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NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool II Results

Matty Deller runs down the results from NXT UK Takeover Blackpool II

NXT UK returns to Blackpool once more as Imperium and Gallus looks to dominate and take over

Eddie Dennis defeated Trent Seven via pinfall

Eddie Dennis tried to get the jump on Trent, but was powerbombed for his efforts and Seven dominated early on. Dennis managed to battle back, catching Seven in a release crucifix powerbomb to take control. These two throw big moves at one another, but neither are willing to stay down for the three count. Eddie Dennis loosened and later removed a top turnbuckle pad, which Trent inadvertently hit. Eddie Dennis then tries to Severn Bridge Seven onto the exposed buckle but the referee denies him so he throws him to the outside. One Next Stop Driver later and it’s all over. Good opener.

NXT Women’s Title: Champion Kay Lee Ray defeated Toni Storm and Piper Niven via pinfall to retain the title

All three women go all-out to open, with Piper Niven hitting a huge dive to the outside and a big senton onto the other competitors. Kay Lee Ray divides and conquers to take control. KLR grabs a chair and attacks both ladies, and looks to crush Toni’s head in a chair but Niven tackles her out of the way. Piper then begs Toni to hit her, but they notice a laughing Kay Lee Ray and they beat her down. Piper’s power starts shining through with a pair of powerbombs and a Piper driver for a near fall. Piper Niven hits an insane destroyer, and Toni follows up with Storm Zero but Niven breaks it up. Toni then hits a falling pedigree on Piper and a frog splash, but Kay Lee Ray sneaks in, superkicks Toni and pins Niven for the victory. A great match.

Tyler Bate defeated Jordan Devlin via pinfall

These two athletes went hold for hold, with Bate eventually taking control with a pair of back body drops and a military press. Devlin fought back with a urinage slam and a beautiful Arabian press. Devlin even managed to block ‘Bop’ but Bate’s power brought him back into things briefly, but Devlin getting the knees up on a crossbody put a stop to that. Devlin and Bate went toe-to-toe once again, but Bate caught Devlin into a t-bone suplex to take advantage. These two start exchanging fists in a wild brawl until Bate pulled out the rolling liger kick. Devlin hit an insane top-rope Spanish fly and Devlin-Side for a near fall. Bate hits an unreal Pheonix 720 DDT, followed by the Tyler Driver and the spiral tap for the win. I don’t know how WWE could possibly top this all year.

NXT UK Tag Team Title Ladder Match: Champions Gallus (Wolfgang & Mark Coffey) defeated Imperium (Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner), South Wales Subculture (Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster) and Grizzled Young Veterans (Zack Gibson & James Drake) to retain the titles

All four teams showcase double team offence to open in your standard ‘do some transitional moves until the ladders are out’ open. Drake and Gibson looked to grab a ladder but opted to work over Andrews and Webster with some chairs instead. It comes back to haunt them as Imperium end up dropkicking both chairs into the face of James Drake. South Wales Subculture are the first to grab the ladders but Imperium put stop to that as all four teams stop one another grabbing the belts. Flash Morgan Webster gets some offence including a moonsault off a propped up ladder, but ends up being pinned up against a dropkicked ladder and then catapulted into the same ladder by Imperium. Mark Andrews would also suffer the same dropkick-related fate. Gibson eats a chokeslam onto a ladder and Drake takes a Samoan drop onto a ladder, courtesy of Mark Coffey. Mark Andrews hits a beautiful shooting star press off the ladder, followed up by Fabian Aichner hitting a double jump moonsault onto a ladder-prone Flash Morgan Webster.

All four teams brawl on the top of three ladders and two ladder bridges and as all the teams fall one-by-one, James Drake hits a 450 splash off a ladder bridge onto Mark Andrews. James Drake goes for the belts but is hit by an Imperium European Bomb. Andrews and Webster hit Gallus with a pair of Stundog Millionaires and set up the biggest ladder on the outside. Gallus grab a pair of tables but end up prone of them. Sadly one of them breaks under Mark Coffey’s weight but in a superb moment of improvisation, South Wales Subculture hit a double senton off a ladder, through Wolfgang on the table. Mark Andrews stops G.Y.V with a kendo stick but it comes down to Gallus and Imperium as Wolfgang spears Aichner through a ladder and Mark Coffey tips Barthel onto everyone else to give them the time to grab the belts. Great match.

WWE United Kingdom Title: Champion WALTER defeated Joe Coffey via referee stoppage to retain the title

Joe Coffey came out of the gates flying with big shots stunning WALTER, and even more so on the outside when Coffey flew over the barrier with a diving shoulder tackle. We even saw Coffey’s strength on display as he hit a big suplex on WALTER for a near fall. However, WALTER managed to connect with his brutal chops and the champion started to dominate. WALTER tied Joe up in knots with a STF/crossface combination but Coffey got to the ropes. The two went blow-for-blow with Coffey hitting a big moonsault for a close two. WALTER’s John Woo dropkick missed Joe Coffey and wiped out the referee.

Coffey then hit a powerbomb but there was no referee to count. Imperium’s Alexander Wolfe appeared and took out Coffey, but Ilja Dragunov made the save but his Torpedo Moscow knocked Wolfe into Joe Coffey, hurting his knee. WALTER hit a big boot and a powerbomb on the apron followed up by a big lariat with a replacement referee counting only to two. Joe Coffey hits a huge top rope belly-to-belly suplex, leaving both men down. WALTER targets the knee of Coffey, taking him down before hitting a big splash for another near fall. Coffey hit one discus clothesline, but Coffey’s knee gave out on a second and WALTER locked in a sleeper hold alongside a sleeper suplex and a pair of powerbombs. WALTER locked in a bully choke on Joe Coffey and the referee called for the bell. This match was in a really tough spot following the previous two, but it did so well considering.

Post-match, Imperium celebrate but they are attacked by NXT’s Undisputed Era! Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish attack all of Imperium and take out WALTER, Cole finishing the job with the ‘Last Shot’ knee. Era pose to close the show.


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