NXT: Results | 11/05/21 | Championship Match Extravanganza

WWE NXT comes to us live from the Capitol Wrestling Centre in Florida, with two matches where championships are on the line.

We took a look back at Candice LeRae and Indi Hartwell’s championship victory from last week, before moving on to highlights of Kushida’s feud with Santos Escobar. Also we saw highlights of Raquel Gonzalez and Mercedes Martinez’s feud ahead of their championship match.

Then we saw a video of Karrion Kross telling Austin Theory time was up! In the ring Theory and Johnny Gargano awaited the entrance of Karrion Kross and Scarlett.

Karrion Kross defeated Austin Theory via Submission; Referee Stoppage (Kross Jacket)

Gargano did tell Theory that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take…..Theory though really was in a lose-lose situation. No matter what Theory did, Kross was just all over him with a kick to the face or a choke. Theory tried to gain an upper hand with a poke to Kross’s eye, but that did not keep Kross out of the match. He got a small upper hand on the NXT Champion, but it lasted for such a short time. Even with Gargano cheering him on, Theory really had no chance.

After the match, Finn Balor showed up behind Kross. Balor said he doesn’t wait in lines and wants his rematch. Kross said he wanted the match as bad as Balor. Seems the rematch is set.

Then we took a commercial break.

When we returned from break we saw the arrival of Kushida, Raquel Gonzalez, and Dakota Kai from earlier in the day. Then we saw footage of William Regal being interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell, until Leon Ruff showed up. Ruff said he would like to compete tonight, but Regal did not want to let him after the beating he took last week.

Ruff said he even went to the medical team in preparation for Regal to say no. Although the medical team cleared Ruff, Regal was still hesitant. Ruff continued to get angry and throw things off Regal’s desk. Regal was furious but kept it together and told Ruff to get out.

Back at ringside, Breezango was awaiting their opponents.

MSK defeated Breezango via Pinfall

Tyler Breeze and Wes Lee began the match and were pretty evenly matched! They even both went for super kicks at the same time! That’s when they both tagged in their respective partners. Nash Carter on a take down of Fandango attempted to do a dance like Fandango would, but well…not as good.

Gotta give props to referee Darryl Sharma for his mad hops and athletic ability in this one! He actually had to dodge out of the way of Nash Carter and hop over him! Fun times, fun times. Sharma seemed to lose control of the match for a bit though when all four men were in the ring and just went at each other. Breezango gave it their all and tried to pull one over the champions, but it just didn’t work out.

After the match Breezango and MSK shared a moment of sportsmanship.

Backstage Johnny Gargano was headed to William Regal’s office. Gargano was not happy about facing Bronson Reed in a steel cage match next week for his championship. He even asked Regal why he hated him. Regal said he valued Gargano; the marketing department even made him his own headband! But no matter what, Gargano is still facing Reed next week. Gargano took a pencil off Regal’s desk and snapped it.

We saw Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan walking to the ring before we took another commercial break.

Returning from break we saw Mercedes Martinez preparing for her championship match. Then we were told that NXT In Your House will take place on June 13th!

Then Pete Dunne was in the ring. He said he didn’t blame Karrion Kross for choosing Finn Balor because they both know Dunne is the toughest match up there is. Dunne told Kross to keep ducking him because that title will be his sooner or later. Then he laid out the chance for anyone in the back to step up to prove Dunne isn’t the baddest man on the roster.

Leon Ruff then attacked Dunne from behind!! Dunne just smiled though.

Pete Dunne defeated Leon Ruff via Referee Stoppage

Ruff did get some really good offense in on Dunne. The offense he did get I think surprised Dunne. In the end though, Dunne used joint manipulation to gain control and break Ruff down. While Ruff got some offense in, Dune used a triangle choke and elbows to put an end to the match.

After the match, Dunne snapped Ruff’s fingers. Then we went backstage to see Legado del Fantasma. Raul Mendoza said that tonight we will see who the real champion is…Santos Escobar. Joaquin Wilde said the Cruiserweight Championship is coming home. Escobar said by the end of the night he will be a two time Cruiserweight Champion.

