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NWA Super Powerrr Results – May 12, 2020

Matty Deller runs down the results from NWA Super Powerrr

It’s been a long time coming but we finally see the lost episode of NWA, Super Powerrr!

Dave Marquez welcomes Villain Enterprises, who says when you mess with him you mess with all of V.E. Brody King says that they’ve been taking over the NWA since it came back, and it’s a matter of when not if Scurll becomes World Heavyweight Champion.

We see Kamille’s attack on Allisyn Kay and staredown with Thunder Rosa. Then there is a retrospective on Kamille’s run in the NWA so far and Joe Galli’s quest to hear her speak.

Kamille defeated Maddie Maxx via pinfall (spear)

Kamille is very good, and is only going to get better. Total squash match, Kamille wins with a spear.

Joe Galli finally tries to get his interview with Kamille, but she walks away. We then hear a pre-taped interview, where Kamille says people don’t like her because she is gifted. She runs through all of her accolades and says she has been hated by others for her power, so she as no respect for anyone. She says she is the common denominator for Nick Aldis’ successes. She says she will end everyone in the NWA.

We see a recap of Aron Stevens beatdown of Trevor Murdoch, and their challenge to The Rock N’ Roll Express.

Sean Mooney interviews The Rock N’ Roll Express, who preview their chances in the 2020 Crockett Cup (which isn’t happening of course)

Rock N Roll Express defeated Aron Stevens and The Question Mark via pinfall (roll-up)

This match was mainly about The Question Mark beating down Ricky Morton, only for Aron Stevens to tag in and get a beating of his own. Trevor Murdoch appears, and Aron Stevens gets on the mic to introduce his insurance policy, Question Mark Jr.

Stevens and Question Mark work over Gibson but just as Jr interferes, he gets run off by Murdoch and after about three feet, Question Mark Jr is gassed out. The distraction leads to Gibson picking up the win over Stevens. No hot tag to Robert Gibson? What is this?

We see how Zicky Dice won the NWA Television Title, and we then see a post-match promo from the new champion.

We see another pre-taped segment about all the drama surrounding Thunder Rosa and the NWA Women’s World Title.

Kyle Davis then interviews Melina, who talks about why she should fight for the NWA Women’s Title. She says she is a living legend and she is smart enough to get another shot. She says Allisyn Kay had two shots to win the title back, and failed. This brings out Allisyn Kay who challenges Melina, calling her a coward. The champ Thunder Rosa then appears and says she will take on any challenger. She decides that she can take both of them, and the challenge is made for a triple threat at the (now cancelled) Crockett Cup.

We see a video package about Tim Storm, Danny Deals and Jax Dane.

No Disqualification Match: Tim Storm defeated Jax Dane via pinfall

Jax Dane jumps Tim Storm at the entrance, and the two go at in and all around ringside. At one point, Storm repeatedly threw Dane head-first into the Crockett Cup at ringside! Jax Dane hit a nasty belly-to-belly on the outside, even hitting his ‘Dane Event’ samoan drop but it all came to nothing as Dane ran into a propped up chair, heading right into the Perfect Storm for the win.

As a result, Tim Storm gets five minutes in the ring with Danny Deals.

Danny Deals then gets into his ‘Momma Storm’ gear, but Tim gets rid of that in a hurry. Deals gives him a hug and offers him a handshake but falls right into a Perfect Storm. He hits a second one for good measure.

We then see May Valentine’s diary, where an upset May talks about Royce Isaacs’ jealousy over Sal Rinaro.

Tasha Steelz defeated Marti Belle and Ashley Vox via pinfall (codebreaker)

Marti Belle declines to start the match, letting Ashley Vox and Tasha Steelz face off. Marti Belle jumps in and takes control. All three go back-and-forth in a fast-paced contest, Tasha Steelz picks up the win.

Dave Marquez talks to Eddie Kingston and the NWA Tag Team Champions Eli Drake and James Storm. Kingston says he trusts these two men because they want to fight, no matter what. James Storm says they can make people laugh, but they can also beat peoples asses. Eli Drake talks about the (now cancelled) Crockett Cup and about how they sent The Bouncers right back to ROH, and says they will face any team at any time. Drake closes by saying James Storm’s catchphrase.

Strictly Business (NWA World Champion Nick Aldis & Thom Latimer) defeated Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll & Brody King) via pinfall (school boy)

This was a tag team match full on hard-hitting heavyweight action from Brody King and Thom Latimer, coupled with shenanigans from ‘The Villain’ and the NWA Champion. Just as Marty Scurll went for his chicken wing, Kamille provided a distraction which only led to an interfering Royce Isaacs to eat the umbrella. In the melee, Brody King gets low blowed by Thom Latimer, allowing Nick Aldis to pick up the win.

NWA Owner Billy Corgan announces that while they cannot provide content that they want to, there are no plans to fold the company. Instead, they will be debuting a show called ‘Carnyland’ next week.


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