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NXT Results: June 24th, 2020

This week’s NXT features Keith Lee defending his North American Championship against Johnny Gargano and Finn Balor.

Mauro Ranallo gave us a bit of a rundown of what we should expect tonight. Then, we were shown footage from an hour ago. Damian Priest was shown hurt outside of his car. Seemed Cameron Grimes may be the one to blame here.

Speaking of Cameron Grimes, we went to him in the ring after the video. Grimes can’t believe Priest is going to no show, what he called, the biggest match in Priest’s career.

Then Grimes said he believed Priest is trying to get out of the match because he doesn’t want to fight him. Priest then came out to ringside, but referees and medical staff were trying to stop him. That did not work.

Cameron Grimes defeated Damian Priest via Pinfall (Cave In)

Even being taped up, Priest gave his best effort. Unfortunately after a missed Razor’s Edge on the outside, Grimes just took over. A Cave In on the outside and another once back in the ring, secured Grimes’ victory.

We saw a video from earlier today of Rhea Ripley arriving at Full Sail. She was asked what she thought of Io Shirai saying that this is her NXT. Ripley began to say that there was no denying that fact and she was proud of Io, but Robert Stone showed up.

Stone tried yet again to recruit Ripley for the Robert Stone Brand. He said he had a golden ticket for her to join the brand, but just like a few weeks ago, Ripley wasn’t having it. This week Ripley threw Stone into the dumpster! Aliyah was near by and yelled at Ripley, eventually slapping her. Mistakes were made.

When we came back from commercial we got another glimpse into Timothy Thatcher’s wrestling school, Thatch as Thatch Can!

A recap of what NXT Cruiserweight Champion, Santos Escobar, did to Drake Maverick last week is shown.

Santos Escobar defeated Jake Atlas via Pinfall (Phantom Driver)

A valiant effort by Atlas to stick up for his friend and try to put himself into the championship picture. Atlas took out Joaquin Wilde and Raul Mendoza at one point, which gave an even playing field. It just wasn’t enough.

Earlier in the day, Roderick Strong went to another therapy session with the rest of Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reilly still incognito). Roddy explained why he couldn’t get into the trunk last week, but now? He is ready. Roddy had been isolating himself in preparation to face his fear. Finally Kyle revealed himself and the men headed out to the trunk.

He did it! He faced his fear! That is until Adam Cole told him he has a match with Dexter Lumis later tonight. Another fear to face and Roddy did not seem super confident.

A tale of the tape on Johnny Gargano, Keith Lee, and Finn Balor is shown. Ranallo let us know that they will do a deep dive when they come back from commercial.

When we returned from break, we saw a recap of what happened in the NXT Tag Team Championship match last week. Then Malcom Bivens and Indus Sher are interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell. Bivens is pissed off, but said he didn’t need to yell.

Last week all Bivens and his tag team wanted to do was see who would walk out tag team champions, but they were attacked by Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan. Bivens then said he stopped his tag team from putting Burch and Lorcan in an ambulance. Rinku and Saurav said a few words before we moved on.

After the interview, we got a hype video for the night’s main event. All three men involved in the match said a few words about the match and their opponents.

Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez defeated Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter via Submission

The KC Express, as Mauro Ranallo called them, had a decent game plan to start. They worked quick tags and tried to take out Gonzalez, but it did not go as planned. While their plan didn’t work, their tag team moves turned out to be pretty impressive.

After the match, Dakota Kai sent another warning to Io Shirai. Kai wants that NXT Women’s Championship and it doesn’t seem like she’ll stop until she gets it.

Karrion Kross defeated Bronson Reed via Submission (Kross Jacket)

Reed surprised Kross by taking him out in the beginning, their was no intimidation on Reed’s part. While Reed brought the fight, Kross was able to completely take over.

Adam Cole was interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell about who he’d most want to face July 8th. Cole said it doesn’t matter, he is more worried about making room on his mantel for one more championship.

A hype video for Mercedes Martinez is shown upon returning from break.

Rhea Ripley defeated Aliyah via Pinfall (Riptide)

Aliyah acted like she was ready for the match, but tried to run the first chance she got. Ripley didn’t let her, Stone tried to yell advice to her and it just wasn’t working. Towards the end of the match, Robert Stone threw his shoe at Ripley….it didn’t end well.

Dexter Lumis defeated Roderick Strong via Count Out

Roddy kept saying that he wasn’t ready for this and it showed. He could barely stay in the ring for longer than a few seconds. While the bell rang, no wrestling moves took place and Roddy ran off.

After the match, Lumis stalked Bobby Fish and had him in a submission. Fish was able to escape and he ran off.

Backstage, Robert Stone and Aliyah were on video chat with William Regal. Stone was trying to get Aliyah a rematch with Rhea Ripley. The way Stone phrased it though was, ‘We need this rematch.’ This gave Regal a brilliant idea, Stone has to wrestle!

Stone is not for this idea unless it means Ripley will join the Robert Stone Brand when she loses. Regal said he couldn’t authorize that without talking to Ripley. Ripley appeared from behind though and said she was good with everything. Next week it will be Rhea Ripley versus Aliyah and Robert Stone.

Before our main event we got told about two matches happening next week. Roderick Strong will have no choice but to face his fear of Dexter Lumis, he faces Lumis in a strap match next week.

The other match is a Fatal Four Way to determine the new number one contender to the NXT Women’s Championship. The match will be Mia Yim versus Tegan Nox versus Candice LeRae versus Dakota Kai.

Keith Lee defeated Finn Balor and Johnny Gargano to retain the North American Championship

Gargano quickly rolled out of the ring, leaving Lee and Balor to start the match. When Gargano finally picked his spot to join the match, it was of course in a rollup attempt on the champ. Eventually, Balor and Gargano tried to work together to take down Lee, but the champ did not really waver.

After an impressive match by all three men, we ended NXT with Adam Cole and Keith Lee in a stare down…championships held high.


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