NXT TakeOver: Portland Results

NXT takes over Portland for the first time with four titles on the line

NXT North American Title: Champion Keith Lee defeated Dominic Dijakovic via pinfall to retain the title

As expected, this was ridiculously good. Dijakovic and Lee have an athletic opening with Lee hitting a hurricanrana as he began working Dijakovic’s arm. However, a cyclone boot stops Lee in his tracks but a Fosbury flop is caught into a powerbomb attempt, but Dijakovic counters and hits a suplex onto the apron. Lee counters a suplex in the ring and retakes control with heavy strikes and a release german suplex. Dijakovic fought back with another cyclone boot, following up with a corkscrew moonsault for a near fall. More brutal strikes in the ring, Dijakovic then hits a top-rope death valley driver for a near fall. Lee fought back, pouncing Dijakovic into the bottom turnbuckle and hitting his brutal pair of double hand chops on the outside. Dijakovic then recovered, hitting a superkick and hitting a springboard senton onto a seated Keith Lee on the outside – unreal.

Both men flip out of chokeslam attempts, and Keith Lee hits a Spirit Bomb but Dijakovic amazing stands up, only to fall to a second Spirit Bomb for a near fall. Both men find themselves on the top rope once again with Dijakovic hitting an insane Spanish Fly for another near fall. Dijakovic goes for Feast Your Eyes but is unable to get him up. However, Lee is able to scoop him up for the Big Bang Catastrophe for the win.

Street Fight: Dakota Kai defeated Tegan Nox via pinfall

Dakota Kai jumped Tegan Nox on the ramp and the two brawled throughout the crowd until Nox speared Kai through the barrier. Kai then hit a DDT on the barrier, getting a near fall just after the bell rang. Dakota Kai smashed a cricket bat on the ring post, missing Nox who dove off the steps onto Kai to take control. Nox trapped Kai in a trashcan and hit her inverted cannonball. Kai walloped Nox in the face with a trashcan lid, but misses a big boot and gets tangled in the ropes, eating a trio of Nox superkicks. Nox hits a german suplex on Kai onto a trash can for a near fall. Kai ducked out of a shining wizard, hitting the Kai-ropractor for a near fall of her own. Kai’s kicks knock Nox down on the top turnbuckle, but she fights back, hitting Dakota with a top rope chokeslam and a molly-go-round for a near fall. Tegan Nox didn’t want to, but went to take Kai’s head off with a punt inside a chair however the hesitation allowed Kai to kick a chair into Tegan’s face.

Dakota Kai then tapes Tegan Nox’s hand to the bottom turnbuckle and brutalizes her with a pair of pump kicks. Tegan Nox them slammed a laptop into Dakota Kai’s knee, and then drove a steel chain into that same surgically repaired knee. Nox then pillmanized Kai’s knee and hit the shining wizard. However, Nox says she’s not done yet; placing Nox onto a table and putting her neck into a chair but Raquel Gonzalez appears driving Tegan Nox off the top rope, through the table which allows Kai to pick up the win.

Finn Balor defeated Johnny Gargano via pinfall

Gargano and Balor battle on the mat to open, with neither man gaining an advantage, although Balor did show off by doing push-ups whilst in a leg-scissors. Both men go back and forth with chops in the corner, and with both men ending up on the ring apron Gargano cut Balor in half with a spear to take control. However, that was shortlived as a running Gargano was caught with a slingblade on the outside by Balor, allowing Finn to take control. Balor works over Gargano, but Gargano fights back by working the arm of Finn. Balor counters by working Gargano’s leg and knee with a dragon screw leg whip and a stomp to the back of the knee.

Gargano fought back with a big enziguri and a clothesline, but a dive to the outside is nearly caught into 1916 which is blocked. Gargano hit a rolling senton to the outside instead, following up with a slingshot spear for a near fall. The two went back-and-forth, blow-for-blow, hitting shot after shot and a pele kick nearly ended up with Balor getting pinned off his own move! Balor missed a rope-hung Coup de Grace, allowing Gargano to hit the thunderstruck DDT for a near fall. The two exchange near-miss after near-miss until Balor ducks a superkick, hits the John Woo dropkick but misses the Coup de Grace, allowing Gargano to lock in the Garga-No Escape. Balor manages to roll out of it, but he finds himself back in the hold, forcing himself to grab the ropes. Gargano gets some revenge, hitting a John Woo dropkick into the barricade but as he tries to go for 1916, he decides to try and drive Balor through the announce table instead. This was an error as Balor fights out, hitting a John Woo of his own off the announce table, driving Gargano into the barrier. Balor hits Coup de Grace, following up with 1916 for the win.

Cathy Kelley interviews The Undisputed Era. Roderick Strong says Velveteen Dream is a deadman, Fish and O’Reilly will defeat ‘The Looserweights’ and Adam Cole will end the dreams of the delusion Tomasso Ciampa.