Before heading to commercial break we saw Raquel Gonzalez preparing for her first title defense.

When we returned from break we found out Karrion Kross would defend his NXT Championship against Finn Balor in two weeks! Also in two weeks will be the in ring debut of Franky Monet! (World Premiere of Monet really.)

Raquel Gonzalez defeated Mercedes Martinez via Pinfall (One Armed Powerbomb)

Honestly, what a first defense for Gonzalez. Martinez did bring the action right to the champion and brought the action to the outside. She even scared off Dakota Kai. The action then went to picture in picture and Gonzalez was able to regain control of the match.

Lots of near falls in this one, but the action was great. Martinez kept herself in the match even when others would have given up. She gave herself moments where it was just a millisecond away from victory, but in the end the champion was able to prevail.

We then saw Isaiah Swerve Scott and company arrive to the CWC before we went to commercial break.

Returning from break, Johnny Gargano and Austin Theory are being thrown out of the CWC by referees and road agents. We then see Scotty 2 Hottie and others checking on Bronson Reed. As Reed gets up he says that Gargano is a dead man.

Back at ringside we see Swerve. He said it is about to get real spooky in NXT. Then music that said Hit Row began to play as Swerve’s friends came out. Swerve said he made a lot of mistakes in NXT, the biggest being something everyone thought he was. Swerve’s house? Nah. Swerve is a dangerous, disrespectful man. He recruited people who think the same way that he does.

Then Swerve handed it over to Top Dolla, AJ Francis. Francis gave us a little rap/freestyle on why he is the Top Dolla. Then Ashante Adonis gave us three rules to go by. We then heard from B Fab (Brandy I believe), and she spit a couple bars.

Hit Row is here and they are a problem. If you didn’t know? Well now you do.

We then saw footage from earlier in the day of a house auction! An eight room, six bath mansion! Of course Cameron Grimes was the first to place a bid! Then the auctioneer did his thing and Grimes couldn’t believe he was talking so fast. Eventually Grimes was outbid by…THE MILLION DOLLAR MAN! Everybody’s got a price.

Then we took another commercial break.

Back from break, we heard from Zoey Stark and Toni Storm on how they feel about each other. Stark said next week Storm faces a wrestling machine.

Kyle O’Reilly defeated Oney Lorcan via Pinfall (Knee to the back of the head)

We saw how the match between Lorcan and KOR came about as KOR made his entrance. Apparently the match came together because of an altercation earlier in the day.

KOR and Lorcan know each other rather well and the match certainly reflected that. Plenty of mat grappling and submission holds to be had in this match. As one could have expected this match was hard hitting.

After KOR won the match his fighting wasn’t over. The Bruiserweight decided that what KOR went through in the match wasn’t enough and attacked KOR! Lorcan also helped out Dunne. Then BOBBY FISH APPEARED OUT OF NO WHERE! Fish helped his long time tag team partner get rid of Dunne and Lorcan.

KOR said it was good to see Fish back after they took care of Dunne and Lorcan. Fish said it was good to be back. Of course KOR reminded Fish that even though he appreciated the help, he is trying to do his own thing. Fish respected that and said he still has some scores to settle. The two will see each other around.

After Bronson Reed gave a warning to Johnny Gargano we took a commercial break.

Kushida defeated Santos Escobar in a Two out of Three Falls Match (2-1)

Kushida of course entered the match alone. Escobar on the other hand had Legado del Fantasma with him. While the referee was distracted Legado del Fantasma tried to sneak up on Kushida! They were stopped though by MSK, who came out of no where!

Escobar was the one to score the first pin. But it did not take long for Kushida to tie it up with an armbar! I don’t think words truly do this match justice, especially the end sequence, this is one you should just check out. Escobar and Kushida put on a hell of a match with the time they had and they pulled out all the stops.

We ended the night with Kushida celebrating his victory!

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