NWA Powerrr Results – March 3, 2020

Two titles on the line as we head towards the Crockett Cup

We open with Sean Mooney running down tonight’s card, including it’s two title matches.

NWA Television Title: Zicky Dice defeated Champion Ricky Starks via pinfall to win the title

After some stalling from Dice, Zicky takes down Starks and the two do some push-ups. Starks then throws some chops and strikes, working over the challenger. The champion was in firm control untilDice snapped Starks’ neck over the ropes and bending him around the ring post, following up with a big baseball slide into the ribs. Starks fought back, attempting the DDT but managed to style out a potential issue into a falcon arrow for a near fall. Dice hit the Snake, Rattle and Roll but Starks has his foot underneath the bottom rope. Dice, after some shenanigans with his fanny pack, sat down on a pin attempt to pick up the win.

Zicky Dice was set to talk to Dave Marquez, but he was interrupted by Thomas Latimer who demanded to speak to Joe Galli. Latimer told Galli that Kamille will speak on NWA Powerrr next week.

We then see footage from the Gateway Arena at the NWA Crockett Cup press conference. Marty Scurll says he needs to become NWA Champion, and Nick Aldis says he is the champion and then there is everybody else.

We then see footage of Aron Stevens’ attack on Trevor Murdoch from last week.

Aron Stevens discusses belts with Dave Marquez, and why they haven’t been given a tag team championship shot. They call out some legends, and The Rock N’ Roll Express appear. Aron Stevens takes shots at their advancing years and challenges them to a match. Stevens asks them to ‘do business’ and he’ll take them to Hollywood. Rock N’ Roll Express challenge them to a match next week.

We see a recap of Kamille’s attack of Allisyn Kay last week.

Last Chance Tornado Tag Match: CW Anderson & Caleb Konley defeated The Dawsons via pinfall

The stipulation was that the losing team must leave the NWA. The Dawsons jump Anderson and Konley to open, but Konley fights his way out with big chops. Konley knocks Zane to the outside, and Dave Dawson starts working over CW Anderson. Zane clotheslines CW down, and the brothers take control. They hit a host of double team moves, with pins being broken up before three. CW Anderson low bridges Zane, and after an Anderson spinebuster and a moonsault, The Dawsons are gone from the NWA.

We get a recap from last weeks assault from The Bouncers to Eddie Kingston.

Joe Galli introduces Mae Valentine and Sal Rinaro. They talk about her blog, her upcoming lingerie line and Rinaro’s injury. Mae Valentine then films her riveting vlog with the crowd, which brought out an enraged Royce Isaacs who threatened to break the good arm of Sal, until Mae yelled at him to stop.

Dave Marquez talks to The Pope and The Bouncers. Pope says they are taking advantage of the change he’s bringing to the NWA. Beer City Bruiser says they are all about the money, and thanks to his money they will become the NWA World Tag Team Champions.

NWA World Tag Team Titles: Champions James Storm & Eli Drake defeated The Bouncers to retain the titles

Eli Drake starts off with Brian Milonas, who tried to knock him off his feet but nothing could get it done until Milonas drops Drake with a shoulder block to take control. James Storm and Beer City Bruiser enter the ring and following a distraction, Bruiser hit a big Samoan drop which let The Bouncers take over. Eli Drake clotheslined Beer City Bruiser, which allowed Eli Drake to get the hot tag and run wild. The champions go for a double team, but Milonas interferes, allowing them to divide and conquer with several near falls. Storm and Drake muscle over Milonas with a double scoop slam, and finish off The Bouncers with a Last Call superkick and elbow drop combination.

Post match, Eddie Kingston dared Pope to get into the ring but Pope declined.

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