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NWA Powerrr Results – November 26th, 2019

Matty Deller runs down the results from tonight’s episode of NWA Powerrr.

With Into The Fire a few weeks away, who will challenge ‘The National Treasure’ for the Ten Pounds of Gold?

We get a recap of all the things regarding NWA Champion Nick Aldis, Kamille, James Storm and The Wildcards on the previous NWA Powerrr episodes.

We open with Joe Galli, talking about who will face Nick Aldis at Into The Fire. His match will be a two-out-of-three falls match.

Dave Marquez talks to Eli Drake. he talks about who talks like, then does an impression of Nick Aldis saying he wants to be him. Eli Drake says that he wants the gold, but not right now. He is after Ken Anderson first and that Ken Anderson will never be him.

We see a recap of last weeks brawl, and The Wildcards vs Rock N Roll Express for the NWA World Tag Championships is made for next week.

We see the ‘Into The Cage’ Thunder Rosa MMA documentary. We get a really good insight into the person behind Thunder Rosa as well as the journey into her debut MMA fight. Doesn’t really do well for someone who is meant to be a heel though.

We see a recap of how Colt Cabana won the NWA National Championship.

Dave Marquez interviews Aron Stevens and The Question Mark, who will have to fight in an empty arena match against The Dawsons. If Question Mark loses, he will unmask and if The Dawson loses, they will have to recite Shakespeare.

Empty Arena Match: Zane Dawson defeated The Question Mark

This was completely bizarre. An obvious last minute re-tape with Joe Galli commentating by himself. The Question Mark wins with his Mongrovian Chop.

The Dawsons read a monologue from Shakespeare, as Aron Stevens vomits into a bin.

Joe Galli announces that The Question Mark will face Trevor Murdoch at Into The Fire.

We get a recap of Melina’s debut, assisting Marti Belle and Thunder Rosa last week.

Joe Galli sits down with Melina and asks her about her return. She talks about her love of wrestling, and the struggles the people she watched face. She says he likes to be a leader and says she was one of the pioneers of modern womens wrestling. She talks about NWA Women’s Champion Allisyn Kay, and says she carries the belt like it’s an accessory. She says the title deserves more than Kay is giving it and Melina will make her appreciate it. This went on way too long and was incredibly rambly.

We see the advert for ‘The Circle Squared’, NWA’s new talent show.

We get the second part of ‘Into The Cage’ which focuses on Thunder Rosa’s MMA match itself.

Joe Galli announces that NWA Women’s Champion Allisyn Kay will team with Ashley Vox against two members of Melina’s team at Into The Fire.

Colt Cabana vs Ricky Starks is also announced for next weeks NWA Powerrr.

Eli Drake vs Ken Anderson is also made for Into The Fire.

James Storm is announced as Nick Aldis’ challenger for the NWA Championship at Into The Fire.


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