NXT UK Results – January 23rd, 2020

Two spots up at Worlds Collide are up for grabs as we see who will represent NXT UK with cruiserweight gold on the line

We open NXT GM Johnny Saint alongside his assistant, as they present WALTER with the new NXT UK Championship. He cuts a promo about his dominance and says it’s the greatest prize in European professional wrestling, and it takes a champion like him to bring prestige to the title. WALTER then cuts a promo on Undisputed Era, saying they disgraced the mat and that they are what’s wrong with professional wrestling. They vow to destroy them to bring honour back to wrestling.

World Collide NXT Cruiserweight Title Qualifier: Jordan Devlin defeated Ligero via pinfall

Jordan Devlin tried to disrespect Ligero by messing with his mask, but Ligero fired back with a big forearm and took control. However, it wasn’t long until Devlin was back in the drivers seat, countering a headscissors on the outside with a vicious superkick. Ligero fought his way back into it with some of his lucha libre offence, but Devlin cut it off with a big standing spanish fly. Devlin hit a big half and half suplex for a near fall, and missed a moonsault and got rolled up for a near fall. Devlin tried to use the ropes for leverage and got caught, then got caught again but this time with a big ddt and pumphandle facebuster, followed up with a big splash for a close two count. However, ‘The Irish Ace’ shone through, finishing the masked superstar off with the Devlin-Side.

Radzi interviews Kay Lee Ray, who talks about her Worlds Collide match with Mia Yim. Imperium then interrupts, and ask why they are not interviewing them. Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews then appear and mock them for never winning the NXT UK Tag Team Titles and being laid out by Undisputed Era.

We see the video from NXT where Finn Balor gave his thoughts on Ilja Dragunov.

Ilja Dragunov defeated Josh Morrell via pinfall

Ilja and Josh trade holds to begin, with Ilja coming out on top. Dragunov then goes through his greatest hits, finishing Morrell off with Torpedo Moscow for the victory.

Ilja Dragunov then cuts a promo, saying he is a man of few words but the ones he chooses very carefully. He begins to talk about Finn Balor but is interrupted by Gallus. Joe Coffey asked Mark Coffey and Wolfgang to leave and talks about his loss to WALTER at TakeOver Blackpool II. He says he is to blame, but Ilja is partly to blame as well. He says Ilja cost him the title, but right now Ilja is off to represent NXT UK at Worlds Collide. Coffey says that once he’s done with Balor, they have something to settle.

Backstage, Imperium asks for a tag team match against Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews. NXT GM Johnny Saint says that they will get a six-man tag team match, against South Wales Sub Culture and a partner of their choosing.

Worlds Collide NXT Cruiserweight Title Qualifier: Travis Banks defeated The Brian Kendrick via pinfall

Why The Brian Kendrick is here, I don’t know. No disrespect, but there’s a load of UK talent they could have used. Banks flies out of the traps with some big kicks and close near fall, with more kicks sending Kendrick to the outside. Kendrick’s craftiness came into play, slamming Banks’ hand into the steps, the barricade and running it down the bottom rope. Kendrick works the arm of Banks, but Banks gets himself back into it with a big forearm and a series of dropkicks, followed up by a cannonball. Banks had it won with a modified Kiwi Crusher, but Kendrick rolled to the outside. This allowed Kendrick to catch Banks and hit a big suplex, following that up by dragging him up the ramp to get a count-out. However, Banks returned at nine only to have to fight his way out of a Captains Hook. Banks rallied once more, even kicking out of a Sliced Bread to finish Kendrick off with a Kiwi crusher for the win. Good main event.

We close with a hype package for Worlds Collide.

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