NWA The Circle Squared Results – March 10, 2020

It’s time for four more stars to try and earn a contract with the NWA.

We recap what happened on the debut episode, and see some reactions from this week.

Kyle Davis introduces Colby Corino, who talks about wrestling his entire life. He talks about his kid and how he does everything for him and wants to make him proud.

We see some reactions for that promo.

Kyle Davis then introduces George South, a veteran of the business. He says he has never been able to appear in the NWA, and he is here because of himself and not the fans. He talks about knowing Colby Corino his whole life but he’ll punch anyone’s mother in the face for a chance to be in the NWA.

We see some more reactions, including some from NWA stars Eli Drake and Allysin Kay.

We hear some more on each man, including Colby Corino’s issues with drug abuse and George South working for the NWA, but never appearing in the hallowed studios.

Colby Corino defeated George South via pinfall

Colby Corino started off strong against the veteran, but a back suplex put George South in firm control. South applied a claw hold, but Corino fought out into an abdominal stretch. South countered into a hip toss, reapplying the claw but Corino would not say die. South works over Corino once more and applies a third claw and then an airplane spin. South then misses a charge, and Corino rolls up South for the win.

Colby Corino offered his hand, but George South walked away.

Kyle Davis polls the fans about the match, and we hear more from Kay and Drake.

Joe Galli announces a National Championship match at The Crockett Cup between champion Aron Stevens and Trevor Murdoch, and an NWA Women’s Championship match will take place. He also announces that Villain Enterprises (Brody King & Flip Gordon), Rey Horus & Flamita and The Wildcards will be a part of the 2020 Crockett Cup, and there will be a gauntlet battle royal for the final wildcard spot.

Episode two opens with Dave Marquez who introduces Freya The Slaya. She talks about being from Alaska and braving the elements. We then see Dani Jordyn, who says she is ‘The Real Mean Girl’. She insults Freya about being from Alaska.

We see some reactions from the fans and NWA stars. We also see some candid thoughts from both Freya and Jordyn.

Freya The Slaya defeated Dani Jordyn via pinfall

Freya overpowered Jordyn to open, throwing her opponent around. Jordyn keeps trying to knock her down. Jordyn works the legs to try and cut her down. However, Jordyn gets cocky and Freya clotheslines her down. Freya missed a leg drop. Freya tries to pick up Jordyn, but her knee gives out allowed Dani to hit a dropkick for a near fall. However, Freya muscles her up for a Michinoku driver for the win.

Dave Marquez polls the fans and we hear thoughts from Eli Drake and Allisyn Kay to close the show.

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