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NXT: Samoa Joe – 5 Opponents He Should Face In NXT

Samoa Joe has returned to NXT! Sure, it’s in an enforcer role for William Regal, but he is still back and dammit WWE should never have let him go in the first place. I’m not exactly sure if Joe will return to in-ring action anytime soon but where’s the fun in waiting to find out? Instead of waiting, I’m gonna jump the gun, as it were, and give you five opponents currently in NXT that Samoa Joe should face if he does return to the ring. I will be including NXT UK in this as well, which probably gives a spoiler away but I don’t care. That said, let the fun begin!

Tommaso Ciampa

We’re starting off with the Sicilian Psychopath Tommaso Ciampa. I’m pretty sure that they have faced each other before, but a lot has changed since then. Ciampa is a former NXT Champion, a former NXT Tag Champion and one of the toughest S.O.B.’s in NXT. Therefore, it is imperative that Samoa Joe and Tommaso Ciampa go one-on-one in NXT while the chance is there.

Tommaso Ciampa | WWE

Currently, Ciampa is in a tag team with Timothy Thatcher and possibly working their way to a chance at the titles. I would expect nothing less than a hard hitting and extremely physical matchup between Ciampa and Joe, one that could rival the best matches that NXT has had. It might even be better than the Ciampa and Walter match from earlier this year, and that was freaking amazing!

Adam Cole

Oh yeah, number four is Adam Cole Bay-bay! Some of you may not like that he is this early in the list, others might dislike that he is on here at all. But the facts are that Adam Cole is one of the best wrestlers on the planet and definitely among the best talents that WWE currently has. He had a long reign as NXT Champion and a reign as NXT North American Champion.

Adam Cole | WWE

There isn’t much that Adam Cole hasn’t done and putting him in a feud with Samoa Joe would be money. It sells itself I think, especially since Joe choked Cole out not twenty minutes after he was named Enforcer. Adam Cole and Samoa Joe both can make damn near anyone look amazing and they really need to face each other before Cole gets called to the Main Roster. I’m sure it is coming sooner than later. After all, he may be this generations Shawn Michaels. Make it happen WWE.

Pete Dunne

Up next we have the Bruiserweight himself, Pete Dunne. Another hard hitter on the list, Dunne is a technician much like Joe is, so stylistically this is a match made in heaven. Both men can slap on submissions and manipulate joints and limbs so who knows which man would come out on top in this one. Dunne is a former NXT UK Champion and has challenged for the NXT Championship as well.

Pete Dunne | WWE

Obviously he has not held that title but he is still a title contender and one of the better technicians that NXT has. There are a few men I would love to see Dunne go up against and Samoa Joe is near the top of that list. I can see Dunne being a force on the Main Roster like he has been on NXT and the time has come to test him against a true submission machine. Joe vs Dunne needs to happen before either man departs WWE. If there is a god, he will make it so.


We’re getting down to the end and our runner up is the current longest reigning champion in WWE, representing the NXT UK brand, WALTER. WALTER is a powerhouse and an impressive man who has run roughshod on NXT UK since winning the belt from Pete Dunn. So far there has not been any man who has come close enough to wrest that title off his shoulders.

Pete Dunne vs. WALTER - WWE United Kingdom Championship Match: photos | WWE

Granted, the man who came closest to defeating WALTER may be Tommaso Ciampa, but he didn’t do it either. So since there aren’t many people that are left for WALTER to face off against in the UK, bring him to the US and put him in the ring against Samoa Joe. A WALTER and Joe match would be something of a wet dream, two of the best in the world going at it in a brutal match. Hell, could you imagine a 60 minute Ironman Match between these two? I’m salivating just thinking of it.

Karrion Kross

Our number one pick today is none other than the man Joe punked on his return, the current NXT Champion Karrion Kross. After Kross came out and taunted William Regal, trying to goad him into resigning his position, Joe made his return and pretty much shut Kross’ mouth. Just the stare down between the two men was enough to get me wishing Joe was the number one contender for his title.

Karrion Kross | WWE

Kross and Joe is perhaps the best match that NXT can put together for his return to the ring. Two hard hitting powerhouses, two great mic workers and better believe that Kross has the talent to put up a fight against the Samoan Submission Machine. Could he beat Joe? Maybe. Could Joe be the one to defeat Kross? Again, maybe. There are just too many intangibles in this potential match and let’s face it, WWE would be foolish not to make this match happen.

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