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NXT Star Heading To RAW | Wrestling News Update, May 31 2020




AEW has changed the lineup for this Tuesday’s AEW Dark after abusive and homophobic tweets were discovered on a wrestler’s timeline.

The wrestler in question is Clutch Adams, he was supposed to be facing Shawn Spears this Tuesday. AEW has shortened the card from five matches to four. The messages were reportedly from 2013, and show Clutch using hateful, derogatory language.

Originally, Twitter user @nalitman seems to have brought this to AEW and Cody Rhodes attention, highlighting Clutch’s contradicting language with AEW’s inclusive policy. Cody responded less than five minutes later, saying that his match had been removed.

Clutch has appeared for AEW before, losing to QT Marshall on May 19’s episode of Dark. If the allegations are true it is unlikely he’ll be seen on AEW again.


Dave Meltzer has highlighted issues around WWE’s COVID testing policy in the latest edition of the Observer.

Although WWE claimed that all wrestlers were testing for COVID-19 this week, apparently they weren’t. Meltzer reports that the only steps taken were a temperature check and questionnaire.

In his report, he said that many were shocked by the lack of proper testing. The report also mentioned Jacare Souza, the UFC fighter who tested positive after passing all temperature checks. This of course came the same week WWE increased the number of stars at the Performance Center, by introducing a live audience.


Although many reports project WWE to turn a tidy profit, the company continue to make cuts in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the latest move, WWE has contacted company executives and officials, informing them of a pay cut. The company lay the reason for the cuts on the reduced business due to the pandemic. The report was first made by Mike Johnson of PWInsider.

This comes after WWE released a large number of stars last month, alongside halting development of their new headquarters. The company also furloughed a number of backstage employees, some of which had been with the company for multiple decades.


After closing their doors last year, IPW were planning to announce their comeback show today. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing nature of COVID-19, they have decided that it is probably still unwise to plan larger public gatherings. See their full statement below:

When I took over IPW:UK, one of the key aims was to keep the history of the promotion alive. There were short-term goals to that, and I think we’ve achieved them. There were also some long-term goals, and now seems as good a time as any to share them with our loyal fans.

Today I was due to announce our comeback event. One of the main themes I wanted to run with was “home is where the heart is”, and therefore whilst not limiting other areas, the first event back was going to take place in Orpington, Kent, where the first event was held.

The show was going to take place in September to celebrate 16 years of IPW:UK, and due to the terrible pandemic we are all fighting through the chances of this event taking place as planned are getting smaller and smaller.

Please be assured that the long-term plan to start live events is still fully in place, and IPW:UK will be back as soon as it is safe for us to do so.

I would like to personally thank everyone for the support I have received since taking over IPW:UK, from both the fans and people inside the wrestling world. I look forward to seeing you all at an IPW:UK show in the near future. Paul


WWE seems to be moving a few stars around recently. After AJ Styles and Matt Riddle, Dominik Dijakovic is seemingly the next star changing roster.

Dave Meltzer has reported on Wrestling Observer Radio that Dominik is heading to RAW, but isn’t sure when. WrestleTalk originally reported the move but didn’t know if he was heading to RAW or SmackDown.

Dominik joined WWE in 2017 and has remained with NXT the whole time. He started wrestling in 2013, competing for a huge number of promotions including ROH, Evolve, NEW, NCW, and the NWA.


Continuing their cost-cutting measures, it has come out that WWE is cutting the pay of some producers and referees.

The news came from Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. Dave said that those concerned had been spoken to over the last few days, with some seeing as much as a 20% reduction. The move was hinted at in the Q1 earnings report. During the call decreasing operating expenses was expressly discussed, as was third party staffing and consulting.


Yesterday, Chris DeJoseph was released from WWE. This very well could have been part of WWE’s cost-cutting measures, but it seems there were other reasons.

DeJoseph was the lead writer for SmackDown, only gaining promotion to the role in December last year. Apparently, Chris behaved so badly during a staff meeting he was let go. Sescoops.com reported that it was due to comments he made during a backstage meeting. They also report that Vince was “irate” with his behaviour.

Dave Meltzer has said that it was a disciplinary matter involving Vince but didn’t go into any more detail.


GCW has announced that their first event back will be held on June 20 in Indianapolis Indiana. The event will be called GCW: The Wrld On GCW. The location for the event will be White River State Park, an open-air venue with 250 acres of space.

GCW has to close its doors like every other promotion outside of Florida but has announced that they’ll be returning in late June. Their last event, the Acid-Cup was held on March 19 and 20, but with no fans.

Fans will be allowed to attend when GCW returns in June, but with a number of precautions in place. Fans will be asked to wear masks, limited tickets will be sold, hand washing stations will be installed and expected to be used. More information will come closer to the time.

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