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NXT UK Results – February 20, 2020

This week’s main event sees Ilja Dragunov take the fight to Joe Coffey.

Tyler Bate defeated Joseph Conners via pinfall

Bate reversed Conners’ Don’t Look Down and hit a rebound lariat followed by a Tyler Driver 97 to pick up the pinfall win. This was a good showcase for Conners who attempted an impressive moonsault from the corner and hit a slingshot DDT over the top rope.

A video package was played ahead of next week’s NXT UK Women’s Title ‘I Quit’ match between Toni Storm and Kay Lee Ray. Storm emphasised that this is her final chance at reclaiming the title, whilst Ray showed no remorse.

WALTER and Dave Mastiff signed a contract backstage for their NXT UK Title match that takes place in two weeks. Mastiff wa grateful for the opportunity whilst the champion walked off.

Jinny addressed the crowd whilst stood on the announcers’ desk. She said that she let Jazzy Gabert go after Jinny was disobeyed. She said that she might be open to giving someone else the platform in the future, but for now it’s all about her.

Noam Dar defeated Josh Morrell via pinfall

Dar pinned Morrell after hitting him with a Nova Roller running enziguri. Morrell got to show off some of his innovative springboard offence but Dar had an answer for everything that was thrown at him.

In a backstage segment, The Hunt called out the Grizzled Young Veterans in a language that only The Hunt could possibly understand. Tat match takes place next week.

Ilja Dragunov defeated Joe Coffey via pinfall

Dragunov got the pinfall victory after hitting Coffey with a Torpedo Moscow running uppercut just as Coffey swung for a lariat. This was a very good main event that brought out the best in Joe Coffey. His strikes fed perfectly into Dragunov’s reversals and both men looked good. The crowd came alive towards the latter half of the match, which heightened the drama of the match.

Gallus stood off against Dragunov after the match.

Next week’s episode of NXT UK is set to start at 3PM GMT, 10AM EST for one week only.


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