NXT Women’s Title: Champion Rhea Ripley defeated Bianca BelAir via pinfall to retain the title

First of all, Bianca BelAir’s entrance robe was awesome. The two exchange holds early on with both women showcasing their power and athleticism, however, Ripley takes control with a pair of boots, a series of clotheslines and a dropkick. BelAir gets herself back into things with a cravat and a standing moonsault, putting her in control. Ripley hit an electric chair drop into the inverted cloverleaf, but BelAir fought out, hitting a spinebuster for a near fall. The two exchange slaps and fists, but BelAir whips Ripley with her hair and hits a gorilla press, but a handspring moonsault gets knees. The two attempt their finishing moves, but BelAir nails Ripley with a spear leaving both women down.

BelAir then sends Ripley crashing to the outside, hitting a flip dive on a prone champion. Rhea slams BelAir ribs first into the steps and attempts a superplex through the announce table, but instead tries for a powerbomb. BelAir fights out but gets her head smashed into the turnbuckle, and hets caught into the Riptide for the win.

Post-match, Charlotte Flair attacked the champion Ripley from behind, accepting her challenge for WrestleMania, punctuating it with Natural Selection. Flair then holds the title aloft, and send BelAir crashing into the steel steps.

Before the match begin, Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne came out in the Brosermobile and sang the ‘Bobby Fish could fry fish’ song. It was pretty funny. Undisputed Era didn’t agree and attacked them before the bell.

NXT Tag Team Titles: The Bro-serweights (Pete Dunne & Matt Riddle) defeated Champions Undisputed Era (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish) via pinfall to win the titles.

After the pre-match brawl, The Bro-serweights start off strong with double team moves and Dunne working the arms of Fish and OReilly. Dunne then hit a pair of X-Plex’s, one on the apron for Fish, and onto his partner for O’Reilly. Bobby Fish kicks Pete Dunne’s leg out on the top rope which allows Undisputed Era to take control. Fish and O’Reilly work over Dunne’s leg. However, Fish and O’Reilly suffer some miscommunication, allowing Dunne to get the tag to Riddle who runs wild. Bro-serweights go for double moonsaults but Riddle’s attempts gets knees, and a Pete Dunne kick hits the ringpost. O’Reilly and Riddle exchange strikes and release german suplexes, leaving both men down. Riddle hits a pair of spears, but gets cut off as he went for the jackhammer, getting hit with a U.E double team for a near fall. Riddle tags in Dunne who exchanges holds with O’Reilly until U.E find themselves in stereo ankle locks. Fish and O’Reilly then lock in submission, but a Riddle knee puts all four men down.

Bro-serweights doomsday attempt is cut off, and U.E hit a top rope belly-to-belly suplex and knee drop to the knee combination, which allows O’Reilly to lock in a kneebar. Dunne breaks it up, but accidentally knocks Riddle off the apron and then Riddle accidentally spears Dunne but Chasing the Dragon only gets a two. Bro-serweights recover, stop a second Chasing The Dragon and hit a Bro To Sleep/Enziguri combination for the huge title win.

NXT Title: Champion Adam Cole defeated Tomasso Ciampa via pinfall

The two exchange holds to open, with Ciampa gaining the early advantage, outwrestling and outthinking the champion. Adam Cole finally got control with a pump kick to the outside and some mocking from the champion. This enraged Ciampa who gave Cole a brutal knee on the outside and retook the advantage. Cole kept rolling to the outside to avoid a pinfall, but Ciampa followed him out and kept hitting big knees. Ciampa then hit a huge knee into the timekeeper’s area, wiping Cole out. Ciampa went for a powerbomb through the announce table, but Cole countered hitting a wheelbarrow suplex onto the lip of the table, right onto the back of the neck. Cole worked over the back and neck of Ciampa, however, when Cole goes for Panama Sunrise Ciampa manages to hit a big knee to fight back. Ciampa goes for his bridging armbar but Cole fights through, hitting the oushigoroshi for a near fall.

The pair find themselves on the top rope, with Ciampa hitting a top rope air raid crash for a near fall. Cole attempts a powerbomb through the announce table, but Ciampa hits one of his own, bouncing Cole off of it and then a second put him through it. Ciampa hit Project Ciampa for a near fall. The two go toe-to-toe, but Cole countered a dive to the outside with a big knee. Colt catches Ciampa in the ring with a short piledriver and a suplex into the knee for a near fall. Cole hits the Last Shot, but Ciampa rolls to the ropes. Cole goes an apron Panama Sunrise, but Ciampa hits an air raid crash onto it. Cole hit the Panama sunrise on the outside, but took too long and Ciampa hit Willows Bell for a very close near fall.

Cole and Ciampa exchanged crossfaces, with the former getting the ropes. Roderick Strong distracts the referee, allowing Fish and O’Reilly to hit their big move on Ciampa. Ciampa dove on all other U.E members, but Cole hit the Last Shot for ANOTHER kick out. Kyle O’Reilly slid in the NXT title, but this led to the referee getting knocked out. Adam Cole hit a low blow but caught a low blow of his own attempting a Panama Sunrise. Ciampa hit Fairytale Ending but with no referee. Johnny Gargano appeared and looked like he was there to help Ciampa but hit him right between the eyes with the gold, gifting Cole the win.

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