NWA Powerrr Results – January 7th, 2020

Will everything be ‘Strictly Business’ this week on Powerrr, or will the champ slip up this week?

We get a video recap of last weeks goings-on with Tim Storm, Rock N’ Roll Express and Nick Aldis naming his new faction ‘Strictly Business’.

Joe Galli interviews Tim Storm about the NWA Television Championship tournament. Storm said he would be proud to represent the NWA as champion, the tournament itself (and the fact there will be two open invites into the bracket) and Nick Aldis’s actions last week. He said what he did last week made things personal, which brings out Kamille. She grabs the microphone but Tim Storm is not done and calls Nick Aldis a coward. Kamille responds with a big slap, and walks away.

We get the final two qualifiers drawn for the Television title tournament, as Zane and Dave Dawson will face off as well as Trevor Murdoch facing Thomas Latimer.

NWA Television Title Tournament Qualifier: Zicky Dice defeated Caleb Konley via pinfall

Caleb Konley aimed for quick pins due to the short time limit and dominated proceedings until Dice caught a Konley dive into a northern lights suplex. Dice missed a cannonball and let Konley in, but a missed moonsault allowed Dice to pick up the win with the ‘Snake, Rattle and Roll’ neckbreaker.

Joe Galli spoke to NWA National Champion Aron Stevens and The Question Mark. Stevens talks to bringing The Question Mark to this country and teaching him his ways like he has taught him Mongrovian Ka-ra-tay. They talk about winning all the gold.

Thunder Rosa defeated ODB via pinfall

These two went blow-for-blow early on, with ODB coming out on top. Thunder Rosa fought back with a drop toe hold into the middle rope and a Boss Man attack. These two continue throwing bombs, but Rosa gets caught on a crossbody which leads to a big ODB fallaway slam. A missed middle-rope Thesz press brings Rosa back into it, and a backstabber followed up by the double stomp gave Thunder Rosa the win. Really good match.

Joe Galli then introduces NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis to a chorus of boos and chants of ‘coward’. Galli asks about Kamille and Tim Storm, which are batted away by Aldis. He brings up Ricky Morton and discusses The Wildcards getting another shot at the NWA World Tag Team Titles. Aldis brings up his opponent Ricky Starks and says that he can beat Starks in under six minutes.

6:05 Exhibition Match: Nick Aldis and Ricky Starks went to a time limit draw

This match is an ‘exhibition match’ with a time limit of 6 minutes and 5 seconds. Ricky Starks got the best of Aldis early on, but a big suplex from the champion switched that in a hurry. Aldis worked over Starks for the remainder of the match, but Starks got himself back in it with a slingblade. Aldis struggled to deal with the speed of Starks, but a missed moonsault tweaked Starks’ knee and Aldis locked in the Kings Lynn Cloverleaf. Starks held on and managed to outlast the time limit.

Ricky Morton comes out to the ring and demands Ricky Starks gets five more minutes. Nick Aldis declines and says he was saved by the bell. Ricky Morton asked for five minutes of his own, and Aldis rejects that idea as well and exits.

We were meant to have a triple threat tag team match, but NWA Champion Nick Aldis pulled The Wildcards from this contest.

James Storm & Eli Drake defeated Colt Cabana & Ken Anderson via disqualification

Eli Drake and Colt Cabana start off, with Drake getting the best of that exchange. Both men tag out and James Storm takes control with a big head scissors. Anderson pulls the hair to take control and he and Cabana work over Storm. Drake gets the tag but has to fight out from underneath Cabana and Anderson himself. Storm gets taken out by Anderson, but when Cabana’s superman pin only got a two Anderson grabbed the referee which causes the disqualification.

Strictly Business then appear and Nick Aldis says he has the power to remove the Wildcards from that match because it wasn’t in their best interests. Aldis calls out The Rock N’ Roll Express and challenges them to a six-man tag team match. If Morton’s team wins, he gets an NWA Title shot. Morton agrees but Aldis says himself and Morton will not be a part of the match and reveals his third man, Scott Steiner.

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