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NXT UK Results – February 6th, 2020

Matty Deller runs down the results from tonight’s episode of NXT UK.

NXT UK makes history as two men go to war in a street fight where steel is exposed in every corner

Piper Niven defeated Dani Luna via pinfall

The powerhouse used her strength advantage to combat the new signing to NXT UK, flattening her with a crossbody before locking her in a cobra clutch. Dani tried to battle her way through but eventually fell to the Piper Driver for the win.

Gallus talk about Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch challenging them last week and pretty much accept the offer from the 205 Live duo.

Jordan Devlin also spoke about winning the NXT Cruiserweight Title, saying he told everyone that he wasn’t just the best in UK and he’s just proved it.

Tyler Bate vs A-Kid via pinfall

The pair go to the mat from the off, exchanging holds. A-Kid surprisingly is dominant in these exchanges, even getting a near fall from a northern lights suplex. Bate uses his power, but A-Kid catches Bate in a triangle. Tyler takes control with an airplane spin, but once again A-Kid fights off with a dropkick and a huge moonsault to the outside. However, Bate rebounds with a huge lariat and polished him off with the Tyler Driver 98 for the win.

Post-match, Joseph Conners interrupts and talks about being on a TakeOver before and locks eyes with Tyler Bate.

We see footage from last week as Dave Mastiff is on the hunt for WALTER.

Oliver Carter & Ashton Smith defeated Pretty Deadly via pinfall

Ashton Smith uses his power to take control over Howley and Stoker until a stomp to the foot put Pretty Deadly in firm control. Stoker and Howley work over Smith, until he sends both men to the outside and gets the hot tag to Carter. Oliver Carter runs wild and nearly picks up the victory, but they keep up that momentum as Carter hits a big spin wheel kick in the corner and an electric chair oshigouroshi for the win.

Post-match, Pretty Deadly attack Smith and Oliver.

Ilja Dragunov is asked about Joe Coffey at the WWE UK Performance Centre. He says if Coffey says his days his numbered, he better count fast.

NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray comes out to the ring. She says they can keep throwing everyone at her, she’ll keep coming out on top. She says she understands why Toni Storm is obsessed with the gold, as is brings power and control. Toni Storm interrupts and says KLR stole the win from her. Kay Lee Ray says Toni is addicted to the title, so she will give her her own intervention, by making her say ‘I quit’. She makes an I Quit match for her title, but if Toni Storm loses she doesn’t get another shot whilst Kay Lee Ray is champion

Steel Corners Street Fight: Trent Seven defeated Eddie Dennis via pinfall

Trent Seven rushes the ring and dives at Eddie Dennis, immediately taking this to the outside. Seven lights up Eddie with chops until Dennis throws Seven into the steel steps. Dennis tries to hit the Severn Bridge off the steps into the crowd but Trent counters with a DDT onto the steps. Dennis throws Seven hard into the barricade, then hits the Severn Bridge over the barrier onto the steps for a near fall. Dennis avoids the exposed buckles but gets a snapdragon suplex on the outside. They brawl all around the arena, including an insane Birminghammer off the announce table through another table. Trent Seven misses a twisting senton on the outside and Eddie grates Trent’s face across the exposed turnbuckle. The two exchange big hits and Seven throws Dennis into the exposed buckles, following up with a Birminghammer for the win.


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