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NWA Powerrr Results – January 28th, 2020

In the wake of Hard Times and a Television Champion crowned, what will happen next?

We open with a video highlighting the issues between Nick Aldis and Marty Scurll, including the title match between Aldis and Flip Gordon.

The newest member of the broadcast team Sean Mooney introduces NWA Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis. He talks about Flip Gordon and says he’s good but up against ‘The National Treasure he’s ‘Flop’ Gordon. He says he is the greatest World Champion of the modern era, but Mooney reminds him Aldis had him escorted from the building. Amongst the chants of ‘coward’ from the audience, Aldis says he didn’t want a match to ruined by outside interference. He reveals that he had a closed set meeting with Marty Scurll and it will air at the end of this show. He closes by saying we will see why he is called ‘The Dealer’.

We see Eli Drake and James Storm winning the NWA Tag Team Champions at Hard Times.

Sal Rinaro joins commentary for the next match.

Royce Isaacs defeated Andre Guhn via pinfall

Royce Isaacs dominated early on, with any pace from Guhn cut off by a dropkick to the knee. Guhn kicked out of the Money Clip but after Andre Guhn hit a dropkick which sent Isaacs to the outside, a comment from Rinaro upset him to the point where he nearly missed the ten count. Isaacs rallied though, hitting Hush Money for the win.

Post-match, Royce Isaacs berated Mae Valentine at ringside.

We see a recap of Thunder Rosa capturing the NWA Women’s title from Allisyn Kay at Hard Times

We see a recap of Eddie Kingston being attacked by The Dawsons, courtesy of The Pope.

Kyle Davis introduces the new NWA Women’s Champion, Thunder Rosa. Melina takes the microphone and says that she made all of this happen. Every time Kyle Davis tries to talk to Rosa, Melina interrupts and talks about how great her team is. We will see a rematch between Kay and Rosa for the title next week. Thunder Rosa says she will face Allisyn Kay, and says she will beat her every time and there is no woman that can stop her. Thunder Rosa talks about her big title and how much it meant to her, but Melina then pulls her away.

We see a recap of Ricky Starks journey to the NWA Television Title at Hard Times.

Dave Marquez introduces the new NWA Television Champion, Ricky Starks. He talks about suffering ‘hard times’ this past weekend, but realises that he will have to defend this title every week. He talks about the lineage of the gold and he vows to add some pages to the history of that title. He calls out Zicky Dice, who complains that he had to face a monster that doesn’t even work here. Zicky brags about his wears, and says he is television. Starks offers out a challenge, which Dice accepts.

NWA Television Title: Champion Ricky Starks defeated Zicky Dice via pinfall to retain the title

Zicky Dice overpowers Ricky Starks to open, but Starks uses his athleticism to take control. Dice hits a big clothesline and takes control once more, but Starks fights back with a slingblade. Ricky Starks hits a bunch of big moves to zero in on victory, and he does after countering the Snake Rattle and Roll into The Stroke for the win.

Joe Galli introduces the new NWA Tag Team Champions Eli Drake and James Storm. Drake talks to us and says it doesn’t matter their name, you can just call them champs. Aron Stevens and The Question Mark interrupts, and James Storm decides to regail us with some jokes. Eli Drake asks Joe Galli for a favour and to tell them to take a number to challenge for the gold. Stevens and Question Mark are joined by Trevor Murdoch. Murdoch says he has no respect for Stevens because he runs away from all his matches. Murdoch announces that he will face Aron Stevens next week for the NWA National Championship. Question Mark sucker punches Murdoch with the Mongrovian Spike. This was ridiculously entertaining.

We see a recap of Nick Aldis vs Flip Gordon for the NWA Title at Hard Times.

We see footage of Marty Scurll’s and Nick Aldis’ face to face meeting. Aldis says that Scurll has put him in a difficult position due to his actions. He says he is getting pissed off that he does everything right, but he is saddled with a reputation of being difficult to deal with. He brings up their long-term friendship and says he thought Scurll was different. Aldis says he was always there for him but even after he beat him at NWA 70, he still wants to take what Aldis has. Scurll talks about being the nearly man and feeling like he’s a failure. Scurll says he knows he can beat Aldis, and he needs to beat Aldis. Aldis says he knows Scurll can beat him but he can’t as Scurll asks for one more match. Aldis asks for the purse, Scurll agrees. Aldis asks for it to be at 2020 Crockett Cup, Scurll agrees. Aldis says if Scurll loses, he has to refund every fan in attendance.

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