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NWA Powerrr Results – November 5th, 2019

Matty Deller runs down the results from tonight’s episode of NWA Powerrr.

Colt Cabana finally gets his rematch for the National Championship. Can he reclaim his gold?

We open with a recap of Eli Drake’s rise in the National Wrestling Alliance, and Colt Cabana’s journey back to a National Title match.

Dave Marquez interviews Colt Cabana, who talks about him getting his title shot against NWA National Champion James Storm in the main event.

We then see a recap of last weeks match between Aron Stevens and Ricky Starks. Stevens says his loss last week was a fluke and he says he is better than you. He announces that he has asked for a rematch against Ricky Starks. If NWA do not meet his demands, he will leave for Hollywood.

The Dawsons defeat Mims and Jordan Kingsley via pinfall

This was your classic NWA showcase for the Dawson’s. Mims and Kingsley looked strong early on, but Dawsons took over, seeing off the duo with a hip toss into a double team powerbomb.

The Dawsons tell Dave Marquez that they deserve a NWA World Tag Team Title shot. Eddie Kingston and Homicide come out and says even though the Dawsons beat them, if they want a title shot they have to go through them. Kingston and Homicide offer to put their title shot on the line, to get a rematch. The Dawsons say they’ll think about it. Just let Eddie Kingston speak every week please.

Tim Storm talks to Joe Galli about his future in the NWA. Storm talks about all he’s done, his title match against Nick Aldis and his future. Nick Aldis comes out and has a private word with Storm, telling him to not worry about Eli Drake.

Thunder Rosa defeated Ashley Vox via pinfall

It was an impressive debut for Thunder Rosa, making short work of Ashley Vox. Rosa worked the back of Ashley, and even though Vox got her fishhook in, Rosa saw her off with a double foot stomp to the spine.

Ashley Vox laid in some shots post-match, only for Marti Belle to make the save.

Dave Marquez talks to Marti Belle. She says she doesn’t know who Thunder Rosa is, but she knows Allisyn Kay is, and she is upset that Kay said she wasn’t ready. The NWA Women’s Champion comes out and tries to talk to Belle, but Thunder Rosa attacks the champ and drives her into the ringpost. Thunder Rosa offers Kay up to Belle, who kicks the champ into the face.

Ricky Starks heads down to the ring, Aron Stevens declares that this will be a two-out-of-three falls match.

Two out of Three Falls: Ricky Starks defeated Aron Stevens two falls to zero

Aron Stevens has awful tights on. Stevens tries to rush Ricky Starks, but he gets caught and Starks rolls him up for the first fall. Starks dominates the second fall, until a Stevens eye poke lets him take control. However, Stevens gets cocky and allows Starks to roll him up to win two falls to nothing. This was a fun little match.

NWA National Title: Champion James Storm defeats Colt Cabana

Ken Anderson seconded Colt Cabana for his championship match, with Eli Drake accompanying James Storm. James Storm in control in the early going, working the previous injured leg of Cabana. Cabana stops a top rope manouver and gets back in control, winning the title on several occasions. Eli Drake gets in the referees face following Storm nearly grabbing the win, which led to Anderson and Drake getting into on the outside. Kamille then made her presence felt and in all the confusion, Colt Cabana hits the superman pin on Storm to win the title. A great ‘main event’.

Dave Marquez is interrupted by The Dawson’s and they demand their match with Homicide and Eddie Kingston.

NWA World Tag Team Title Number One Contendership: Outlaw Inc defeated The Dawsons via pinfall

This was more of a brawl than a match, with two of the NWA’s roughest teams. The Dawson’s work over Eddie Kingston, with them repeatedly going for the eyes of Eddie. Kingston and Homicide were in firm control until NWA World Tag Team Champions The Wildcard’s got themselves involved and stopped Homicide from coming off the top rope. This led to a highly unexpected save from the legendary Rock and Roll Express, leading Kingston and Homicide picking up the win with a backfist/gringo cutter combination. This was pretty good.

The Rock and Roll Express celebrate alongside Homicide and Eddie Kingston to close.


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