Tay. We see self-defence for the streets, at home, with hidden weapons and multiple opponents. The Question Mark concludes by attempting to break some Mongrovian Oak, but Aron Stevens says he is ready for his fourth degree. However, one of the masked students hits Stevens with the oak board and reveals himself to be Ricky Starks. He tells Dave Marquez that he never forgets.

Last Chance Gauntlet, NWA Television Title Tournament Qualifier: Ken Anderson defeated Jocephus, Dave Dawson, Caleb Konley, Sal Rinaro, CW Anderson, Aron Stevens and Colt Cabana to win

This will fill the spot left by Zane Dawson, who is out with a broken hand. CW Anderson and Caleb Konley start with some technical wrestling. Jocephus enters the fray, misses wildly and goes over the top rope. Jocephus is eliminated. Colt Cabana is up next, who comes in and is nearly eliminated but gets back in and runs wild on both Anderson and Konley. Dave Dawson is in next and uses his power to take control. Aron Stevens enters next and immediately rolls out and hides under the ring. Zicky Dice comes out and cuts a promo for reasons. Sal Rinaro out next. Cabana hits the flying apple, CW hits a spinebuster and Konley hits a moonsault to Dave Dawson for the pin. Dave Dawson is eliminated. Ken Anderson is next, who drops Rinaro with a mic check and picks up the pin. Sal Rinaro is eliminated. Konley misses a moonsault, Anderson hits mic check again and pins Konley. Caleb Konley is eliminated. Anderson and Cabana work together on CW, Colt hits the Superman pin. CW Anderson is eliminated. Question Mark tries to hit Mongrovian Spike on Ken Anderson and Cabana, but he hits Aron Stevens. Cabana pins Stevens. Aron Stevens is eliminated. Anderson then rolls up Colt as they shake hands to win the match.

Post-match, Ken Anderson and Colt Cabana appear to patch things up but Anderson low blows Colt and drops him with a Mic Check. He then lays him out with a Mic Check into the ring post, sealed with a kiss.

Dave Marquez talks to Eli Drake and James Storm about Ricky Morton. Drake says Morton will win the NWA Title here tonight and Storm puts over Morton’s abilities tonight. James Storm prays to god that Morton beats Nick Aldis tonight.

We get breaking news from Joe Galli, that announces Matt Cross and ROH’s Dan Maff will be a part of the NWA Television Title tournament.

We also hear from Flip Gordon, who says he’s not the same kid from two years ago and he will be coming for Aldis and his ten pounds of gold.

Galli also announces that Aron Stevens will face Scott Steiner for the NWA National Championship, and we will wither see Ricky Morton defend the NWA Title or the Rock N’ Roll Express defend the Tag Team Titles, pending the results of the main event.

NWA Owner William Patrick Corgan and Joe Galli join and re-join the commentary team respectively.

NWA World Heavyweight Title: Champion Nick Aldis defeated Ricky Morton via pinfall to retain his title

Just as the match begins, NWA Owner William Patrick Corgan demands all seconds leaves ringside before the match can begin. Aldis wastes time to open, refusing to lock up with Morton. They eventually lock horns and Morton outwrestles Aldis in the beginning, even dropping the champion with a right hand. A big kick allowed Aldis to regain control but Morton fought back with strikes of his own. Morton was in firm control until an Aldis eye rake allowed him to drive the challenger back first into the ringpost. Aldis works over Morton, but he gets himself thrown off the top allowing Morton back in. Morton locks in a figure four leg lock, but Aldis makes the ropes. Morton tries an inside cradle, but Aldis counters with a hook of the tights for the win.

Just as the show draws to a close, we get an interruption that says that Villian Enterprises will be at Hard Times on Friday.


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