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NXT UK Results – April 2, 2020

Dei Owen runs down the results from tonight’s episode of NXT UK.

A new #1 contender for WALTER’s NXT UK Championship is to be decided in tonight’s 20-man battle royal.

Jinny and Kay Lee Ray defeated Piper Niven and Dani Luna

Kay Lee Ray pinned Dani Luna with a Gory Bomb for the win. Niven gave advice to Luna throughout the match as she seems to have taken the NXT UK newbie under her wing. Luna got to show off her impressive explosive power and took control early on. Jinny and KLR were a cohesive unit from the start and worked well as a team. Luna looked great in this match – a great way to re-debut her.

Next week’s episode will be a look at ‘The rise of NXT UK’, and will follow the brand’s journey from the inaugural WWE UK Championship Tournament to selling 800 tickets in Coventry.

Xia Brookside defeated Amale

Brookside pinned Amale after (barely) hitting her ‘Broken Wings’ finisher. The mat work in this match was solid, but the crowd were very flat.

Ilja Dragunov won the 20-man battle royal to become the new NXT UK Championship #1 Contender

The battle royal consisted of:

Ashton Smith, Ridge Holland, Kassius Ohno, Flash Morgan Webster, Alexander Wolfe, Dave Mastiff, Oliver Carter, Travis Banks, Amir Jordan, Kenny Williams, Noam Dar, Trent Seven, Tyler Bate, Ilja Dragunov, Jordan Devlin, Joe Coffey, A-Kid, Saxon Huxley, Tyson T-Bone and Ligero.

Everyone immediately ganged up and eliminated Kassius Ohno, despite the crowd cheering for him. Ridge Holland and A-Kid were very impressive. Holland eliminated Carter and Smith with explosive belly-to-belly suplexes, whilst A-Kid channelled his inner Kofi Kingston by finding his way back into the ring. Joseph Conners came out to distract Ridge Holland, causing him to be eliminated.

There was a heated confrontation between Coffey and Dragunov who of course have bad blood. Interestingly, Bate and Seven had a short exchange before Coffey eliminated Seven. Devlin and A-Kid got to show off their incredible chemistry once again, but Dar eliminated Devlin shortly after the Cruiserweight Champion eliminated A-Kid.

The final four were Tyler Bate, Ilja Dragunov, Joe Coffey and Alexander Wolfe. With Wolfe and Coffey gone, the final two came down to Bate and Dragunov, the latter of which fought with heart and determination. Dragunov chopped Bate to pieces before falling victim to a Bop and Bang.

The crowd really came alive in the final five minutes of this match. An exhausted Bate and Dragunov hit each other with clubbing strikes that came from pure desperation. The finish came as Bate tried to save himself from elimination, but he ate a Torpedo Moscow as he was upside down.


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